Review: PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B – Digital radio with color display

Review: PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B - Digital radio with color display - Solid construction, stylish display and looks make it recommendable product
A radio plays the music independently of other devices as an input source. Each region has its “home station” and in addition to entertaining songs, the latest news is also played. But the radio has almost disappeared from the radar of the younger generation and is declared to be old-fashioned. The brand wants to counter this with the PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B and has given the music device a stylish update. You can find out what the successor to the PEAQ PDR 160 BT can do in the following test report.
The packaging comes in muted colors and has the content as an imprint. Some facts can also be read on the box. The device can be unpacked in just a few simple steps and is especially easy on the nerves. The scope of delivery is tight, but we didn’t expect this to be any different. In addition to the radio, the proprietary charging cable with power supply unit and operating instructions are also included. So really manageable and, above all, functional.

PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B: Chic radio impresses with its modern look

The radio itself is compact and measures 11.5 x 14.2 x 19 centimeters . The surface is matt black and therefore does not attract dust. The materials wood and plastic dominate. The weight of around one kilo is perfectly fine in terms of size and technology. Overall, the radio looks high-quality and the workmanship is perfect. The front houses the loudspeaker grille, the color display and the controls. A rotary wheel and various buttons are used later to set various parameters.
The extendable antenna can be found on the back . The maximum length is estimated to be half a meter. The antenna can be easily adjusted and aligned for the best reception. An air outlet for the loudspeaker, the charging connection, an AUX and jack connection and a USB A connection can also be found on the back. The latter connection is used to charge smartphones and the like – really practical.

Easy to use and self-explanatory controls

The operation takes place via the labeled buttons and is mostly self-explanatory. After switching on, you can choose from the various modes . In addition to the well-known FM radio, there is also a digital version, a Bluetooth mode and the AUX input as an option. The memory function always keeps the last mode at the front and this is therefore immediately active when switched on. The digital radio program always had very good reception in our test and was really fun. If a smartphone or tablet is coupled with the PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B, the volume is automatically adopted.
PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B digital radio
A total of 10 stations can be stored in the FM mode area. As usual, a manual or automatic search for stations is possible here. But not only music can be played with the device. If the radio is placed in the bedroom, you can also set an alarm clock. An integrated snooze button extends sleep by a few minutes. The dimmability of the display is particularly advantageous for use in the sleeping area . A total of three levels, namely light, medium and dark, are available here.

Solid sound from compact digital radio from PEAQ

When evaluating the sound, the use case of the device should be kept in mind. If you buy the PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B, you will probably put it in the kitchen, bedroom, workshop or similar rooms. It probably works more for the light background music than for the sound of a party. For the purposes just mentioned, the sound is more than sufficient and completely satisfactory. If your favorite song is playing, you can safely turn up the volume. The sound is really solid and really good for the compact design.
PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B digital radio
The digital radio PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B is a little eye-catcher. The display is well resolved and even shows the covers of the current titles. Alternatively, you can also choose from a  screen saver with time and / or date display or other information about the song being played. The display skilfully enhances the otherwise inconspicuous radio and we really like it. The otherwise plain black is only broken up by a silver accent on the rotary knob and the white lettering on the buttons.
PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B digital radio
At a price of only around 55 euros, it is difficult to find and express hard criticism. Our suggestion for improvement is really marginal and lies in the rear USB A port. The voltage of five volts and an amperage of one ampere is at most sufficient to charge a smartphone overnight. This standard does not correspond to the latest values ​​and could therefore be improved to 2.4 amps , for example , to enable faster charging of devices.

Conclusion PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B

In conclusion, the verdict on the PEAQ PDR 170 BT-B digital radio is positive . The solid construction without any noticeable defects, the really stylish display in color and the restrained look of the wooden case convince us. The total of 20 memory locations for FM and DAB + stations are very practical. If you want your own music to come from the speaker, the Bluetooth mode is quickly activated. In general, the operation is easy and self-explanatory. For a solid sound in the workshop, kitchen and Co., a recommended radio with great reception.