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The best reviewed products of 2020 of AllHomeCenima

The best reviewed products of 2020: This article will presents you an overview of our best reviewed products in the year of 2020.
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The best reviewed products of 2020: In the year 2020 we published no less than 150 reviews about TVs, audio, mobiles and SmartHomes. Mostly very beautiful products, but occasionally also a miss. In recent days, you have already been able to find the best tested products in the Image, Audio, Smarthome and Mobile categories. In this overview, we look at all categories and go one step further. What are the best reviewed products of 2020 at AllHomeCenima?

Of course we do not just pick up the best products, but really look at the highest numbers distributed. In the past year, we twice awarded the mark 10 in the Audio category. The other products in this overview also scored excellent with a 9.5. Unfortunately, we miss the Mobile category in this overview, where we have not exceeded 9 in terms of figures this year. Below you will find an overview of the best tested products of 2020.

The best reviewed products of 2020: TVs

Apple TV 4K

The list of best reviewed products of 2020 is started with, of course, television. The first of TV is Apple TV 4K. The Apple TV 4K is a very complete media player that gives you access to all your favorite content and even your smart home. The Apple TV 4K is a very strong story, both technically and in terms of content. With support for 4K Dolby Vision up to 60 Hz and Dolby Atmos, this player delivers an excellent viewing and listening experience, even in a home theater. The interface is sometimes busy, but it is clear and beautiful, with a rich selection of content and the possibility to install apps. The picture is just right, from the voice control and remote to the smallest details, such as the handsome screen saver and the IR learning function.

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  • 4K and Dolby Vision / Atmos for streaming services
  • Includes free annual subscription to Apple TV +
  • Purchase price is not too bad
  • Very flexible in terms of options and apps
  • Airplay capabilities


  • Price tag can add up significantly with extra services
  • Best suits Apple ecosystem
  • Dolby Atmos only with Apple apps
  • No DTS support



LG launched an OLED TV that is smaller than 55 inches last year. Can this junior show the same results as the larger models and are you looking for a TV that can serve gaming, and has everything to offer? The LG OLED48CX6LB seems to us without a doubt the best choice of the moment. The fact that HDR10 + is missing from the feature list is a small downside, but LG’s own Dynamic Tonemapping makes up for that well. The screen delivers the same contrast, brightness and color gamut performance as the major models, so yes the peak brightness is slightly lower compared to a C9.

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  • Very good image processing
  • Dolby Vision IQ, Filmmaker Mode
  • Improved motion sharpness
  • Top black reproduction with a lot of shadow detail
  • Excellent HDR images HDMI2.1 with widest feature set
  • Great sound, including Atmos


  • No HDR10 +
  • A little less clear than (the large models of) last year
  • Relatively expensive compared to the 55 ”

Panasonic TX-55HZW2004 OLED TV

An OLED TV with picture quality worthy of a studio monitor? The Panasonic TX-55HZW2004 sets the bar very high for itself. Also on the audio level, the device is equipped with upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers. The TX-55HZW2004 is a slightly improved 2019  GZW2004 , Panasonic did not hide that at the press presentation either. But that is absolutely no problem in this case. Just like last year, the HZW2004 delivers reference performances, and remains a real winner even compared to the other newcomers.

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  • Reference color reproduction in HDR and SDR
  • Customized OLED panel with higher peak luminance
  • Excellent black and white detail
  • Improved motion sharpness
  • Dolby Vision and HDR10 +
  • Top image processing


  • No HDMI 2.1 connections
  • price

Philips 65OLED935 OLED TV

Philips’ latest flagship model builds on the performance of the OLED805 series, and that of the 2019 OLED934 and OLED984. A number of improvements for image processing and high-end audio from Bowers & Wilkins should take the performance a step higher. And she succeeded.

The 65OLED935 is a real TV for connoisseurs of film and music. We were already very satisfied with the image processing of the OLED805, and the OLED935 goes a step further. This model launches with an even more advanced image processor. Its main features are an excellent anti-banding solution that frees fine color gradients from annoying color bands, a problem the previous processor struggled with. Philips also provided an accurate detection system for logos and static picture elements which then dims it to prevent burn-in. An extra touch of sharpness, and a refined Perfect Natural Reality you get on top, these are small improvements, but they mainly show how far image processing already goes.

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  • Top image processing
  • Anti-banding and logo detection
  • Top black reproduction with a lot of shadow detail
  • Excellent HDR images
  • DTS Play-Fi and Ambilight
  • Great sound, including Atmos


  • No HDMI 2.1 connections
  • New remote provides moderate ease of use

The best reviewed products of 2020: AV receivers

NAD T 778 AV-receiver

NAD T 778 -AV receiver

After the excellent M10 stereo amplifier that received five stars from us, NAD is also making the necessary innovation for its AV receivers. The T 778 brings the best elements of the M10 to a device with 9.1 surround: a large touch screen, extensive streaming options via BluOS and Dirac.

If this is where AV receivers are going, then the future looks very bright. The T 778 mainly has advantages and only a few minor disadvantages. The simple but complete operation, BluOS integration and the many other streaming options, Dirac and the quite powerful HybridDigital amplification make this NAD the AV receiver to beat in 2020. And, thanks to the possibility to make upgrades via the MDC slots , perhaps in the years to come. Top performances already and in the future too, that deserves five stars.

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  • Clear and configurable touch screen interface
  • Excellent room calibration
  • Beast of an amplifier
  • Great streaming options with BluOS and Airplay 2
  • Forward-looking through MDC


  • Small additional expenditure required for complete Dirac
  • BluOS via external dongle

Denon AVC-A110 receiver

Denon is 110 years old and celebrates it appropriately with a range of exceptional anniversary devices. Given the Japanese brand’s preference for surround, the list should include a high-end AV receiver with everything on and off, of course.

If you’re looking for an AV receiver that offers an insane amount of amplified channels, has a lot of horsepower and is ready for 8K sources, then the AVC-A110 is the right choice. It is an extremely flexible receiver that enables the most exotic surround setups. The fact that the AVC-A110 is also a special edition edition makes that premium price slightly more digestible, although it remains significantly more than the AVC-X8500H. Thanks to the inclusion of HDMI 2.1 and 8K / 60fps support, Denon has fortunately ensured that this device also retains its value in the longer term, which is always a thing with AV receivers.

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  • Well-sized power supplies
  • 13 channel amplification
  • Ready for many speaker setups
  • Excellent streaming options, including hi-res support
  • Exclusive appearance


  • Overkill for small home theaters
  • Premium price range
  • HEOS app deserves a makeover

The best reviewed products of 2020: Headphones

JVC XP-EXT1 headphones

JVC XP-EXT1 headphones

Experience Dolby Atmos and DTS: X with these remarkable wireless JVC XP-EXT1 headphones featuring JVC’s Exofield technology. The JVC XP-EXT1 is still a bit of a work in progress, but what we are already seeing is quite impressive. Are you looking for a way to experience films and series with a full surround experience but without disturbing the neighbors? Then these brand new (but unfortunately: expensive) JVC headphones are the way to go. A discreet speaker setup cannot replace it, but it is an intriguing package for those who have no alternative or are looking for a supplement for the times when the rest of the house is sleeping.

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  • Easy to set up and use
  • Also HDMI hub, controllable via app and headphones
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS: X support
  • Exofield creates convincing surround sound
  • Many settings possible


  • HRTF would be an ideal supplement
  • Voice tonality is sometimes wrong
  • Higher price range


The best reviewed products of 2020: Speakers & Soundbars

KEF R11 speakers

KEF R11 - Premium speakers

KEF renewed the R speakers at the end of 2018. It was not a minor update, but a complete rethink of the speaker family. And that has certainly paid off. The 3-way R11 that we receive in the test room is the flagship of the new R-series. Due to its size and low performance, the R11 is not suitable for every living room. You have to give this giant space – or opt for a more compact floorstander like the R5 or R7. Or the R3’s. We have also tested them for a long time, and for a relatively compact speaker the R3 performs very well. With all R models you discover the strengths of the R family: a clear, natural reproduction that is very coherent. Low-mid-high, it forms a harmonious, perfectly timed whole.

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  • Immense soundstage
  • Controlled and natural
  • Premium finish


  • Big and heavy
  • Rather for larger spaces

JBL Bar 9.1 soundbar

The JBL Bar 9.1 is one of the best Atmos soundbars at the moment. There are some minor flaws, such as the duller design, the hefty subwoofer and the slightly unclear calibration procedure, that’s right. But the points on the plus side make up for a lot. Full support for Dolby and DTS codecs and the calibration function are two things that will certainly convince the movie lover looking for a near-cinema experience. The concept is also distinctive: for normal TV viewing you have a somewhat hefty soundbar on a TV cabinet, for a movie night or when gaming you disconnect the two speakers and place them at the back. The result is very compelling, thanks to the almost-unique 5.1.4 playback that is just a little more exciting than with average Atmos soundbars.

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  • Rear speakers with Atmos function
  • Chromecast and AirPlay 2
  • Dolby Atmos and DTS: X support
  • Very powerful
  • Calibration function


  • The accompanying subwoofer is substantial
  • Calibration function is hidden on the remote
  • Correct orientation of rear speakers is crucial
  • Upper channels at rears could be more powerful

LG DSN11RG soundbar

The LG DSN11RG is a strong soundbar that largely justifies its hefty price tag. It handles all major surround formats, making it more universal than certain rivals – notably the  Sonos Arc . The biggest challenge with this LG is getting it placed. Not everyone will own a TV cabinet to fit and on the wall it is a striking presence. You do enjoy a better stereo presentation with music, precisely because of its width. The DSN11RG is also a good choice for gaming.

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  • Built-in microphone for Google Assistant, Chromecast compatible
  • Calibrates sound to your room
  • Volume for each channel can be adjusted separately
  • Very wide soundstage
  • Excellent for music and gaming


  • Very large soundbar, rather for 65 inch TVs
  • Remote lacks premium feel

Samsung HW-Q950T soundbar

What is the very best soundbar of the moment? Champion Samsung is again making a bid for that title this year with the HW-Q950T. This successor to the HW-Q90R goes one step further – although it only shows its full potential in combination with a high-end Samsung television.

Without a doubt, the HW-Q950T is a true flagship offering one of the best surround sound experiences you can get from a soundbar. The wide support for Dolby Atmos and DTS: X, the two extra HDMI inputs and – especially – the rear speakers that also display height channels make this soundbar an absolute winner in the segment. There are a few small things here and there that could be better, but nothing that is a deal breaker or stands in the way of a high score.

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  • True 9.1.4 view
  • Support for Atmos and DTS: X
  • Best in class surround performance
  • Q-Symphony is quite effective


  • Screen is invisible from the sofa
  • You can’t just place rear speakers anywhere
  • Higher price range

Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature speakers

Bowers & Wilkins 705 Signature

A Bowers & Wilkins Signature is always a bit of a party. Usually such a special edition is a high-end limited edition model, but now the British are launching two Signature editions of the top 700 series models.

If you provide the 705 Signature speakers with a good engine (and a suitable player / streamer and decent source material, that speaks), you have acquired something very special and clever. You can really take that word ‘handsome’ literally, because the Datuk Gloss finish is unbelievably opulent and luxurious. It makes the 705 Signature a lot more chic than the ‘normal’ 705 S2 and provides a substantial injection class. The musical performance does not disappoint. Anyone who likes to experience their music as if they were sitting in the front row of the concert hall will find this loudspeaker to their liking.

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  • Beautiful Datuk Gloss finish
  • An insane amount and pure detail
  • Surprisingly strong in the bass
  • Very flexible in terms of options and apps


  • Better control is super important

KEF LS50 Meta speakers

The LS50 Meta remains something exceptional. At KEF, but actually also in the wider hi-fi world. In terms of positioning, for starters. It is not part of a larger speaker family and you cannot just slide it between the Q and R series of the British brand. This has partly to do with that rich history, but also because it is a real outsider. The LS50 speakers also remain a separate choice for the Meta generation, which certain music lovers consciously choose. Clarity, coherence and naturalness are the strong cards that the new LS50 can throw at the table, with a tightness and detail that is even better thanks to Meta material.

The LS50 Meta only further confirms that unique position that the LS50 achieved. It is and remains a leading loudspeaker that performs extremely well despite a modest size and reasonable price tag. You don’t just get that good performance as a gift, you have to do the necessary in terms of reinforcement to get the most out of it. But it is absolutely worth it. A must for the real music lover.

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  • Also great for near-field listening
  • Very mature bass reproduction
  • Flowing lines and modern design
  • Wide horizontal appearance
  • Amazing mid and high integration


  • Better amplifier remains a must

The best reviewed products of 2020: SmartHome

IKEA Trådfri Lights

The last among best reviewed products of 2020 is SmarHome lightning. IKEA offers a simple and cheap (actually cheaper) alternative to Philips Hue. The Trådfri system still has some hooks and eyes, but we see those hooks and eyes especially during the installation. Once installed, everything works almost flawlessly and you can provide your home with smart lighting from that basis. Yes, there is certainly room for improvement, including adding more color options and customizing the remote. We would also like to see an update of the app with a simple on and off button on the home screen, plus options for geofencing and remote control. Trådfri is a great system to get acquainted with smart lighting and you can make it as smart as you want because the app is not even necessary. Looking at a starter set, the price difference with Hue may not be very big, but as soon as you expand with individual lamps, you will be a lot cheaper with the IKEA system.

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  • Relatively affordable (especially if you are going to expand)
  • App is simple and user-friendly
  • Without an app it is plug and play


  • Especially the installation with the hub is not flawless
  • Hue integration not recommended for beginners
  • No geofencing and outdoor use


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