Review: Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 (for PlayStation 4)

Revolution Pro Controller 2
Nacon has released a new version of the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2. The controller looks a bit like an Xbox One controller, which may help an Xbox gamer while playing on a PS4.
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Nacon has released a new version of the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller, called Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2. The controller looks a bit like an Xbox One controller, which may help an Xbox gamer while playing on a PS4.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 – what is it?

The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 is the successor to the first Revolution Pro Controller for PlayStation 4 and computers. It is a controller intended for e-sports and gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming experience. Compared to the previous iteration, the Pro Controller 2 has to offer players even more possibilities and better performances. In recent months, manufacturer Nacon has listened carefully to feedback from the community on the first product and the Pro Controller 2 must be the result of this.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 – the context

When gamers have to argue why a certain console is better than another (formerly that was Nintendo versus Sega, but now that is mainly Sony versus Microsoft), the controller is often used as an argument. The controller of the PlayStation 3 was never yours, but with the PlayStation 4 Sony has improved a lot of things. Thick handles, wider controller and more accessible buttons have ensured that Sony is catching up with Microsoft. The Xbox controller is often considered better.

The controller of the Xbox 360 was already good, but that of the Xbox One feels almost perfect. Exactly heavy enough, nice ergonomic design and buttons that seem to be in a logical place (let’s not forget the Pro controller of the Nintendo Switch for the sake of convenience: as if the gods themselves were responsible for it, that’s how nice it is. the hand). The biggest difference – and the thorny point in many discussions – is the placement of the left analogue bat and the d-pad. They sit on the console controllers in other places.

Xbox chose to place the poker at the top left (in my opinion the superior spot), while Sony has been sitting in the middle of the controller for years. Also something to be said, since both thumbs can stay in a ‘natural’ position (although I personally have the idea that I almost have to pull my left thumb out of the bowl to reach the stick). The fact that the Nacon Pro Revolution Pro Controller 2 (and also the first iteration) has taken over the Xbox layout is worth a big shot.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 – the format

The Nacon Pro Controller 2 has two analogue bats. One is on the top left, while the other is on the right of the middle. The four action buttons (cross, square, triangle and round) are also present. In the middle we find the PlayStation button and to the left of it the d-pad (also known as the four-point push button). In addition, the controller has a Share and Options button. Between these two buttons is the large touch-sensitive surface, with which you can operate a handful of games. So far so good, so.

Above we find two shoulder buttons and triggers. The triggers have taken almost the same form of the Xbox One controller triggers, while the shoulder buttons actually go completely different. They do not sit tight on top (like on the PlayStation controller) or partly on the side and top (like on the Xbox One controller), but on the side, with a small dot that protrudes on top. Then we have the four m-buttons on the back, as well as buttons with which you quickly change profiles or layouts.

Also not entirely unimportant: the usb-type c-port at the top. With usb-type-c you connect the controller to your PS4 or computer. The controller can not be used wirelessly and that is why pro-gamers can perform better with the least possible interference of course. Wireless products can suffer from a random interference in the connection and then your game is as good as finished. Nevertheless, it is a pity that the non-pro gamers do not have a wireless option, since not everyone gametes for money, of course.

We are very pleased with the fact that this time a USB type-c connection is present. The connection makes it very easy to connect and disconnect the controller. The previous iteration has a special coupling system in the form of a separate plug. That was a bit tricky and not at all user-friendly. This is one of the biggest and most important changes compared to the previous model. Moreover, the cable remains securely attached and does not just come loose when you pull hard.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 – what can you do with it?

The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 excels in customization options. For example, the controller is incredibly light. But Nacon delivers a number of weights with which you can make the controller heavier (a big plus, because this controller is very light). In addition, you can assign functions to buttons yourself and you can also move functions to the four m buttons on the back. There are two fingers to do nothing, to wait until you use them. So why not use four fingers of your hand?

In order to be able to set up the controller properly as you want, you need to install the corresponding software. Perhaps that is not a good idea for everyone (you have to be patient), so it’s also good to know that you can get started right away by plug-and-play (but would you just use this controller? and only for his layout in house). Last time the software was awkward and inaccessible and we are happy to see that Nacon has done its best this time to optimize the software.

The interface is clear, which should be nice especially for newcomers. Buying a product with the idea that you can change everything, and then stopping in unnecessarily complicated or rickety software is not a great feeling – especially if you have paid 120 euros for it. Compared to the previous time, you can now do more with the software. This allows you to further adjust the analogue batons for sensitivity and the dead zone. You could even set that up for a few games or genres using the profile option.

The d-pad can also be adjusted further to your own wishes. The hardware offers support for eight or four directions. The first option is especially useful for fighting games like Street Fight V or Tekken 7, while the latter option is mainly interesting for platformers or puzzle games. As mentioned, you can create profiles that you can activate on the fly on the controller. So you are always prepared for the game you want to play, knowing that the controller is tuned to you – instead of having to adapt to the controller.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 – in use

I have already mentioned the use above, but that was mainly technical. How is the controller in control? How does it feel? These are certainly important aspects in the controller’s assessment. Gamers sometimes say that a game console is only as good as the games that appear on it. But games are not the only important indicator. The controller plays a gigantic role in the experience of those games, just ask people with an Atari Jaguar. Or a Nintendo GameCube, you get completely different stories.

Unfortunately, I have to conclude that the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 – in spite of its shape and my favorite layout – does not quite bring what I was looking for. Before I started testing, I was extremely enthusiastic about the hardware, but after playing a few pots, I still have the idea of ​​missing the PlayStation 4 controller. The controller unfortunately feels a bit cheap. The outside of the controller is not so much, but the buttons feel too plasticy. Moreover, the buttons on the top are not comfortable in the hand.

I constantly had the idea that I had to keep my fingers in a cramped position to press the shoulder buttons. And when you play games that expect fast action (such as FIFA 18 or Destiny 2), it still feels like it is a little more difficult. It is nice that the action buttons are nice and big, you have a lot of control over the way the analogue bats react (at first they feel very loose, but you can adjust that yourself). However, the d-pad offers the least feedback during play.

The controller does have a good layout for the connections. The usb-type-c-connection is at the top, so it does not get in the way while playing (we’re watching you, Dreamcast controller), while the connection of the headphones is at the bottom. These are simply the most logical places. The four m-buttons on the back are also easily accessible and also have real added value. For example, you can convert the functions of the shoulder buttons to those m-buttons, if you want to.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 – conclusion

If you already have the previous version of this controller, then you do not have to run to the store to purchase it. The changes – however valuable – can not justify a brand new purchase of 120 euros. Nevertheless, we are pleased that Nacon has listened to the community and has also brought an adapted product to the market. The adjustments are extremely valuable and have simply made the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller a much better product.

But there are also some things that are still disappointing. So it is a shame that you are obliged to use a cable while playing, because the controller does not have a built-in battery. For people who just hang out on the couch while gaming, this can cause an obstacle. In addition, the hardware feels somewhat cheap, especially for a product of 120 euros. Furthermore, we are pleased that the software has been made more accessible, but it is still a pity that you really have to take some time for this. It can be even more accessible.

Fortunately, there are also many things to love. Now, as an Xbox gamer, you can play with your own Xbox-like controller on a PlayStation 4. In addition, the adjustment possibilities are not endless, but there are enough to try out a lot (and save in a profile, where you can quickly switch). The fact that the controller is now also easier to connect via usb-type-c completes the picture. All in all, the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2 is not the best controller at the moment, but it is a nice one.


  • Feels a bit cheap
  • Software requires some attention
  • Can not be used wirelessly


  • A tremendous amount of customization options
  • Exchange of analogue bat and d-pad
  • USB-type-c connection