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Stereo L speakers
Here we discuss the use, the design and the possibilities of the Raumfeld multiroom system. In this part of the review we look at one specific speaker set within this multiroom system; the Raumfeld Stereo L.

Here we discuss the use, the design and the possibilities of the Raumfeld multiroom system. In this part of the review we look at one specific speaker set within this multiroom system; the Raumfeld Stereo L.

What is the Raumfeld Stereo L?

The Raumfeld range of Teufel offers several wireless options, including large full-active floorstanding stereo speakers, stereo L called. The Stereo L is an active high-end WLAN speaker. The speaker is equipped with an integrated full-active amplifier and WiFi receiver and can play music via a wireless network, without the intervention of a separate amplifier and long loudspeaker cables. Only both speakers are connected by means of a speaker cable since only one of the two speakers is active. The Stereo L can be operated via the Raumfeld Controller app, which is available for Android and iOS.

The floor standing Stereo L can be used as an extension to an existing Raumfeld installation, but can also be used as a separate streaming product. As with the other Raumfeld speakers, the Stereo L set offers the possibility to play music from different sources. Via the integrated WLAN receiver you can stream music from your smartphone or PC to the speakers, but it is also possible to listen to internet music via various online music services or online radio stations. Music on a USB stick can also be played via the USB port. The technology built into the Stereo L consists of two 170 mm kevlar woofers, a 130 mm midrange chassis and a 28 mm tweeter. The power is 165 watts RMS.

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Furthermore, the Raumfeld Stereo L is equipped with an ethernet port, a USB port, an analog line-in port and normal speaker connections to connect an amplifier or receiver (not required). The Stereo L has a suggested retail price of 1.499.99 euros per pair and comes in a white and a black variant.

Review Raumfeld Stereo L

The big boxes betray it already; the Raumfeld Stereo L speakers are not small guys. The speakers have a big size and also weigh 25 kilograms each. But, we like to see that; a heavy speaker with a solid design is after all a good start. The speakers are very nicely finished. In this case with a black base, a black grill and a high-gloss white housing.

The installation of both speakers is quite simple. Once put in the right place it is a matter of connecting the active version with the passive variant by means of the 5 meter long supplied speaker cable, plugging the plug into the socket and possibly connecting one of your devices to the line-in input. That line input is the only input and actually we would have liked to see some extra (digital) inputs. We have also connected the speakers to the TV and then a digital input is still desired. Many will also want to connect more than one device. You can choose to connect the active speaker to your network via an ethernet cable or to connect it via WiFi. There are also two normal speaker connections available for when you want to use the set as a passive set, paired with an amplifier / receiver.

Raumfeld review app

We do not spend too much on the connection with other Raumfeld speakers and the use of the accompanying Raumfeld Controller app. You can go for this in the first part of the review . We can say that the Raumfeld Controller app is a handy and comprehensive app, but that the use requires some habituation. You have to find out where everything is for and what the correct order is. All popular services can be found here, including Spotify and Tune-In, you can view your own stored music and you can listen to music through the devices connected to the line-input.

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In addition, the app offers the possibility to adjust the volume, change the bass, balance and treble and change the name of the speaker / zone. You select the speakers via the app, after which you choose the input. The coupling of the speaker is quite simple; the app shows you the way.

If we look at the specifications and the build quality, the expectations are high. The active speaker of the two has a Class D amplifier with a power of 165 watts and this provides enough power to control both speakers controlled, without sacrificing dynamism and liveliness. Both speakers are also very stable, which ensures minimal resonance and a tight reproduction. You have to make big and expensive speakers, just a bit bigger than the already expensive B & W CM9 that we have, but luckily this is also reflected in the sound quality.


The Raumfeld Stereo L speakers offer a warm view, but at the same time a broad and lively display. They are real all-rounders who can handle well with almost every genre. The layer here and there can dominate somewhat, but with a smart placement and some adjustments in the EQ can largely be solved. On the high side of the spectrum we miss some subtle and clear details, but nothing to really trip over. It is just a very high quality and solid reproduction, perfect for the living room where everyone wants to bring their own taste of music. TV programs are also displayed with sufficient color and clarity, dialogues are clear and clear, and you get a nice wide audio image.


All in all, we can hardly criticize the Raumfeld Stereo L. The design is very elegant and sleek, the finish and build quality are very good, the app is convenient and beautiful and the use speaks for itself. The audio quality is above average on average and is proportional to the price. 1,499.99 euros is not cheap but you get a very good speaker system for which no additional amplifier is required and to which you can connect many more wireless speakers.

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