Review: Multiroom audio from Raumfeld (One M, One S and Stereo Cubes)

Raumfeld One M One S Stereo Cubes
In this part of the review we look at one specific speaker set within this multiroom system Raumfeld One M, Raumfeld One S and Raumfeld Stereo Cubes.
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Earlier we have put the first part of our multiroom review online. Here we discuss the use, the design and the possibilities of the Raumfeld multiroom system. In this part of the review we look at one specific speaker set within this multiroom system Raumfeld One M, Raumfeld One S and Raumfeld Stereo Cubes.

Raumfeld multiroom

Raumfeld is part of the possibly better known Teufel. The German audio manufacturer launches multiroom solutions under this brand. Active speakers that can communicate with each other via WiFi, are controlled via a Raumfeld controller app (free download) and in principle only need to be connected to the wall by means of a power cable. From the app you have access to Spotify (Connect), Tune-in Radio, your own stored music, Tidal, Napster, WiMP, Last.FM, SoundCloud and equipment connected to the line-in connection. This last input (the only and analogue input) we used for connecting the TV but can of course be used for any other source, for example a CD player.

Raumfeld multiroom speakers

Raumfeld Stereo L, two floor standing loudspeakers that we have placed in the living room. In this review we look at the smaller models; the One M for the office, the One S that we have placed in the garden and the Stereo Cubes for the bedroom.

Raumfeld One S

The Raumfeld One S is the smallest speaker in the range and has its ‘splash proof’ housing for use in the bathroom, kitchen or garden. We have placed the speaker in the garden, under the roof, so that we can enjoy music during the warm summer evenings. The speaker features a 100mm mid-bass driver, a 20mm tweeter and two side-mounted 80mm passive bass drivers. At the top there are four buttons that can be pre-programmed and at the back we see a USB port for playing high resolution audio. The speaker has a price of 249.99 euros and comes in a white and black finish.


Raumfeld One M

One step higher is the Raumfeld One M . This speaker is suitable for slightly larger rooms and also comes with a line input next to the USB port. This speaker also has four buttons that can be pre-programmed, plus a large volume button on the front, and can play high resolution audio files. Raumfeld provides the One M with two 25mm tweeters, two 65mm midrange drivers and a 130mm woofer. The speaker comes in a white and a black variant, and has a price of 399.99 euros.


Raumfeld Stereo Cubes

The Raumfeld Stereo Cubes are slightly different in terms of design; they are two small cubes that together can provide a stereo effect in a medium-sized room. One of the speakers is active and is connected to the socket, the other is connected to the active speaker via a cable. The four buttons that can be pre-programmed are missing, but there are buttons for the volume. Each speaker has one 28mm tweeter and a 130mm midrange woofer. The Stereo Cubes come in a white and black finish and have a price of 499.99 euros per pair. Incidentally, there is no fabric grill available; the cones are therefore just visible but just finished.


Review audio quality

First of all, it must be said that Raumfeld turns the nail on its head in terms of design. All speakers are beautifully finished and come with a sleek but simple appearance. No bells and whistles but just speakers that do not stand out and can easily be used in the interior. This was important for us especially for the Stereo Cubes, which are placed on wall hangers. Please note; the Stereo Cubes come with a rather thick plug so they can not be placed close to the wall.


The installation of all speakers is fairly simple. Once put in the right place it is a matter of connecting the active version with the passive variant with the included speaker cable (in the case of the Stereo Cubes or the Stereo L), plug the plug into the socket and maybe one of your Connect devices to the line-in input or USB input. Then it is a matter of following the steps in the Raumfeld app to have your speaker (s) connected to the network within a few minutes. We do not spend too much on the connection with other Raumfeld speakers and the use of the accompanying Raumfeld Controller app.

Raumfeld One S

The Raumfeld One S may be a very compact speaker and actually be labeled as a ‘simple’ speaker for the bathroom or kitchen, but we are still very impressed by this model. The speaker can even almost measure itself with the Stereo Cubes, although it is of course no real stereo sound. For the outside, however, it is a more than fine sound, with which the entire garden (about 30 square meters) is perfectly filled. The speaker is positioned somewhat concealed but reaches every corner of the garden without any problems. But, even for a quiet evening at the table, without disturbing the neighbors, it is a perfect speaker. The One S is able to reproduce a rich sound, with sufficient warmth and dynamics, but with a particular focus on the midtones. The volume can be easily opened when you have a party, without the sound distorting. The high tones are convincing, but sometimes a bit too shrill, the vocals are warm and clear and the low tones are sufficient for some nice music but they are slightly lost or uncontrolled over to high volume or bass-intensive music, especially in an open space as the garden. That is the only downside of this speaker, although you may not expect that from a compact model like this. All in all, we are very impressed with the speaker; an ideal model for the garden, especially for some relaxed background music.


Raumfeld One M

The Raumfeld One M is slightly larger and more striking than the One S and therefore also the choice for our larger office. The difference in audio quality, however, also becomes clear quickly. The One M is a stereo speaker with a wider sound field and also an opener sound field. The sound field comes to life more so that your instruments can be better distinguished and better placed in the room. In addition, the low tones are present more emphatically, sometimes just a little too emphatically. Fortunately, you can adjust it to your own taste using the equalizer. Vocals sound very clear and warm, high tones are crystal clear and the low tones fill the space (25 square meters) with sufficient power. However, if we listen to the trance / dance music, the One M does not always bring out the best in terms of bass. it can sometimes seem a bit overbearing and messy. It is mainly the subtle details in songs that get better at the One M and stand out more. But, to defend the One S; that is not necessary for the garden, as background music. In the office, the music often dominates and details (or lack thereof) immediately fall into place. Music has a lot of body and at least we know how to please during the work.

Raumfeld review speaker

Raumfeld Stereo Cubes

We have kept the Raumfeld Stereo Cubes for the bedroom, especially because we were looking for a stereo set up on the wall boards opposite the bed. We regularly listen to some quiet music there and wanted above average good quality. Fortunately, that is also what we offer Stereo Cubes. The quality, however, is not very much inferior to the One-Speakers, apart from the fact that they obviously offer a clearer stereo image. The Stereo Cubes are a bit better with low tones; these sound cleaner and more controlled, but for the rest the characteristics are very similar. The speakers deliver clear and warm customers in terms of vocals and let the high tones with sufficient detail and dynamics. They create a wide and very open image, something that fills the entire bedroom. In the sound field instruments can be clearly distinguished and subtle details are clearly visible in most cases. We are particularly impressed by the fact that the low tones are cleaner and better controlled; the sound is balanced and tight. If we still have to mention a minus point, that is the sound that can appear lifeless and flat. There is a little less life and depth than with the One M. But, apart from that, the Stereo Cubes offer above average good audio quality for a room like the bedroom.

Raumfeld review


All in all, we have little criticism of the Raumfeld multiroom speakers, and that is partly because we have also placed them in spaces where they are most suitable for. The Stereo L proved to be the perfect solution for the living room where music is often listened to or where films are watched, and the One S is ideal for background music outside due to its ‘splash proof’ housing and compact size. The One M makes music sound livelier and more detailed in the office, and the Stereo Cubes provide the bedroom with a very good and broad stereo reproduction. And the good thing is that of course they all communicate with each other and you can show music through your whole house. In terms of audio quality, the One S, One M and Stereo Cubes are above average on average. All three have their small downsides, but in general you get an accurate and dynamic audio reproduction with which you can provide various rooms in the house with (background) music.