Review: Multiroom audio from Raumfeld Connector

Raumfeld Connector
The home theater is now ready so in this review we look at the Raumfeld Connector to connect our home cinema consisting of a large number of speakers for different rooms.
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For the summer we start with our extensive review of the Raumfeld multiroom system, consisting of a large number of speakers for different rooms, and a Connector to connect our home cinema under construction with the multiroom system. The home theater is now ready so in this review we look at the Raumfeld Connector.

At the beginning of this year, the office of MCP Network moved and we wanted to tackle the big thing in terms of smart home and home cinema. For example, we have installed various smart home products and we have started setting up a professional home cinema. In the field of audio we have chosen the multiroom system from Raumfeld. In a previously published article we have looked at the use, the design and the possibilities, and in addition we have in two extensive reviews the Stereo L speakers and the One M, One S and Stereo Cubestreated. In this part of the multiroom review we look at the last but very important part of the Raumfeld system; the Connector with which the new home cinema can be connected to the other Raumfeld speakers.

Raumfeld multiroom

Raumfeld is part of the possibly better known Teufel. The German audio manufacturer launches multiroom solutions under this brand. Active speakers that can communicate with each other via WiFi, are controlled via a Raumfeld controller app (free download) and in principle only need to be connected to the wall by means of a power cable. From the app you have access to Spotify (Connect), Tune-in Radio, your own stored music, Tidal, Napster, WiMP, Last.FM, SoundCloud and equipment connected to the line-in connection. But, you probably already have an audio system that you would like to connect with the Raumfeld speakers. The Connector has been created for this purpose.

Raumfeld Connector

What is the Raumfeld Connector?

Do you already have several Raumfeld speakers in your home and would you like to pair a passive audio system with the Raumfeld system? Or do you have an audio system that you simply want to link to streaming music services? Then the Raumfeld Connector is an interesting product. The compact device makes it possible to do everything with your audio system whatever you can with the streaming speakers of the company. The Raumfeld Controller app is the basis of everything; this allows you to select music services, your own NAS or PC, Internet radio stations and local media and then play them via the Connector on your audio system.

Raumfeld Connector-1

The Connector is a very light and compact device, made of mostly plastic. The device has no high-end look and feel but feels sufficiently sturdy. The Connector has a glossy black top with an on / off button, an anti-slip layer on the bottom, two LEDs on the front, an RCA input, an RCA output, a USB port, a LAN port and a input for the power supply. In addition to streaming via the Raumfeld Controller app, it is therefore also possible to connect an external source / media player via usb or RCA. No remote control is included; everything is done via the Raumfeld app that is free to download for Android and iOS. Under the bonnet of the Raumfeld Connector we see a 24bit / 192kHz Cirrus Logic DA-converter and according to the manufacturer the device has a signal / noise ratio of 128 dB.

Installation and use

The installation of the Raumfeld Connector is, like all other speakers of the company, a piece of cake. If you already have some speakers in the issue of opening the Raumfeld Controller app, starting the installation of a new product, searching the Connector via Wifi and selecting, completing the installation via the app and the space in which the Connector is located. to give. A child can do the laundry, especially with the clear explanation in the app. You can choose to connect the Connector via WiFi or an Ethernet cable, we have chosen a wireless connection.

Raumfeld Connector review

The use is also very simple. Connect your Connector to the RCA input of your audio system via the included cinch cables (or an optical cable) and you can get started right away. Via the app you select the space of the Connector and then choose the input, for example the NAS in your home network, Spotify or an Internet radio station. Sounds from your audio system can be heard within seconds, provided that it is set to the right input. Even if you connect an external source via the line-in or USB port, you can select it via the app and display it directly on other speakers (if you have one). Please note that your Connector must be set as ‘Host’ under network settings before the USB stick is recognized.

We do not spend too much on the connection with other Raumfeld speakers and the use of the accompanying Raumfeld Controller app. You can go for this in . But, in short, the Raumfeld Controller app is a well-designed and well-structured app, with virtually all sources and services that you could wish for. We are therefore very satisfied with the use, and in addition Raumfeld is rolling out updates almost every month to expand the possibilities and to increase the user-friendliness.

Audio quality Raumfeld Connector

What does that sound like now? A media enthusiast for 199.99 euros? The device is simple and compact, but we still expect some of the sound quality. We expect no miracles for this amount but at least good audio quality to show your music through the house. Fortunately, the Raumfeld Connector does not disappoint in this area.


The Raumfeld Connector actually passes our test without major downsides. The mediastreamer is able to score well above average on almost all levels; with clear highs, clear and warm customers in the middle frequencies, and convincingly low. The stereo image is also wide enough to convince. However, if you go one step higher in terms of volume – something that we like to do in our home cinema – then you notice that the device leaves it in particular in terms of high and low tones. We miss some subtle details in the higher range and in the low tones the net may be tighter and more ‘punched’. However, with these volumes you probably already have an amplifier or receiver that has a USB port for your high resolution material, and perhaps also an internet connection for the music in your network. The quality of internet radio stations or a Spotify leaves something to be desired anyway and that is why the downsides are not clearly visible. So basically we have to say that these negatives can hardly be perceived during normal use (no high-res audio via the media star, for example).


All in all, the Raumfeld Connector is a very user-friendly, convenient and friendly priced companion for your ‘old’ audio system without an internet connection or without a direct connection to the Raumfeld multiroom system. We mainly use it to access all imaginable sources and services directly via the Raumfeld app, but if we really want high-end, a physically connected source is still the best. In addition, it is an ideal device for displaying music throughout the house; in all rooms with Raumfeld speakers and in the room where your hi-fi system is located. In short, the Raumfeld Connector is a great mediastreamer with which you can make an existing audio system smarter, connect with other Raumfeld speakers and display music from almost all sources in good quality.