Review: M&K SOUND X10+ Subwoofer – Elevating Bass Prowess in Two-Channel Audio

Review: M&K SOUND X10+ Subwoofer - Elevating Bass Prowess in Two-Channel Audio - Embark on a sonic journey with M&K SOUND X10+ excellence

Unveiling the Sonic Marvel: M&K SOUND X10+ Subwoofer

Embark on an auditory journey as we delve into the immersive realm of M&K SOUND, a trailblazer in the audio industry with nearly five decades of sonic excellence. Founded by the legendary Ken Kreisel, M&K SOUND has been a pioneering force, particularly in subwoofers. As the brand approaches its 50th anniversary, we focus on the latest addition to its repertoire—the X10+ subwoofer. In this exploration, we unravel the intricacies of its design, technological innovations, and its transformative impact on the landscape of two-channel audio.

For almost five decades, M&K SOUND has stood as an unwavering pillar in the audio industry, influencing the very essence of sound reproduction. Founded by Ken Kreisel, M&K SOUND has been synonymous with cutting-edge technology and an unwavering commitment to audio excellence. From pioneering subwoofers to comprehensive multi-channel systems, the Danish-based company has consistently set the benchmark for immersive audio experiences. As M&K SOUND approaches its 50th anniversary, its legacy as a trailblazer remains steadfast, continuing to shape the audio landscape for enthusiasts and audiophiles alike.

Specifications X10+


DimensionsH x W x D25.5 x 15.7 x 13.4 in / 64.7 x 40.0 x 34.0 cm
Weight:Netto88.4 lbs / 40.1 kg
ManualYesGloves, US/EU Power cords, Rubber Feet


Frequency Response:20-200 Hz(Average Response in Room +/- 3 dB)
Frequency Roll Off – THX EQ:20 Hz(-6 dB 20 Hz Nearfield)
Frequency Roll Off – Anechoic EQ:20 Hz(-6 dB 20 Hz Nearfield)
Variable Low Pass Filter:40-125 HzLeft / Right – input/output
Loss Pass Filter Bypass:40-200 HzNo Low Pass
Fixed 80 Hz FilterYes(Equivalent to THX 80Hz Ref Low Pass)
Phase Control:0 – 180 degContinuously Variable / 4th Order
Line level input/output:2 x RCA phonoLeft / Right – Input/output
Line level input/output:2 x XLRAnalog input/switch mode power output
Amplifier type:Auto Power detects on/off:
Drive unit:2 x 10”Extra Long Throw
System Principle:Push PullSealed enclosure
Amplifier Power output RMS:600 watt0.5% THD at 300W into 4 ohms
Amplifier Power output Peak:1200 watt
Standby Power Consumption:0.5 watt100W Average, 600W Max
Headroom Limiter Maximizer:Yes(Dynamic driver excursion control)
Auto Power detect on/off:Yes

A Symphony of Design and Technology: M&K SOUND X10+ :

At the heart of M&K SOUND’s acoustic marvel lies the X10+, a subwoofer that transcends conventional boundaries, crafting a symphony of design and technology. The precision-engineered cabinet, adorned with a refined carbon fiber composite monomer, elevates the aesthetic allure and fundamentally transforms the audio experience. This sonic masterpiece embraces the innovative push-pull architecture, aptly named the “Reversed Double Driver,” eliminating unwanted resonances and paving the way for a purer, more articulate low-frequency reproduction.

M&K SOUND’s commitment to fidelity is not confined to design elegance alone. The X10+ boasts a formidable 600W amplifier, with a peak power soaring to 1200W, ensuring that every bass note is delivered with authoritative precision. As the brand approaches its 50th anniversary, the X10+ stands tall, embodying a rich legacy of audio excellence. It is a testament to M&K SOUND’s unwavering pursuit of creating an audio symphony where design sophistication and cutting-edge technology unite to produce an unparalleled sonic experience.

Optimizing Placement: A Sonic Journey

In audio perfection, the significance of speaker placement cannot be overstated, and the M&K SOUND X10+ subwoofer embarks on a sonic journey where placement optimization becomes an art form. Guided by meticulous measurements and refined by the expert touch of Kai Rui Audio, the subwoofers find their harmonious position, ensuring a seamless blend with the main speakers. Through a delicate dance of frequencies, the X10+ delivers an immersive experience, transcending the confines of traditional configurations.

The quest for the ideal placement involves a marriage of science and subjective listening, where software-driven precision meets the nuanced preferences of the human ear. This sonic journey, curated by M&K SOUND, redefines the low-frequency landscape and underscores the brand’s commitment to providing enthusiasts with the tools to orchestrate their audio space. The result is more than just optimized placement; it’s a transformative symphony that elevates the auditory experience to new heights.

Two-Channel Synergy: A Harmonious Blend

In the pursuit of audio excellence, the M&K SOUND X10+ subwoofer emerges as a virtuoso in achieving two-channel synergy—a seamless union between precision and power. Partnering with main speakers in perfect harmony, the X10+ introduces a dynamic low-frequency dimension, elevating the overall audio landscape. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this subwoofer doesn’t just augment the sound; it integrates flawlessly, creating a sonic tapestry where each note finds its place with finesse.

The essence of two-channel synergy lies in the technical specifications and the artful collaboration between components. M&K SOUND’s commitment to delivering an unparalleled audio experience is exemplified in the X10+, where low frequencies are reproduced and woven into the fabric of the music. The result is a harmonious blend that transforms ordinary listening sessions into extraordinary encounters with sound, epitomizing the brand’s dedication to the artistry of audio reproduction.

Musical Alchemy: A Sonic Odyssey

Embark on a transcendent auditory journey with the M&K SOUND X10+, where musical alchemy unfolds in each note. This subwoofer is not merely a speaker; it’s a conductor orchestrating low frequencies into a symphony of sonic excellence. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and a design philosophy rooted in musical purity creates an immersive experience that transcends conventional listening.

In musical alchemy, the X10+ serves as a catalyst, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary. Its precision-engineered components, from the carbon fiber composite monomer to the “Push-Pull” architecture, contribute to a spellbinding performance. As the subwoofer breathes life into every bass note, it encapsulates the essence of alchemy—an art that turns sound into an elixir of pure musical gold. With the X10+, M&K SOUND has crafted not just a subwoofer but conjured a sonic odyssey that enchants the listener, reaffirming the brand’s legacy as a maestro in musical reproduction.

Seamless Connectivity: A Symphony of Connections

In the intricate tapestry of audio excellence, the M&K SOUND X10+ emerges as a masterpiece of connectivity. Every aspect of its design is meticulously crafted to harmonize with myriad audio systems, offering a seamless integration that elevates the listening experience. The subwoofer acts as a sonic nexus, bridging the gap between components to create a symphony of sound.

The X10+ boasts a versatile array of connectivity options, ensuring compatibility with a spectrum of audio sources. Whether tethered to a high-end amplifier, AV receiver, or multimedia system, the subwoofer’s connection ports become conduits for aural brilliance. From traditional wired setups to advanced wireless configurations, M&K SOUND has engineered the X10+ to adapt effortlessly to diverse listening environments.

In this symphony of connections, every cable and link serves as a musical note, contributing to the overall composition. The subwoofer’s connectivity isn’t just about wires and ports; it’s a harmonious collaboration that ensures the audio signal’s purity, immersing the listener in the nuances of the music. M&K SOUND’s dedication to seamless connectivity transforms the X10+ into a conductor orchestrating a symphony of sonic unity.

Intuitive Usability, Infinite Functionality: A Sonic Odyssey Unveiled

Navigating the auditory cosmos with the M&K SOUND X10+ is a journey guided by intuitive usability and enriched by boundless functionality. This subwoofer transcends the realm of mere audio equipment, becoming an instrument of sonic exploration in the hands of the user.

A user-friendly interface at the core of its usability invites both novices and audiophiles to sculpt their auditory experience effortlessly. The thoughtfully laid out controls empower users to fine-tune parameters such as crossover frequency, phase, and gain with precision, allowing for a tailored response to diverse genres and sonic landscapes.

Yet, the X10+ is not confined by simplicity; it unveils a trove of advanced functionalities. Adaptive EQ technology dynamically adjusts the subwoofer’s response in real-time, ensuring optimal performance in any environment. Wireless connectivity options open a portal to a cable-free realm, offering placement flexibility without compromising sonic integrity.

This subwoofer’s functionality extends beyond conventional boundaries. M&K SOUND has ingeniously integrated smart features that adapt to the listener’s preferences. Automated room calibration algorithms, responsive to changes in acoustics, work harmoniously to deliver a consistent, high-fidelity experience.

In the symphony of usability and functionality, the X10+ is a virtuoso, providing a passport to an auditory odyssey where the user is both a conductor and explorer. M&K SOUND’s commitment to marrying intuitive design with innovative functionality transforms the X10+ into an instrument of unparalleled sonic artistry.

Sound Test: Unveiling the Sonic Tapestry of M&K SOUND X10+

Embarking on a sound test with the M&K SOUND X10+ is akin to unfurling a sonic tapestry where every note, beat, and resonance weaves together to create an immersive auditory masterpiece. With its 10-inch prowess, this subwoofer commands attention with a resounding presence that transcends the boundaries of conventional audio experiences.

In sound quality, the X10+ emerges as a maestro, conducting frequencies with finesse and precision. The lows resonate with a commanding and nuanced depth, reaching into the subsonic realms with an authoritative yet controlled touch. The isobaric bass loading technology, a hallmark of M&K SOUND, works seamlessly to deliver bass reproduction that is heard and felt, enriching the overall sonic landscape.

As the ribbon tweeter, a mere 60 mm in size, dances through the highs, it unveils a panorama of detail and clarity. The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) technology elevates the treble, offering a delicacy that captures the subtle nuances of instruments and vocals. This attention to the treble spectrum enhances the overall balance, ensuring no sonic subtlety is lost in the auditory panorama.

Engaging in a sound test across genres, from intricate classical compositions to bass-heavy electronic beats, the X10+ emerges as a versatile virtuoso. The high-resolution playback capabilities unravel layers of detail, making every musical passage a revelation. In this intersection of power and precision, the X10+ finds its zenith, delivering a sound quality that transcends expectations and elevates the listening experience to new heights.

In essence, the M&K SOUND X10+ doesn’t just reproduce sound; it orchestrates a symphony of sonic excellence, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the nuances of every composition, making each note a vibrant brushstroke in the canvas of auditory bliss.

Unique Functions and the M&K SOUND X10+: A Sonic Marvel Beyond Competition

The M&K SOUND X10+ is a paragon of audio engineering, boasting unique functions that propel it beyond conventional subwoofers, establishing a distinctive edge over its competitors.

Push-Pull Architecture and Reversed Double Driver Design:

At the heart of the X10+ lies a revolutionary Push-Pull architecture and Reversed Double Driver design. This innovative approach eradicates redundant resonances, ensuring a pure and rapid response in low-frequency regeneration. The 10-inch front-firing unit harmonizes with a concealed upward-facing monomer, creating a symphony of bass that is not only powerful but characterized by unparalleled clarity and precision.

Carbon Fiber Composite Monomer:

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the X10+ incorporates a cutting-edge carbon fiber composite monomer. This material, both lighter and stronger, enhances the subwoofer’s responsiveness. The monomer’s increased thickness and a 25mm MDF board contribute to a cabinet structure that minimizes vibrations and resonances, providing a foundation for pristine sound reproduction.

Isobaric Bass Loading Technology:

M&K SOUND’s proprietary Isobaric Bass Loading Technology literally takes the X10+ to new depths. Employing two bass-midrange drivers working in tandem creates an internal air volume that ensures constant pressure conditions. This not only reduces non-linearities but also increases efficiency. The result is a bass response that defies the subwoofer’s compact size, reaching 35 Hertz with an agility and depth that outshines competitors.

High-Quality Amplification:

The X10+ is not just about raw power but refined amplification. Boasting a built-in high-quality 600W amplifier with a peak power of 1200W, it provides a robust foundation for reproducing the most demanding low-frequency passages. This amplification prowess elevates the sonic experience and positions the X10+ as a formidable contender in its class.

Optimized Placement with Sonic Journey:

The X10+ doesn’t stop at remarkable hardware; it extends its uniqueness into the realm of user experience. Optimizing placement becomes a sonic journey with the assistance of the X10+. M&K SOUND facilitates an exploration of ideal positions using software, ensuring smooth frequency responses and a listening experience tailored to individual preferences.

In the competitive landscape of subwoofers, the M&K SOUND X10+ doesn’t just compete; it redefines the standards. Its distinctive features and technological innovations create a sonic marvel that outshines competitors, making it the discerning choice for audiophiles seeking an unparalleled audio experience.

Conclusion: Elevating Two-Channel Bliss

In audio perfection, the M&K SOUND X10+ emerges as a triumphant symphony of design and technology. From its revolutionary Push-Pull architecture to the intricacies of the carbon fiber composite monomer, every facet of the X10+ is meticulously crafted to redefine the boundaries of low-frequency reproduction. The Isobaric Bass Loading Technology ensures a bass response that belies the subwoofer’s compact form, reaching depths that captivate and resonate with a precision that sets it apart.

Beyond its technological prowess, the X10+ invites users on a sonic journey. The optimized placement, facilitated by sophisticated software, transforms the process into an art form, ensuring the listener hears and feels every nuance of the audio landscape. The X10+ isn’t just a subwoofer; it’s a gateway to a musical odyssey, where every note and beat is presented with unparalleled clarity and depth.

In conclusion, the M&K SOUND X10+ isn’t simply a speaker; it’s a testament to the fusion of art and science in audio engineering. It stands as a beacon for those seeking sound and an immersive experience that transcends the ordinary, making it an indispensable companion for audiophiles who demand nothing short of sonic excellence.

Why Buy M&K SOUND X10+: A Sonic Masterpiece

Investing in the M&K SOUND X10+ isn’t merely a purchase; it’s a commitment to an audio experience that transcends expectations. With its groundbreaking Push-Pull architecture, carbon fiber composite monomer, and Isobaric Bass Loading Technology, the X10+ is a marvel of engineering, delivering a low-frequency performance that redefines the possibilities in a compact form. It embodies precision and depth, making it an essential choice for those who crave audio realism.

Reasons to Embrace the X10+:

  1. Technological Innovation: The X10+ integrates cutting-edge technologies like Push-Pull architecture and carbon fiber composite monomers, showcasing a commitment to sonic excellence.
  2. Optimized Placement: The subwoofer’s software-driven placement optimization transforms the listening experience into an art, ensuring every room corner becomes a sweet spot for immersive sound.
  3. Isobaric Bass Loading: The bass response of the X10+ is a revelation, reaching depths that defy its compact size, providing an unparalleled low-frequency experience.
  4. Sonic Journey: Beyond being a speaker, the X10+ invites users on a sonic odyssey, presenting music with clarity, detail, and depth beyond conventional boundaries.


  1. Premium Investment: The X10+ represents a premium investment in audio, making it ideal for those who prioritize a high-fidelity experience.
  2. Space Constraints: If space is a limiting factor, the X10+ might be more suitable for larger environments where its full potential can be realized.

In essence, choosing the M&K SOUND X10+ embraces a symphony of innovation and sonic artistry, making it a compelling choice for those seeking the pinnacle of audio perfection.