Review: Medion Life P85111 WiFi DAB+ Internet Radio

Medion Life P85111
Medion Life P85111 WiFi DAB + Internet Radio with all these features on the market. This radio goes over the counter for a price of 129 euros.
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The radio as we used to have is not really of this time anymore. Nowadays, radios have been expanded with several features, including internet radio, FM/AM, digital radio and network options. We also see usb ports more and more often. You would think that for a device that offers all these possibilities you have to dig deep into the pouch, but nothing is less true. Medion has this year the Medion Life P85111 WiFi DAB+ Internet Radio with all these features on the market. This radio goes over the counter for a price of 129 euros.

Medion Life P85111 WiFi DAB+ Internet Radio

The Medion Life P85111 is, as the name implies, a radio that is connected to the internet. This device, a 2.1-channel audio system, has WiFi, networking, FM radio, Spotify Connect, DAB+ support and internet radio. In short, from almost every source you can stream your favorite music. Below you will find the most important features of this radio;

  • Access to 15,000 radio stations on the internet
  • 3.2-inch TFT display
  • Two 7-watt stereo speakers and 15-watt built-in woofer
  • DAB+ and FM receiver
  • Radio Data System for display of information channel
  • 40 storage locations for favorite channels
  • WLAN with external antenna
  • Operation with remote control or app
  • Wooden housing with high gloss front
  • DLNA and UPNP for access to music in network
  • Wake function
  • Spotify Connect
  • AAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC and WAV support
  • USB port
  • RJ-45 LAN connection
  • Headphone connection
  • Stereo line-out
  • AUX-in
  • Format: 240 x 190 x 135mm (1.6kg)

As you can see, this radio offers almost everything you need to listen to your favorite music, both locally and via the internet.

Design and build quality

The Medion Life P85111 immediately proves to be a premium device, despite its attractive price. The radio has a sturdy and heavy wooden casing and is very nicely finished. The combination of LED strips, a high gloss finish, sturdy rotary knobs and a fine layout give the device a premium look and feel. The rubber feet ensure that the radio stays in place and at the same time provide some cushioning.

Medion Life P85111-2

However, it is a hefty device, especially if you want to put it on a bedside table. In addition, depending on the location and position, it is necessary to extend the two antennas (for WiFi and DAB+). These ensure that the radio needs more space and stands out. The remote control is fairly simple, but because of its finish also has a luxurious look. All basic functions are immediately accessible and you can quickly navigate through the menu using the remote control.

Medion Life P85111-7

There is also a free app for Android and iOS available. This also allows you to control the radio directly and thanks to a clear interface you can quickly find a radio station or play media from your network.

Medion Life P85111-4


A radio should of course be easy to install, without any hassles with weird settings or extensive manuals. Fortunately Medion shows that it is easy. With a simple set-up wizard you can connect directly to your home network (even through WPS) and then it is only a matter of checking whether the time and date are correct and whether the (internet) radio stations are found correctly.

The Medion Life P85111 has many options and a menu where you can get lost. The manual is rather scanty so it pays to take a quarter of an hour to go through all the options of the device. For example, you encounter a multiroom option, but it turns out that it only works when you purchase a matching Medion multiroom speaker. The alarm function is also useful but hidden, and the equalizer function allows you to adjust the audio output to your liking.


Although the menu may lack some structure and goes too deep, the use of the Medion Life P85111 is fairly simple. Once you have walked through the settings and have everything as you want it then the main menu is sufficient with direct access to the most important sources. Via this main menu you have access to your own local music (network), Spotify Connect, internet radio stations, DAB+ and FM radio. Every source is quickly found, channels can be easily looked up and the operation is simple and smooth. The lists of channels for internet radio are long but everything is neatly categorized and there is a useful search function. You can store channels (from internet radio as well as from DAB+ and FM) directly as favorites so that you can start them up quickly.

Medion Life P85111-9

However, in my case, the internet radio stations often caused interference, especially when they were started when the alarm went off. This caused us to wake up with a lot of loud noise, not nice. Another minus is that the AAC files in my library were not recognized and therefore could not be played. DAB+ has already been rolled out in the Netherlands, but a correct reception was mainly about how the radio was placed. This appears to be quite accurate.

Medion Life P85111-8

The large color screen is also ideal; this screen gives you a quick and clear view of where you are and makes the operation much more convenient than a standard display that we encounter on players or radios. The display is easy to read, even with some sunlight or at a distance.

Audio quality

In terms of design, price, features and use it is so good, but what about the audio quality of the Medion Life P85111? The radio has a 2.1-channel system, with two 7 Watt RMS loudspeakers and a subwoofer at the bottom.

Medion Life P85111-1

We are not dissatisfied with the audio output. The radio knows how to record a relatively wide sound field with fairly low bass, warm and clear midtones and a tight reproduction of high tones. However, there is a lack of life and dynamism. You, we are talking about 129 euros, but it is worth mentioning.

The volume can be turned up considerably without sacrificing the audio quality. Only when the volume is fully open we get a shrill and tinny look. That being said; the Medion Life P85111 comes into its own at a somewhat lower volume and therefore fits best in a bedroom or work room. It is not an audio system for the living room, but a great sounding system for it. Looking at the price and the compact form, we can not complain about the audio reproduction; it just sounds good.

Medion Life P85111-6


If we take everything together there is little to complain about the Medion Life P85111. Yes, we had some problems with AAC files, the menu is a bit extensive and the placement for DAB+ is pretty tight. But, the user-friendliness is very good, the audio reproduction is also good looking at the price, the device is full of features and functions, and even in the field of design and build quality we are very satisfied. We can certainly recommend the Medion Life P85111 as a radio for there, in the bedroom, the office, the nursery or even the hobby room.