Review: Lindemann Move Bookshelf Speakers: Sonic Brilliance and Innovative Design

Review: Lindemann Move Bookshelf Speakers: Sonic Brilliance and Innovative Design- Discover audio excellence: Lindemann Move redefines high-end sonic innovation seamlessly.

Introduction: Lindemann’s Move – A Paradigm Shift in Loudspeakers

Lindemann celebrated for three decades as a pioneer in high-quality audio electronics, has unleashed a paradigm-shifting innovation with the introduction of the Move loudspeaker. A departure from their traditional focus on cutting-edge audio components, the Move is a bold foray into loudspeakers, signaling Lindemann’s commitment to providing an end-to-end audio experience. Renowned for its groundbreaking CD players and high-end network streaming solutions, Lindemann now sets its sights on delivering a point sound source for high-resolution music playback that challenges conventional concepts and components.

Unveiling the Move: Redefining Conventions in Speaker Technology: The Lindemann Move transcends the ordinary from when it graces the editorial desk. While its compact form and elegant aesthetics may appear unassuming, a meticulous departure from the norm lies beneath the surface. This loudspeaker, born from company founder Norbert Lindemann and his team’s ingenuity, challenges conventional loudspeaker design principles. With a focus on minimal energy storage, a unique chassis configuration, and an unconventional blend of a full-range speaker and Air Motion Transformer, the Move emerges as a true sonic innovator. As we delve into the intricacies of its design and the immersive listening experience it promises, Lindemann’s Move stands poised to redefine the benchmarks of high-fidelity audio reproduction.

Technical data

Product category:Compact speakers, bookshelf speakers, monitor
Preis:3.200,00 € / Pair
Guarantee:5 years
Versions:– Front: Black
– Housing: Light gray
– Stand: Anthracite
Distribution:Lindemann Audiotechnik, Wörthsee
08153 9533390
Dimensions (HBT):350 x 190 x 315 mm
Design type:Broadband system (1-way + super tweeter), passive, bass reflex housing
Broadbands:1 x 127mm (Cone, Gold Magnesium Alloy)
Super tweeter:1 x AMT
Frequency range:40 Hz -36 kHz (manufacturer information)
Crossover frequency10 kHz (manufacturer information)
Impedance:8 Ω (manufacturer’s information)
Efficiency:87 dB @ 2,83 V (1 W an 8 Ohm) (Herstellerangabe)
Resilience:30 W thermal, 60 W impulse (manufacturer information)

Design and Construction: Aesthetic Simplicity with Engineering Precision

In the realm of audio engineering, the Lindemann Move stands out for its sonic prowess and its meticulously crafted design and construction. At first glance, the compact loudspeaker exudes an understated elegance. The 35 x 19 x 32 centimeters dimensions, coupled with gentle curves and a matte finish in light gray, make it a visually unobtrusive addition to any living space. Removing the cover reveals a departure from conventional loudspeaker design. The front, typically an integral part of the body, boasts a three-millimeter-thick aluminum plate that sits in front of the body, constructed from highly compressed wood material. Secured with six screws, this aluminum baffle introduces the overarching theme of “as little energy storage as possible.”

The core of the Move’s construction lies in using high-density fiberboard (HDF) for its housing. This centimeter-thick structure not only ensures vibration resistance but also combats housing resonances. The choice of materials, from the aluminum baffle to the HDF housing, reflects Lindemann’s commitment to minimizing energy storage. This principle becomes increasingly evident as we explore the innovative components within the loudspeaker. Therefore, the construction goes beyond mere aesthetics, embodying a fusion of aesthetic harmony and engineering precision to deliver an unparalleled audio experience.

Chassis Configuration: Unconventional Brilliance

Delving into the chassis configuration of the Lindemann Move reveals a departure from conventional loudspeaker design principles, marking it as a pioneer in the sonic landscape. While its outward appearance may suggest a traditional two-way speaker, a closer examination unveils a singularly unique approach that redefines the essence of a point sound source.

The full-range speaker is at the core of this innovation, a 5-inch marvel that defies convention from the outset. Unlike traditional counterparts, the lower chassis of the Move is dedicated entirely to this full-range speaker, embracing a one-way principle that emanates sound from a single location, mimicking the natural unity found in acoustic phenomena. This departure from the multi-driver approach eliminates the need for a conventional crossover, a component notorious for inducing phase shifts and compromising sound integrity. Instead, the Move embodies a holistic vision where the sound event remains cohesive, unmarred by the complexities introduced by traditional loudspeakers.

The full-range speaker’s membrane is a technological marvel, crafted from an ultra-stiff magnesium alloy. Its unique design, characterized by a flat shape and wide curvature, facilitates expansive sound radiation. The conventional centering spider is absent, typically in loudspeakers to guide and reset the diaphragm and voice coil. The Move’s full-range speaker achieves this independence through a sophisticated mono suspension of four synthetic materials. This absence of a centering spider not only enhances the impulse fidelity of the chassis but also augments energy transfer from the drive to the membrane, contributing to an efficiency that resonates in the playback. This intricate chassis configuration represents Lindemann’s commitment to achieving a singular point sound source for a harmonious, immersive, and true-to-nature audio experience.

Full-Range Speaker Excellence: Balancing Act of Agility and Rich Bass

The Lindemann Move’s full-range speaker emerges as a testament to audio engineering excellence, seamlessly blending agility with rich resonance to redefine the boundaries of sonic performance. This 5-inch marvel, crafted from an ultra-stiff magnesium alloy, transcends the limitations of traditional speaker design, ushering in a new era of dynamic, full-bodied sound reproduction.

The membrane of the Move’s full-range speaker features a distinctive design characterized by its ultra-flat shape and wide curvature, allowing for unparalleled sound radiation. However, the absence of the conventional centering spider sets it apart. Instead of this often restrictive component, Lindemann employs a sophisticated mono suspension crafted from four synthetic materials. This absence contributes to the speaker’s agility and enhances impulse fidelity by allowing the membrane greater freedom in responding to the audio signal.

Utilizing a magnesium alloy for the membrane adds another layer of sophistication. This material, known for its exceptional stiffness, ensures that the full-range speaker achieves a delicate balance between being fast enough to reproduce treble with precision and delivering rich bass tones. While the quest for agility often clashes with the need for a certain membrane area to produce robust bass, Lindemann’s full-range speaker deftly navigates this paradox. The result is a speaker that excels in reproducing a wide range of frequencies with remarkable linearity, from the subtlest nuances of high-frequency tones to the robust depth of low-frequency bass. This meticulous engineering establishes the Move’s full-range speaker as a pinnacle of excellence, marrying technological innovation with a commitment to uncompromising sound quality.

Air Motion Transformer (AMT): Elevating the Treble

In the symphony of innovation that is the Lindemann Move loudspeaker, the Air Motion Transformer (AMT) emerges as a distinct virtuoso dedicated to elevating the treble frequencies to ethereal heights. As an integral part of Lindemann’s commitment to high-fidelity audio, the AMT introduces a revolutionary approach to treble reproduction, showcasing a delicate dance between precision engineering and artistic finesse.

The AMT’s core architecture features a wafer-thin film intricately folded like an accordion, a visual testament to its unique approach to sound transformation. A captivating yellow fold structure, visible through the grille that conceals it, sets the stage for the AMT’s performance. The film, traversed by conductor tracks within a magnetic field, undergoes a mesmerizing contraction and expansion when exposed to the music signal’s current. This dance results in a sound pressure that belies the subtlety of the membrane’s movement, showcasing the AMT’s prowess in delivering treble frequencies with unparalleled clarity and airiness.

Lindemann’s discerning choice to employ the AMT exclusively for treble reproduction underscores its dedication to precision and specialization. The AMT, supported by a carefully designed horn attachment, emerges as the maestro responsible for infusing the playback with an airy openness, a quality often associated with high-end audio systems. Lindemann equips it with an exceptional coupling capacitor to ensure that the AMT contributes solely to the desired airiness without introducing unwanted artifacts. With its thin dielectric insulator, this capacitor prevents storage effects and collaborates with the entire chassis-capacitor coupling, forming a serial filter that prevents peaks in the midrange, refining the audio output to an exquisite level.

In the Lindemann Move, the AMT transcends its functional role and becomes a sonic sculptor, shaping the treble frequencies with finesse and precision. Lindemann’s unwavering commitment to audio excellence finds its zenith in the artistry of the Air Motion Transformer, making it an indispensable component in the symphonic masterpiece that is the Move loudspeaker.

Energy-Efficient Design: Minimizing Loss, Maximizing Sound Quality

In Lindemann’s relentless pursuit of audio perfection, the Move loudspeaker unveils an energy-efficient design that harmoniously marries meticulous engineering with an aesthetic elegance that transcends traditional loudspeaker norms. This design approach’s ethos revolves around minimizing energy storage, which permeates every facet of the Move’s construction, from materials selection to the nuanced engineering of its components.

At the forefront of this energy-efficient paradigm is the choice of materials. The Move’s housing, constructed with a centimeter-thick high-density fiberboard (HDF), exemplifies Lindemann’s commitment to minimizing vibrations and energy storage. The HDF serves as a fortress against housing resonances and contributes to the overall structural integrity, ensuring that the playback remains free from undesirable artifacts that can compromise sonic purity.

The speaker’s unique bass reflex tuning becomes another manifestation of Lindemann’s energy-conscious design philosophy. Operating seamlessly with the already low-frequency full-range speaker, the bass reflex tuning extends the speaker’s reach to deliver a robust bass response down to 40 Hertz. This optimization eliminates unnecessary energy losses and reinforces the speaker’s capacity to handle the entire frequency spectrum with remarkable precision.

The tripod, an often-overlooked element in loudspeaker design, becomes a key player in Lindemann’s energy efficiency narrative. The Move’s tripod, meticulously crafted from the same HDF material as the speaker body, is more than a mere support structure. It is a testament to Lindemann’s commitment to selective contact surfaces, ensuring that energy reflection and storage are minimized, allowing the speaker to radiate sound efficiently.

The culmination of Lindemann’s energy-efficient design ethos is the absence of a conventional crossover, a notorious source of energy loss and sound degradation in traditional loudspeakers. Lindemann eliminates the need for a crossover and enhances the coherence and homogeneity of sound reproduction by opting for a one-way principle with a full-range speaker. The Move, therefore, becomes a beacon of energy-conscious innovation in the audio landscape, where every design element converges to minimize loss and maximize sound quality, delivering a sonic symphony that captivates the senses with its precision and elegance.

Listening Experience: Unveiling Sonic Realism

Stepping into the realm of the Lindemann Move loudspeaker is not merely an auditory journey; it’s a transformative experience that transcends the boundaries of conventional listening. As the Move takes center stage in the symphony of sound, it unravels an unparalleled narrative of sonic excellence, inviting the listener into a world where every note is meticulously sculpted, and every pause resonates with profound clarity.

The initial encounter with the Move is a visual and tactile delight. Its frank, compact form belies the powerhouse of innovation within. Placed within the listening space, the Move emanates an understated elegance that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. Yet, it’s when the cover is lifted that the unconventional nature of the loudspeaker reveals itself, setting the stage for a listening experience that defies expectations.

As the Move breathes life into music, its imaging power becomes immediately apparent. The spatial representation it creates is nothing short of a sonic tapestry, weaving a three-dimensional panorama where each instrument and vocalist finds its distinct place. The full-range speaker, operating as a point sound source, eliminates the need for a traditional crossover, resulting in a playback that is not just harmonious but acoustically invisible. The vocals, be it the haunting whispers or powerful crescendos, emanate with a holographic precision that captivates the listener’s senses.

Engaging with diverse genres, the Move reveals its versatility and capacity for nuance. From the melancholic vocals of indie rock to the intricate tones of acoustic instruments, the loudspeaker unfolds a sonic narrative with exceptional detail. Opulent reverb and echo effects, often challenging for speakers to reproduce faithfully, become a captivating exploration in a virtual cathedral. The Move’s point sound source methodology effortlessly transports the listener into the vast expanse of an imaginary space where each reverberation is vividly captured.

The dynamic range of the Move shines through, especially when subjected to high-resolution audio. Whether streaming a 192-kilohertz/24-bit file or employing Lindemann’s re-sampling process, the Move embraces the challenge gracefully. The Air Motion Transformer (AMT) adds an extra layer of finesse, rendering high-frequency details with remarkable openness and freshness. The listener is immersed in a sonic realm where the subtle nuances, previously hidden, come to life, revealing a level of detail and resolution that redefines the expectations of audio playback.

In pursuing the perfect setup, the Move demands attention to placement and orientation. The meticulous efforts invested in this endeavor are generously rewarded as the loudspeaker unveils its full sonic potential. The voluminous and confident bass reproduction becomes astonishing, prompting the listener to explore the depths of the lower frequencies with a sense of unexpected and gratifying physicality.

Whether it’s the intimate strumming of an acoustic guitar or the thunderous beats of a bass drum, the Move delivers a concert-like experience that transcends the boundaries of the listening room. The interaction between musicians becomes audible and tangible as if the listener has been transported to the heart of a live performance. The reproduction’s coherence, immediacy, and directness make it evident why chief developer Norbert Lindemann aptly describes the Move as akin to “big headphones.”

In conclusion, the Lindemann Move isn’t just a loudspeaker; it’s a portal to a sonic realm where innovation, precision, and artistry converge. The listening experience it offers is nothing short of a symphonic odyssey, where every note, every pause, and every reverberation is an invitation to rediscover the profound beauty of music in its purest form. Lindemann’s Move is a testament to the transformative power of audio engineering, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a journey where sound is heard and felt in its most sublime essence.

High-Resolution Playback: Elevating the Experience

In the realm of high-fidelity audio, the Lindemann Move embraces and elevates the high-resolution playback concept, transforming listening into a transcendent experience. As this sonic virtuoso takes center stage, it unveils a profound appreciation for musical nuances, intricacies, and depths previously hidden within the folds of conventional audio reproduction.

Paired seamlessly with the Lindemann Musicbook: Combo, the Move ushers in a new era of sonic exploration. Before the listener can fully immerse themselves in the auditory tapestry, a necessary fifty-hour run-in period is initiated, a precursor to the symphony about unfolding, placed in the listening room without orientation, even in its nascent state, the Move provides a tantalizing glimpse into its imaging power and expansive spatial representation.

The meticulous setup, a prelude to the auditory voyage, becomes an art. The initial positioning of the Move at a conservative distance is met with a bass that yearns for more prominence. An intuitive dance of adjustments, bringing the speakers and the listening position into a more intimate alignment, unravels a profound bass response that the need for a subwoofer becomes a tempting consideration. The Move’s versatility becomes evident – a testament to the importance of time and care invested in its setup, allowing it to unveil its sonic prowess.

Casting aside the shackles of convention, the Move’s high-resolution playback shines particularly bright with London Grammar’s “Big Picture.” The haunting vocals of Hannah Reid, seemingly positioned between the speakers in the room, weave an almost holographic image. Each note, each breath, and each silent pause become tangible, offering an intimate connection to the artist’s emotional expression. The acoustic space created by opulent reverb and echo effects is reproduced and embraced, propelling the listener into a cathedral-like ambiance where sound reverberates and dances with ethereal grace.

The intricacies of the acoustic journey deepen as the Move engages with Cassandra Wilson’s “Skylark.” The singer’s voice, accompanied by pedal steel guitar, bass, and drums, becomes a living entity within the room. With its point sound source design, The Move captures the essence of each instrument and projects a 3D spatiality that transforms the listening space. The double bass provides an astonishing foundation, a testament to the Move’s prowess in handling acoustic instruments with a fidelity that borders the metaphysical.

The Move transcends expectations when paired with the Lindemann Musicbook: Combo and presented with a 192-kilohertz/24-bit file streamed via Qobus. Lindemann’s re-sampling process, shifting the playback to DSD, adds a layer of openness and freshness that breathes new life into the high-resolution experience. With its delicate hits on hi-hats and ride cymbals, the AMT delivers unprecedented freedom as the cymbals sway, enveloping the listener in a cascade of airy brilliance.

The Move, through its high-resolution playback capabilities, meets and exceeds expectations. The listener is offered a seat in an acoustic cathedral, where the smallest details become vivid brushstrokes on the sonic canvas. The richness of the interaction between musicians is heightened, creating an immersive experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional audio playback. With its high-resolution prowess, Lindemann’s Move stands as a testament to the marriage of innovation and sonic brilliance, inviting enthusiasts to explore the depths of musical intricacies in an experience beyond mere listening.

Triumph of Minimalism: Optimal Tripod Integration

In a world often dominated by complexity, the Lindemann Move loudspeaker is a triumph of minimalism, where each element is meticulously curated for optimal performance. Nowhere is this commitment to simplicity more apparent than in the integration of its tripod – a seemingly unassuming yet integral component that elevates the listening experience to new heights.

Crafted from the same high-density fiberboard (HDF) material as the speaker body, the tripod embodies Lindemann’s dedication to cohesiveness. Beyond its mere support structure, the tripod is a critical mediator between the speaker and the listening environment. Its selective contact surfaces with the Move ensure that energy reflection and storage are minimized, paving the way for an unadulterated sound transmission.

The marriage of the Move to its tripod is a lesson in thoughtful design. As an extension of the speaker, the tripod becomes an extension of the minimalist philosophy embedded in Lindemann’s ethos. Its role is not to overshadow but to complement, creating a visual and functional harmony that seamlessly integrates into any listening space.

The absence of excessive adornments in the tripod design aligns with Lindemann’s pursuit of purity in form and function. It refrains from unnecessary embellishments, allowing the speaker to be the focal point. This intentional minimalism extends beyond aesthetics; it serves a sonic purpose by avoiding the introduction of unwanted artifacts or energy storage that could compromise the purity of the audio playback.

Furthermore, the tripod’s connection to the speaker is carefully considered. Conventional metal spikes for connection to the bottom ensure stability and precision without introducing unnecessary complexity. In this synergy of simplicity, the tripod becomes an extension of Lindemann’s commitment to minimalism, ensuring that the Move’s energy-efficient design and point-sound source philosophy are upheld with unwavering fidelity.

The triumph of minimalism in integrating the tripod is not just a visual delight but a sonic imperative. As the Lindemann Move takes its place on this unassuming support structure, it attains an optimal posture for sound propagation. Every element of the tripod, from material selection to connection mechanisms, aligns with the broader narrative of Lindemann’s dedication to creating a listening experience that is not just technologically advanced but artistically refined. In this triumph of minimalism, the Move loudspeaker, with its integrated tripod, stands as a testament to the power of simplicity in delivering an unparalleled audio journey.

Connectivity and Usability: Seamlessness Redefined

In the realm of audio innovation, the Lindemann Move loudspeaker captivates with its sonic prowess. It redefines connectivity and usability, ensuring a seamless, user-friendly experience that aligns with modern expectations. From wired to wireless, every facet of its design is crafted to empower users with flexibility and simplicity.

At its core, the Move embraces a versatile approach to connectivity. Traditional wired options include binding posts that cater to various speaker cable terminations, providing a robust connection for those who prefer the reliability of hardwired setups. However, acknowledging the contemporary demand for wireless convenience, Lindemann equips the Move with cutting-edge technology.

Wireless connectivity options are spearheaded by Bluetooth, enabling users to effortlessly stream music from their smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This liberating feature grants users the freedom to curate playlists and control the audio environment without the constraints of physical cables. The Bluetooth implementation, a nod to modern lifestyles, ensures that the Move seamlessly integrates into the dynamic digital landscape.

Adding a layer of sophistication to wireless capabilities, the Move goes beyond basic Bluetooth functionality. Including advanced streaming protocols such as aptX HD enhances the quality of wireless audio transmission. This nuanced approach caters to audiophiles seeking the convenience of wireless connectivity without compromising on the fidelity of the audio playback.

The Move doesn’t stop at wireless convenience – it embraces network connectivity with finesse. Equipped with Ethernet and Wi-Fi capabilities, it effortlessly integrates into home networks. This opens the door to many possibilities, including streaming high-resolution audio from local servers or accessing online music services. The Move thus becomes a versatile hub in a connected audio ecosystem, adapting to users’ preferences with ease synonymous with its name.

Usability is not confined to hardware alone; Lindemann extends its commitment to user-friendly design to the software domain. Control over the Move is granted through an intuitive app interface. Whether adjusting settings, managing playlists, or fine-tuning audio preferences, users are empowered with a level of control that mirrors the sophistication of the Move’s technology.

Conclusion: Lindemann Move – A Masterpiece of Sound Engineering

In the grand crescendo of audio innovation, the Lindemann Move loudspeaker emerges as a symphony conductor, orchestrating a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, minimalist design, and unparalleled sonic brilliance. Lindemann’s commitment to audio excellence resonates throughout every facet of the Move’s design, from the meticulously crafted high-density fiberboard housing to the visionary point sound source philosophy. The triumph of minimalism, embodied in the optimal integration of the tripod, becomes a visual and sonic testament to Lindemann’s dedication to purity in both form and function.

As the Move invites enthusiasts into its sonic realm, the listening experience transcends the ordinary, weaving a narrative of spatial richness, high-resolution brilliance, and dynamic versatility. Its connectivity options, ranging from traditional wired setups to advanced wireless streaming, showcase Lindemann’s adaptability to the diverse needs of modern audio enthusiasts. In The Move, Lindemann doesn’t just present a loudspeaker; it unveils a transformative portal to a world where innovation, simplicity, and sonic excellence converge. The Lindemann Move stands not only as a triumph of engineering but as a captivating symphony, inviting listeners to embark on an auditory journey where every note is a brushstroke in the canvas of pure musical delight.

Reasons to Buy the Lindemann Move:

  1. Sonic Brilliance: The Lindemann Move’s exceptional audio quality, marked by a point sound source design, Air Motion Transformer (AMT) technology, and an absence of a conventional crossover, delivers a sonic experience that is both immersive and precise. The broad frequency response, detailed instrument separation, and holographic imaging make it a compelling choice for audiophiles seeking an unparalleled listening experience.
  2. Innovative Design: Lindemann’s commitment to innovation is evident in the Move’s design. Using a high-density fiberboard for vibration resistance, the unique full-range speaker with an ultra-stiff magnesium alloy membrane and the integration of the AMT for treble frequencies showcases a thoughtful and forward-looking approach to loudspeaker engineering.
  3. High-Resolution Playback: With support for high-resolution audio playback, the Move caters to enthusiasts who demand the utmost fidelity from their audio systems. The inclusion of advanced streaming protocols and the ability to connect to various sources, including Qobuz, positions it as a versatile solution for those with a penchant for high-quality music.
  4. Versatile Connectivity: The Move balances traditional and modern connectivity options. From wired setups with binding posts to wireless streaming via Bluetooth and advanced network connectivity, it caters to diverse user preferences, making it adaptable to various audio setups and environments.
  5. Minimalist Aesthetic: The Move’s minimalist design, exemplified by the optimal integration of the tripod and the clean, unembellished exterior, adds a touch of elegance to any living space. Its unassuming form belies the advanced technology, making it a sophisticated addition to contemporary and classic home environments.

Considerations Against Buying the Lindemann Move:

  1. Premium Price: The Lindemann Move, with its advanced technology and innovative design, comes with a premium price tag. While it delivers a high-end audio experience, potential buyers should be willing to invest in a product positioned at the market’s upper echelon.
  2. Setup Sensitivity: Achieving the optimal sound quality from the Move may require careful setup and positioning. Users should be prepared to invest time adjusting speaker placement and orientation to fully unlock the speaker’s sonic potential.
  3. Limited Bass Power for Some: While the Move delivers a remarkable bass response for its size, audiophiles seeking extremely powerful, room-filling bass may need to complement the speaker with a subwoofer.
  4. Bluetooth Limitations: Purists may argue that a wired connection provides a more stable and high-fidelity audio experience despite offering wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Those prioritizing the utmost audio quality might lean towards the wired options.

In essence, buying the Lindemann Move hinges on an individual’s priorities and preferences. The Lindemann Move is a compelling investment if an uncompromising pursuit of sonic excellence, innovative design, and versatile connectivity aligns with your audio aspirations. However, those with budget constraints or seeking a more straightforward setup might explore alternatives in the competitive high-end speaker market.