Review: LEGO Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles

Review: LEGO Disney Pixar's The Incredibles: The Incredibles are back on the silver screen. The family of superheroes is ready for a new adventure
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Review: LEGO Disney Pixar’s The Incredibles – The Incredibles are back on the silver screen. The family of superheroes is ready for a new adventure after an absence of no less than 14 years and a game can not be missed. Games based on films are often not very good, unless you put it at Traveler’s Tales that throws a LEGO sauce over it. The developer is known for constant quality, fun games and beautiful adventures. We dived into LEGO The Incredibles to see if this also applies to this game.

The Incredibles- Back to front

Anyone familiar with the LEGO games knows that Traveler’s Tales is the movies or franchise on which the title in question is based would follow as well as possible. That is no different in LEGO The Incredibles. Anyone who has seen the original or will soon be watching the new film will encounter enough landmarks. That is mainly in the levels that represent the most important moments in the films at a relatively high tempo and that everything is tied together with cutscenes, in which the typical LEGO humor is of course not lacking.

In total, LEGO The Incredibles serves 12 levels for and that are divided into 6 levels per movie. The developer has been kind enough to make a complete package right away, so you can experience both films in one go. However, a somewhat strange choice has been made, namely that the game starts with the adventure based on the new film. Once you have completed it, you unlock the first movie and you can play six levels. So you play the adventures in the wrong order and that is a bit strange.

The only reason we can think of is that the developer wanted to prevent buyers from being confused. If you’ve seen the new movie and want to play a game, you want to experience that adventure and not an older adventure. At the same time it is quite strange that you can not just play the story in chronological order. Then at least had an option built in which the player was free to make a choice. Such an option was certainly welcome in our opinion, also for players who are completely new to the universe and before they check the second film, first look at the original.

The Incredibles – Traditional gameplay

The gameplay in the 12 levels is exactly as expected from the LEGO games. You will be sent out with a predetermined number of characters that match the scenes from the movies. You will of course defeat enemies, also have to solve various small and large environmental puzzles in order to keep going one step further. That could be to create a new passage, to make an escape means or to defeat bigger enemies. It’s all exactly the way you’re used to, but in the gameplay there are a few somewhat unique elements that fit in perfectly.

First of all, you can use a special attack per character for a good combo. The game automatically indicates when that is possible and then you have to fill a meter as far as possible by pressing button bash. The more full the meter is, the more effective the attack will be and each character has adjusted such attacks – as well as standard attacks – on his or her skills, so that time and time again yields surprising moves. Especially because the characters are so different from each other, so that is a pleasant sight.

Another new element is that you have to collect ‘Incredi-stones’. This occurs both in the levels and in the hub world and if you have enough of these stones, you have to go to a special platform. With enough stones you can activate that plateau and then it is important to bask as much as possible for each character until the meter is full. If all the meters of the characters are full, then there are great structures that you make together. The construction works that arise then you again to trigger a fairly important moment in a level and so you can continue the adventure.

Enough to do

Outside the narrative levels that you can go through after completing it once again to collect all minikits and such in ‘Free Games’, you can also get started in the hub world. This world is quite large and there is so much to do here. The standard parts are of the party, think of racing, collecting golden blocks that are hidden here and there and more. But you also have to fight crime, help residents, complete challenges and so on. Completing the hub world as a whole is good for many hours of extra fun, so you’re sure to enjoy it for a long time.

The Incredibles

The 100% reach in LEGO The Incredibles goes on a traditional way. That simply means going through all levels, going through everything again in Free Games and completing all assignments in the hub world. That brings the playing time quickly to 30 hours, so that makes the adventure in terms of gameplay and length its money worth it. The whole experience feels very solid, because even though the game has some small bugs and glitches, the fun will hardly be affected. However, it is annoying that the input you give is not always registered as well and that can cause frustration at hectic times.