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Review: Kruidvat Smart Home – Lighting, alarm and cameras

Review : This article take a look at newly introduced Kruidvat Smart Home producs lamps, alaram and camera and presents the conclusion.
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After Action , HEMA and Lidl , it is time to take a look at the collection of smartHome products from the fourth retail chain that have recently been launched. This time we look at the Kruidvat collection that is for sale in the drugstore chain and online on the website under the name Kruidvat Smart Home . Does De Kruidvat know how to surprise or is it equivalent to the collection of the other stores? You can read it in this review.

What is it?

Although Kruidvat’s collection may have received the least attention in the media, it is the largest collection right away of all with a number of surprising products that you will not find at the other retail chains. In addition to a large collection of smart lamps with large fitting (E27), small fitting (E14) and spotlights (GU10), we also find various filament lamps in the collection. A remote control and smart plug should of course also not be missing. In addition to the regular smart plug (smart plug), we also find a smart dual plug with two contact points in the range. Much attention has also been paid to the range of smart security products. Think of a motion sensor, door and window sensor, alarm, video doorbell and two security cameras. It is a fairly complete package that allows you to work with lighting, an alarm system and security cameras. Where the products of HEMA and Action come from the company Electro Cirkel Retail BV, the products of Kruidvat come from iStarworld. The similarities are therefore slightly less, although the underlying platform is of course the same.

Kruidvat’s products also work via the Tuya platform and the WiFi protocol (only 2.4 GHz). You do not need a hub, but can connect all products directly to your WiFi network. Of course, the same drawbacks also apply. The WiFi protocol costs more energy and your standard router from your provider will soon no longer be able to process the entire collection properly.

Installing the products goes pretty smoothly. Plug a lamp into a fixture, the lamp will flash, press the plus button on the app, choose your product, enter your WiFi network and password and you’re done. Kruidvat has its own app called ‘Kruidvat Smart Home’, which at first glance resembles the standard Tuya app, but with some minor adjustments. Much has been written about Tuya. If you want to read it all again, I would like to refer you to the article Tuya: The smart home giant behind the scenes is getting bigger and bigger .

In this Kruidvat collection, the Smart Dual Plug, the 360-degree security camera that keeps tracking people and the fairly cheap video doorbell stand out in particular. High time to take a closer look at the collection.

Smart lamps

All types of smart lamps that you can expect can be found at Kruidvat Smart Home. White lamps, color lamps and filament lamps with large fitting and small fitting. We also find the GU10 spots in the collection and of course you can switch it on and off with a remote control or opt for control via the app. You can adjust the colors, increase or decrease the brightness or choose scenes. Prices start at 3.99 for the white smart bulb. A standard color lamp costs 7.49 euros. Recently, this color lamp has been on sale regularly for 3.99, making the Kruidvat the cheapest option of all retail chains during this offer.

Smart plugs

Kruidvat has two smart plugs in its range. What is immediately noticeable is that the design is different from Action and HEMA. In fact, the smart plug from Kruidvat (8.99 euros) looks rather large, which can be disadvantageous for sockets located directly next to it. Fortunately, this is not so bad in practice, because the back runs inwards. A flat plug from another device can therefore still be used in most sockets. We can be brief about the regular smart plug. This works as expected and you can switch the power on or off remotely via the app. You can also set timers to switch the smart plug on or off at the set time.

More unique, however, is the Smart Dual Plug for an amount of 14.99 euros. We do not find these in the range of the other retail chains. Surprisingly, the design of this smart plug is much more compact compared to the single model. It is a two-in-one smart plug and the big question is whether we can operate both plug holes independently of each other, or whether both holes can be operated together. Adding them in the app is a piece of cake and it turns out that you can operate them independently of each other. So if you have little space and you are looking for a smart plug with the possibility to operate two devices and / or lamps independently of each other, you will soon find this affordable Smart Dual Plug from Kruidvat.

Sensors and alarm

Kruidvat has included a motion sensor, door and window sensor and alarm in its range. The motion sensor and door and window sensor work on batteries that had to be included in the box. Unfortunately, they turned out not to be there in both cases. Either way, you can have these products all work together. Does a motion sensor or door and window sensor see movement? Link them to the smart alarm and it will make a very loud sound when moving.

To link this, you dive into the app at automation. This works quite the same as the IFTTT principle. You choose a certain trigger (action), which will then give a certain response. It all works fine, but it won’t be that easy for the novice user to set this up. Kruidvat does have a special website for all your questions about the smarthome collection, but the description is a bit scanty.

You can also link the motion sensor to your lighting, so that the lamp switches on as soon as you enter the relevant room with a motion sensor. The first generation of WiFi sensors from Action’s LSC Smart Connect had a major drawback. Because they use the WiFi protocol, the batteries run out very quickly when these sensors are always active. As a result, a time-out was built in, so that you could not use them for the first 5 minutes after activation. Then you were in the dark when the timer set by you had expired. I recognize these problems less with the sensors of Kruidvat Smart Home and the second generation sensors of LSC Smart Connect (Action) must also be much better. It now all works a bit smoother and smoother. You can guess what that does for the battery consumption, because battery + wifi protocol are not friends of each other. The WiFi protocol costs more energy than, for example, Zigbee.

The sensors therefore work best in combination with the alarm, which should be activated less often than a lamp with a motion sensor. You will receive a neat notification on your smartphone when movement is detected and in combination with the alarm you can quickly scare away any burglar.

Security cameras and video doorbell

The Kruidvat Smart Home collection is quite a large collection and also includes two security cameras and a video doorbell. The video doorbell costs 49.99 euros and has two-way audio, motion detection and a Full HD camera. The Kruidvat Smart Indoor IP Camera costs 19.99 and films in 720p, has two-way audio, night vision and has an input for a micro-SD card. For 27.99 euros you have the 360 ​​degree Smart IP Camera. This has the same functions as the other camera, with the extra that it can rotate 360 ​​degrees. You can not only do this manually, but also set it so that the camera follows the visitor throughout the room. And this works surprisingly well.

Especially that 360-degree camera is a winner for the money. For 27 euros you can of course not expect superior image quality or excellent sound. Still, it suffices in both cases and especially the motion tracking, where the camera follows the visitor, works very well. You can place a micro-SD card (up to 128 GB) with these models, but you can also opt for a paid subscription with cloud storage. The latter is of course not necessary. In any case, you will always receive a notification as soon as movement is detected.

Finally, the video doorbell is very similar to the Marmitek Buzz LO in terms of functions and app environment , albeit in a slightly different housing. No wonder, because that too is a Tuya video doorbell. However, you can not only connect this model wired (12-24V) to your current doorbell, but also connect it with the included adapter. If you want, you can even use the USB input, but then it is a bit difficult to place the housing at the back.

The video doorbell works reliably. As soon as the doorbell rings, you will receive a notification within a maximum of 2 seconds. However, you will even receive three notifications. There is still something not quite right here in terms of software. You do not have to click on the second notification, but if you only click on the first, you will not get to the liveview of the video doorbell, but to the history. So make sure you also click on the third notification, then you will immediately enter the window to view and communicate with your visitor. For 49.99 euros, however, it is a complete video doorbell and it is excellent for this money.

Kruidvat Smart Home app

The app is as you would expect from a Tuya clone. After testing all the recent Tuya collections of the retail chains, I can now find my way around this. There is also not much wrong with the app. Kruidvat has again had some smaller adjustments made. Not only do we find the Kruidvat logo in this copy of the Tuya app, some buttons have also been changed. Of course you do not have to use this app. If you prefer to use the Action or Hema app, or rather the overarching Tuya Smart Life app, it’s all possible. You can simply add the products in the app of your choice.

Smarthome integration

The Kruidvat Smart Home collection also supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa in some cases. As with the collections of the other retail chains, this does not apply to all products and you do not always have all functions available. Therefore, look carefully on the box of your chosen product to see whether your favorite voice assistant is supported.

Kruidvat has placed a large collection of smarthome products in the stores, including some unique products that you will not find at other retail chains such as Hema, Action or Lidl. We were therefore very satisfied with these unique products. The 360-degree camera can be called excellent for 27 euros and the smart dual plug also stands out in a positive way. The rest of the collection is equivalent to the rest of the chain stores. Kruidvat also scores more than satisfactory. What exactly should you buy? Are you going for Kruidvat, Hema, Action or Lidl? This question also concerns us. You will therefore soon find an overview on our website with all the similarities and differences between the smart home collections of the retail chains.

Kruidvat Smart Home – Conclusion

Kruidvat Smart Home does not do much differently from the other retail chains, but still manages to come up with a surprising number of unique products such as the 360-degree camera and the smart dual plug. The price is also positive. Kruidvat, together with Action, is one of the cheapest options for your smart lamps, smart plugs or security cameras. In fact, it doesn’t matter from which retail chain you buy it. Because the underlying platform is Tuya, you can use everything interchangeably. Kruidvat Smart Home will certainly not be a bad buy as an extension of your affordable Tuya collection or for new collections to be started.

Positives of Kruidvat Smart Home

  • Complete collection
  • 360 degree camera
  • Smart dual plug
  • Can also be used in other Tuya apps
  • The cheapest option together with Action

Negatives Kruidvat Smart Home

  • Automation takes some practice
  • Wifi protocol requires more energy
  • Your provider’s router is not sufficient for many products
  • Only 2.4 GHz

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