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Review: KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products for smart home

Review: This article conducted a review of KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products for smart home that can make your home real smarter.
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KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products review: In this review we look at six different products from the Dutch brand KlikAanKlikUit. Some products can be controlled via an app, while other devices only work independently. In some cases there is also Google Assistant and Siri support available.

A smart home for a small budget thanks to KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products

You can design or organize your smart home in various ways. You take into account all kinds of factors, such as money, space, voice assistants and platforms. That’s a lot of research and probably takes a lot of time and energy for most people. What if it could all be a bit simpler and you don’t have to dig too deep into it? That sounds like music to the ears for many. There are complete systems for this and one of those systems is KlikAanKlikUit. In this review, we look at KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products.

The great thing about a system like KlikAanKlikUit is that it has a versatile character. You can link some products to your own smart home hub (the Control Station ICS-2000) and therefore operate it via the internet, such as the Set wireless switching, Smart wall button, WiFi IP camera with night vision (IP-CAM 2000), Smart wireless smoke detector and the Built-in LED dimmer. Apart from the latter, we look at all these products. We also bring the Wireless doorbell, which is not linked to the hub.

KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products

ClickOnClickOut Control Station

The Control Station (hereinafter: Octopus) from KlikAanKlikUit is not a mandatory part if you do not plan to operate your devices via the internet and via the platform’s app. We already discussed this in detail in our previous article about installing the hub and connecting it to the Google Assistant . If you do intend to operate your smart products via WiFi, then the investment of 129.99 euros is necessary. For some people, that investment may be substantial, but you can do a lot with it.

You can do a number of things with the Octopus. KlikAanKlikUit should have called him the Spider, because it is a real spider in the web. With the Octopus you can, for example, control your lights, monitor your home with different sensors or set all kinds of timers and scenarios. This is all done via a reasonably user-friendly application, which can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS. The Octopus comes with all the necessities, including a network cable for connecting to your own router, modem or mesh network .

The box of the KlikAanKlikUit Octopus also clearly indicates what kind of systems the smart home hub works with. The Control Station works with the three different lines of the brand, namely the Start-Line, Security Plus-Line and the more advanced Zigbee-Line. Moreover, control via Google Assistant is possible and you can download the KlikAanKlikUit application for both Android and iOS. For an impression of the app, we refer you again to our previously published article about the system.

In addition to voice control with Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, it is also possible to control your KlikAanKlikUit devices in the house via the Siri app on your iPhone. This is done via so-called shortcuts. The idea of ​​Siri Shortcuts is that you link a series of tasks via the KlikAanKlikUit app, which Siri performs with a single voice command.

KlikAanKlikUit Set wireless switching

We have linked a number of supplied products to the Octopus. Like the Set wireless switching. These are basically smart outlets – or at least accessories that sit between the outlet and the appliance plug. In principle, the accessories work fine without a Control Station. They come with a remote control and can therefore still be operated remotely, without the intervention of a hub or app. So as a consumer you have the choice of how to make your home smart.

KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products

If you do make the link with the hub, there are of course more options. For example, you can include linked lamps in your smart home network. If, for example, you give the smart socket the name Kitchen Lamp (we know, it is ugly Dutch), the Google Assistant will know that this socket and lamp are located. If you then shout: “Hey Google, turn off all the lights”, the voice assistant will also turn off the light in the kitchen. Even though the lighting in the kitchen is not at all from brands like Philips Hue or Lifx.

You are of course free to link other products as well. For example, we used the second switch for a computer monitor. If we now shout: “Hey Google, turn on the screen”, that saves us just one and a half seconds of pressing a button. Because you have to move your hand towards the button before you can press it. This is of course intended to be joking, but you can do whatever you want with it. Make it easy for yourself at home, that’s what a Set of wireless switching is meant for.

You can arrange a number of things via the KlikAanKlikUit application. Just like in the Google Home app, you switch the lights on and off. But in the app of the manufacturer you can also record a rule that a product switches on at a specific time. The Kitchen Lamp now switches on half an hour before sunset, for example. And the screen switches off around six o’clock in the evening, so that we don’t work too long. With the Scenes option you can string products and actions together and get many things done quickly.

KlikAanKlikOit Smart wall button

The Smart wall button from KlikAanKlikUit is a kind of all-in-one button with which you can control devices. You don’t need an app for this at all. We use the button to turn the Kitchen Lamp on or off, for example. But you can also link it to other things if you like. You can easily use it, install it in no time and you can hang it in an easy location thanks to the adhesive strip. In fact, this is a remote control, but in the form of a button.

Review: KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products - Smart wall button

KlikAanKlikUit WiFi IP camera with night vision

The Wifi IP camera of KlikAanKlikUit can also be connected to the Control Station. This allows you to remotely monitor your home, garden or office and receive notifications when strange movements are registered. The camera supports images up to 720p, has night vision and two-way communication and supports micro-SD cards up to 64 GB. You need such a card if you want to save images, otherwise you have to rely on the live registration. You can also take screenshots of the image in the app.

Review: KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products - WIFI IP camera

The camera has an adjustable leg. You can rotate the image and move it up or down. You do this manually and cannot be done via the application. What you can do in the app is to flip the image, for example when you hang the camera upside down from the ceiling. It has a motion sensor, but no sound sensor. That is less safe than cameras that do offer such a function. Moreover, this prevents the camera from cooperating well with the smoke detector, because they don’t communicate at all.

So it is a fairly simple camera with straightforward operation. Once you have set everything up, you basically don’t have to worry about it anymore – unless something unexpected happens that the camera sees. Via the application of KlikAanKlikUit you can connect the camera to the security system, such as window and door or motion sensors, but further integration is not possible. It is nice that there is a camera at all, for when you want to lean on just one system and do not want to mix everything up.

We are positive about the image quality. When there is enough light, the images are bright and colorful, but still a bit on the dark side. The less light, the darker the picture; the camera doesn’t seem to handle this very well. In the dark, the system automatically switches to night vision and then you can keep an eye on everything. In principle, the sound quality is also excellent: you can hear someone clearly via the app, while they hear you clearly through the speaker on the camera.

KlikAanKlikOit Smart smoke detector

The Smart smoke detector from KlikAanKlikUit is part of the Zigbee line and is therefore a bit more advanced than the rest. You can link the smoke detector to the app and be notified of any notifications via your phone (but let’s hope not). The coupling process is going well. Unfortunately we miss the smoke detector in the section for creating Scenes. For example, we cannot activate the camera when smoke is detected or when it picks up sound from the loud siren.

KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products - smoke detector

KlikOnKlikOut Push button + Wireless doorbell

The Push button and Wireless doorbell is both a smart and a ‘dumb’ doorbell. You can use the product separately without Octopus. But if you want extra functions, you can link the bell to the Control Station. If someone is at the door, you will receive a notification on your smartphone. You get two separate units: the bell at the door and a receiver that you place in a central place in the house so that you can hear the bell. If you connect the bell to the Octopus, you will receive a notification from the recipient and a notification on your phone.

The receiver is most like an old-fashioned baby monitor. At the front is a small LED light that lights up when the doorbell rings, so that you at least get a visual indication after ringing the bell. A tune also sounds through the speaker. You can adjust that tune yourself and the same goes for the volume. However, there are not many options. The big advantage of this product is that you decide what to do with it: do you make it smart or do you keep it ‘stupid’? For the smart functions you therefore need the Control Station of the brand.

KlikAanKlikUit system – conclusion

In this review we tested KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products. All in all, we have received a positive impression of the KlikAanKlikUit system. What did not come to the fore very well during this test period are the possibilities in the area of ​​creating Scenes (in which you can link a series of rules together, comparable to IFTTT or Yonomi ). This is due to the products we tested, not so much to the capabilities of the system. In any case, KlikAanKlikUit can affordably introduce the possibilities of a smart home system for less tech-savvy people.

In addition, we are happy with the versatility of some of the products we mention here, such as the Wireless Switching Set. We can now operate this product in five ways: via the included remote control or the Smart wall button and, after the connection to the Octopus, also via the Google Assistant, the KlikAanKlikUit app and Google Home app. With that extra investment in the Control Station, a series of possibilities opens up and as far as we can estimate that now, this seems to apply to all products that you can link.

KlikAanKlikUit offers many more products through its own website and sales channels, allowing you to make your home as smart as you want accessible and relatively cheap. In almost every category there is a product and each product comes with a manual that explains how the installation works. Ideal for when you are interested in more convenience at home, but do not have the technical knowledge to do so. So if you are looking for an easy and affordable smart home system, you can consider KlikAanKlikUit with confidence.

Pros of KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products

  • Relatively affordable and accessible
  • Lots of choice in products …
  • … And (often) many options for those products in the app 
Negatives of KlikAanKlikUit 6 different products

  • Not every product can be included in Scenes
  • Smoke detector quite ‘dumb’ for a smart product
  • Camera not very extensive