Review: JBL Boost TV Compact TV Speaker

JBL Boost TV
The JBL Boost TV Compact TV Speaker can best be described as a small, complete and multifunctional soundbar. Can be used as a Bluetooth speaker and amplification for your TV.
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The JBL Boost TV Compact TV Speaker can best be described as a small, complete and multifunctional soundbar. The speaker is delivered with both an optical and audio cable and can be used as a Bluetooth speaker and amplification for your television.

JBL Boost TV Compact TV Speaker – design and installation

The design of the JBL Boost XL is remarkable and not really intended for living room full of modern furniture. The speaker does not have a luxurious look and the buttons at the top also seem to be randomly placed. That control panel is also not included in the design of the speaker and gives me the idea that this was a last-minute design choice. But it is functional, since you can use it to control the speaker and with this navigation you have access to all possible functions of the JBL Boost TV Compact TV Speaker.

The installation of the JBL Boost TV has thus been done. The speaker comes with an optical and audio cable and allows the consumer to make the choice for the cable that is preferred. If you are not fussy or simply have multiple sources that you want to use in combination with the JBL Boost TV, you can connect up to three devices at once: via the optical connection, the auxiliary input and Bluetooth. So it is possible to connect the television to the speaker, as well as a smartphone and a dedicated music player.


JBL Boost TV Compact TV Speaker – use

Once the speaker is installed, putting it into operation is no problem. Not in the last place because the JBL Boost TV comes with a small remote control. The remote control has the same buttons as on the speaker itself, plus two extra. You control the sound, you can turn the speaker on and off, activate surround sound alternates from source and can make a Bluetooth connection from both devices. And with the remote control you can also check how hard the box is and you can turn the sound off completely.

The remote control is very small and narrow and is not comfortable in the hand, but you soon notice that you use it anyway so you do not have to constantly get up and press the buttons of the JBL Boost TV. We understand that a remote with few functions does not have to be big, but something design with more ergonomic elements would not be out of place. Furthermore, it is very unfortunate that there is no visual feedback for the height of the volume: you do not see at what level it is and thus often comes too late that you had the box too hard the last time.


JBL Boost TV Compact TV Speaker – audio quality

The sound quality of this speaker is unfortunately not the same. It is not bad, but for a speaker that costs two hundred euros, we simply expect more. The device is called the Boost TV and that is exactly what it does: it boosts the sound of the television (or any other source connected to it) and actually does not do much more than that. The JBL Boost TV has a capacity of thirty watts and that is unfortunately not very much. The bass does not sound low enough and the high tones do not come out nicely.

That means that you will not be able to use the JBL Boost TV for listening to music or watching movies. But if you like series that mainly speaks a lot and there is little action in it (such as The Good Wife ), then the speaker is nice – the conversations come out clearly from the speaker and seem to distance themselves from the background noise. However, when you turn on the surround sound, it does not sound like anything anymore – even at the moment when it is spoken quietly.


JBL Boost TV Compact TV Speaker – conclusion

The idea behind the JBL Boost TV was beautiful. The speaker comes complete with an optical and an audio cable and a remote control and can effortlessly be connected to all kinds of sources where audio comes out. Whether it is a television, dedicated music player or Bluetooth connected device, that makes little difference for the Boost TV. However, the sound quality leaves a lot to be desired: the bass is not low, the high tones do not come out well and the surround sound makes what you listen to uncomfortable.

Now, in our opinion, virtual surround sound is never the best option to choose (especially if it comes from a single source), but if you are looking for that, then there are better alternatives on the market. They may be slightly more expensive, but generally also bring a better sound. If you are interested in a soundbar at all, then you better put a little more money for it. The JBL Boost TV is not worth its two hundred euros in any case – in spite of the promise of the beautiful idea.


  • No nice design
  • Sound quality is meager
  • Fors to the price


  • Easy to install
  • Connect multiple sources at the same time
  • Included remote control