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Review: iRobot Roomba j7+robot vacuum cleaner

The Roomba j7+ from iRobot is a smart vacuum cleaner that has a container that empties the device after cleaning.

The iRobot Roomba j7+ is a robot vacuum cleaner that is equipped with the Clean Base. This is a charging platform that also contains a bag for the dirt. After vacuuming, that colossus vacuums the robot empty, so that it is completely ready for the next vacuum cleaning. This way, as a user, you know for sure that the Roomba’s container is empty when it starts its next task. Otherwise, the Clean Base will notify you that the bag in the tower is full. Depending on use, you replace the bag once every sixty days. Sometimes a little more often, if the floor is really dirty.

But it’s a lot less anyway compared to robot vacuums that don’t have a separate bag for emptying the bin. Then you might do it twice a week or a few times a month. The Clean Base is pure luxury and solves an annoying problem, but does not completely eliminate it naturally. Because you’re stuck with emptying a bin or bag anyway. However, it is very nice that this only has to be done every few weeks or months. However, the question is whether you want to pay more than 250 euros more for it compared to the base model.

The Roomba s9+ comparison

The Clean Base is of course not a new concept. Manufacturer iRobot previously introduced this phenomenon with much more expensive models, before the collection bag was rolled out to cheaper variants. For example, you can use it in combination with the most expensive – and possibly best – robot vacuum cleaner of the brand, the Roomba s9+, with a suggested retail price of 1,499 euros. In addition, you will also find him at the Roomba i3+, which normally costs a little over 700 euros. The j7 has a suggested retail price of 749 euros, but with container you pay 999 euros for it, without any discounts.

In terms of price, the Roomba j7+ falls perfectly between the two other models. But not in terms of functionality. The iRobot Roomba j7+ is very similar to the much more expensive s9 model. Wouldn’t it be better to just opt ​​for the latter model? That of course depends on your requirements. For example, the j7 features PrecisionVision Navigation. The system thus detects objects in the house, which it then remembers. As a result, the vacuum cleaner bumps into things less often, while cleaning takes less time over time. It takes minutes, but it makes a difference.

The s9 does not have that. But it then has access to a more ingenious design, so that it can handle corners very well. The j7 sometimes has trouble with that, due to its round design. Sometimes he no longer knows which way to go and sometimes skips a small corner. In addition, the s9 has much better suction, up to four times better. That number doesn’t say much, but the s9 is very good on carpets and rugs, for example. The j7 can handle that and keeps them clean, but the more expensive variant just sucks up more.

In addition, the Roomba s9 is a lot faster with cleaning, because of the wider brushes at the bottom of the device. It picks up more dirt much faster, so that it doesn’t have to make so many laps. Not that the j7 does an unnecessary or bad job. Because the Roomba j7+ works very precisely thanks to the smart card system of the device. It makes beautiful, straight lines when there is room for it, does not go over the same piece twice and neatly follows the line of a cupboard or wall. In addition, at 8.7 cm, it is low enough to go under cupboards or benches.

Roomba j7+ is very similar to s9+

The iRobot Rooma j7+ is smart thanks to the base that the manufacturer regularly updates: iRobot Genius. Genius 3.0 was released at the end of 2021 and version 4.0 was released at the time of review. The various updates bring various possibilities with them. Interesting are, for example, the Smart Map Coaching and Room Name Suggestions. During installation, the robot helps (new) users with setting up the map of the house. He does a test run and then maps the house. You can then define those rooms and give them a (proposed) name.

With the Clean While I’m Away option, the Roomba j7 will start working automatically the moment you leave the house. If you are back sooner than expected, the robot will automatically stop with the current task. That way you won’t be bothered by the device for a moment. You must always have your location services activated for this, otherwise the function will not work. In addition, iRobot will give you a new vacuum cleaner if the colossus accidentally takes pet poop – one of the showpieces of the smart system is that it can get around such things.

This also applies to other objects in the house. Cables are no longer a problem: the Roomba j7+ recognizes those things and does everything it can to avoid them. The same goes for towels and other items of clothing, as well as shoes, socks and other things that may still be on the floor. So you don’t have to clean up as much before the Roomba can perform its cleaning tasks. A nice idea, because few things go wrong that way. But it’s better to just leave the floor as empty as possible. Because then you know for sure that the Roomba can do its job well.

You can also use the app to ensure that pets or children do not accidentally press the start button. This way no fingers or tails end up under the vacuum cleaner and as an owner, parent or carer you don’t have to worry about anything. The control then switches completely to the app or the schedule that you have set. Finally, there is another interesting feature: you can assign Roomba specific cleaning tasks for the rooms in the house. This way you can give the hallway an extra clean, since there are often shoes there. In short: plenty of options.

Clear app

All these options are presented in a very user-friendly and well-arranged application. Of course you first have to create an account, but after that you can immediately start with the installation. The app takes you through all the important steps, so that installation is also over in no time. You place the Clean Base in an easily accessible place, put the vacuum cleaner down and then turn it on. Then you indicate within the app that you want to install a new vacuum cleaner and from that point on it all goes almost automatically.

Once installed, the Roomba j7 is of course ready to use. Within the app you can immediately start a new task or view the smart card, if you have had it created. You will also see an overview of recently performed tasks and the time that the Roomba spent on them. You can easily set favorite tasks, so that you can quickly take the kitchen with you after cooking or the dining room after dinner, for example. You can also easily set a schedule that the robot adheres to and you can set when you want to receive which notifications exactly.

Are there no disadvantages at all to using the Roomba j7+? They are there, but they are minor drawbacks. For example, the Clean Base really makes a buzzing noise, because the collection bag hangs above the robot. In addition, the robot does not always vacuum everything from a deep-pile carpet and the device leaves clear traces. It won’t break the rug, but those straight lines look a little silly. In addition, the vacuum cleaner does not handle corners very well and is not low enough for every cupboard or sofa in the house.

Not all drawbacks are important for all users. Not everyone has a (shaggy) carpet and not everyone has a gigantic house. The maximum user time of approximately one and a half hours will be enough for many households. But if you have a large home, the system may have to charge in between. In addition, you have to buy new cleaning bags a few times a year. Again, these are not major drawbacks, but more things to consider when choosing the still expensive Roomba j7+.

iRobot Roomba j7+

iRobot Roomba j7+ conclusion

At the bottom of the line, we are very positive about the Roomba j7+. Compared to the s9, you get a vacuum cleaner for 500 euros less that has almost as many smart tricks. Admittedly, the suction power is less powerful and corners are sometimes skipped, but that doesn’t have to be a big problem. The many smart functions generally ensure that Roomba leaves your floors free of dust and dirt, at times that suit you best. Whether you work with schedules or just want to clean specific rooms at specific times.

Pros of iRobot Roomba j7+

  • Lots of smart features
  • Accurate and precise
  • Specific assignments per room
  • Clean Base
  • Avoid poop and obstacles on the ground
Negatives of iRobot Roomba j7+

  • Price
  • Clean Base makes a lot of noise
  • Sometimes skips corners
  • Leaves streaks on rugs
  • Less suitable for rugs