Review: Immortals: Fenyx Rising – A New God – A very neat number

Review: Immortals: Fenyx Rising - A New God is a great expansion for Immortals, which adds about 10 hours of extra gameplay. A very neat number

Review: Immortals: Fenyx Rising – A New God – In early December 2020, Ubisoft released a completely new game: Immortals: Fenyx Rising. An adventure that didn’t take itself too seriously and was set in the land of the Greek gods. With a good variation in the gameplay, the necessary humor and beautiful visual style, Ubisoft managed to enchant us. Three major expansions were already promised before the release and the first has now been released. We enjoyed diving into this new chapter and in this special we will tell you more about it.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising – A New God– BIO

Release date 12/March/2020
Genre Adventure
Developers Ubisoft
Platforms  Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One

The next step for Fenyx

If you haven’t played or finished Immortals: Fenyx Rising yet, we recommend that you skip this first paragraph because of some spoilers . The adventure takes place right after the storyline of the game, where Fenyx faces Zeus to earn a place with the gods in the Pantheon. She (in our case) more than deserved this, considering she saved the land from the gods in the regular game, but as you may well know, the gods are tough and stubborn. The proof that Fenyx provided is not enough and so she faces a new set of challenges and that’s where you take back control.

In an all-new area, you will be tasked with completing various so-called ‘Trials’ assigned to you by the well-known gods from the original game. At first it seems like you have to go through two or three trials, but soon A New God turns out to be of a larger size. You also have an introductory trial to see if you are even suitable to take on the challenge. A bit open door, because that is Fenyx of course, but all together this means that you have to take on quite a few challenges if you want to complete everything.

Similar to the safes

Ubisoft takes the vault concept from the regular game into this expansion. Where the so-called vaults – which are in fact puzzle and sometimes combat dungeons – could still be found here and there in the world, they are now presented everywhere in the new environment and you can participate in that. The goal, of course, is to play every vault under the title trial now and prove yourself to the god in question who presents them to you. Along the way you can take side paths here and there to open extra chests, which will give you new gear and other materials.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising - A New God

In other words: it is all very recognizable, because it feels like an extension of the safes that we have already played. But to prevent it from repeating, the developer has added the necessary new elements that provide the fresh variety within the whole. It is primarily about platforms and solving puzzles. That means moving balls, dragging boxes and putting them on switches, reproducing certain order of pressure tiles, and so on.

Additional elements, however, are that when moving boxes you will have to take into account the conducting of electricity, so that you can open a door, for example. You also have to deal with parts where you have to fly, where it is important to shoot switches or remove objects while flying, so that a passage is created. You will also play with magnets and there will even be Portal-like puzzles, so that the trials really feel like an added value. An important point, because in the end it is of course simply more of the same, but fortunately with enough elements to keep it interesting.

Immortals: Fenyx Rising - A New God

Extra options

During the adventure in this expansion, you will also have to deal with additional possibilities, as the Fenyx skill set is being expanded. In order not to reveal too much, we will only name one to give you an idea: at some point you will be given the opportunity in the original game to place a brick copy of yourself. This for example on switches, which comes in handy in puzzles. This is still possible, but now an additional option allows you to switch between your real shape and your stone equivalent. So you can jump from one place to the next in a very easy way, which of course involves puzzle elements.

There are more extra skills for Fenyx and that adds an extra layer to the already solid gameplay, making it an entertaining whole. However, it was noticeable that the combat has been moved reasonably into the background. It primarily comes down to puzzling and platforming, where you have to fight every now and then. Where in the regular game it still had a reasonably fifty-fifty balance, it is now significantly more. For combat enthusiasts, a step back, platform and puzzle enthusiasts, on the other hand, are served at their beck and call. Because if you really appreciated the safes from the original, then you can have fun now!

Immortals: Fenyx Rising - A New God

 Immortals: Fenyx Rising – A new God- Conclusion

A New God is a great expansion for Immortals: Fenyx Rising, which adds about 10 hours of extra gameplay. A very neat number, which mainly focuses on puzzles and platforms. Those aspects were already perfectly fine in the regular game and Ubisoft has now expanded that further with new elements to keep it interesting enough. That makes the expansion a great addition to what is already there and what it completes is a truly beautiful environment. It is dreamy, colorful and stylishly designed, where the designers actually know how to surpass themselves. Combined with a great soundtrack and good voice acting, we can recommend A New God to players of Immortals: Fenyx Rising.