Review: Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC – D/A converter

Review: The Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC stands out as an unconventional contender. Its focus on reduction......

Exploring the Nuances of Digital-to-Analog Conversion

The realm of digital-to-analog converters (DACs) is far from straightforward, despite the binary nature of digital technology. While “zero” and “one” might form the bedrock of digital systems, the complexity emerges from the transition to an analog world. The challenge arises from the fact that computers process digital data through a mathematical model, yet our reality is analog. This prompts us to contemplate how DACs, at their core analog circuits, adeptly handle the dichotomy of “zeros and ones.” Each DAC manufacturer crafts a distinct philosophy, and Ideon Audio, hailing from Greece, is a notable player in this field.

Enter the Ayazi mk2 DAC, an entry-level offering from Ideon Audio, renowned for their presence in higher-priced brackets. Notably, the Ideon Audio ION+ DAC/preamplifier, a remarkable €18,400 piece, sits on the higher end of their offerings. Comparatively, the Ayazi mk2 DAC’s pricing seems meager, revealing a stark contrast in features and technology.

Physical Design and Features

The Ayazi mk2 DAC boasts an aluminum front panel available in silver or black, wrapped in robust sheet steel plates. While it lacks the extravagance of its pricier counterparts, the housing is surprisingly substantial, weighing over seven kilograms. The minimalist front panel is adorned with two toggle switches and corresponding LEDs—one for power and the other for selecting input (USB or S/PDIF).

The back panel mirrors the uncluttered design, offering power connections, USB-B input, and a single RCA socket for S/PDIF connection. Notably absent are commonly found options like Toslink, AES/EBU, HDMI, and I²S. Strikingly, there’s also no provision for balanced outputs, a feature often present even in less expensive models.

Internal Configuration

The internal architecture of the Ayazi mk2 DAC unveils a deliberate strategy. Despite its seemingly understated approach, the DAC’s design exudes professionalism. It employs a single, oversized transformer instead of the more common separate transformers for analog and digital circuits. This unconventional choice aligns with the absence of a dedicated analog output stage, eliminating the need for a separate power supply.

A defining choice is the utilization of the ESS ES9023 DAC chip, deemed an entry-level solution. However, its integration is strategic. The ES9023 incorporates an integrated output stage, obviating the need for additional analog circuitry. This yields a more direct signal path, preserving dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio.

Ideon Audio’s commitment to quality is evidenced in its utilization of the CCHD-957 oscillators from Crystek, ensuring a stable clock signal. The USB input incorporates a circuit to mitigate electrostatic interference. It’s important to note that the Ayazi DAC processes USB data exclusively in PCM format up to 32 bit/384 kHz, omitting DSD capabilities.

Sound Performance and Listening Experience

Transitioning to the auditory realm, the Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC carves a distinct path. Notably, it doesn’t seem to add anything to the music, instead faithfully transmitting the recording’s essence. The DAC shines in its precision and resolution, projecting a neutral tonal character. Its focus on delivering micro-details is commendable, fostering immersion and depth in the music.

The Ayazi DAC excels in creating a rich and fluid soundstage. It conveys the essence of space naturally, enabling a seamless connection to the performance. It possesses a remarkable ability to present intricate details and nuanced timbres, enriching the musical experience.

Bass differentiation is a strong point, exhibiting precision and transient response. Midrange performance rivals top-tier DACs, offering speed, openness, and transparency. While leaning slightly towards brightness, the DAC maintains coherency.

The highs are a standout, characterized by their natural extension from the midrange. There’s a distinct lack of emphasis or restraint, resulting in a coherent and organic presentation.

Delving Deeper into the Sound Test: Unveiling the Auditory Experience

Embarking on a sound test of the Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC unveils a realm where subtleties and nuances of music come to life. This meticulous examination extends beyond the superficial layers to reveal the DAC’s ability to shape the intricacies of sound reproduction, impact on various musical genres, and its capacity to engage the listener on a profound level.

Preserving the Analog Essence

The journey into the world of Ayazi’s auditory prowess commences with the recognition that despite the binary underpinnings of digital technology, the transition to the analog world is where the magic happens. The Ayazi DAC embraces this transitional challenge, converting digital data into an analog soundscape that mirrors the natural world of audio.

Tonality and Neutrality

An initial observation is the Ayazi DAC’s adherence to neutrality in tonality. This neutrality allows the DAC to serve as an unadulterated conduit for the artist’s intended sound. Without introducing coloration or artificial enhancements, the Ayazi delivers music in its purest form, making it a versatile companion across various genres.

Microscopic Details and Musical Nuances

Where the Ayazi truly shines is in its adept handling of micro-details. It reveals the intricacies that often go unnoticed—a pluck of a guitar string, a subtle breath in a vocal performance, or the resonance of a piano key. This meticulous attention to detail injects a new layer of engagement for the listener, immersing them in the intimate world of the artist’s performance.

Spatial Dynamics and Imaging

The Ayazi DAC has the remarkable ability to craft a three-dimensional sonic landscape. Each instrument and vocal occupies a specific space within the soundstage, fostering a sense of realism and spatial accuracy. Listening to symphonies, live recordings, or intimate acoustic performances becomes an auditory adventure, with elements expertly positioned in a virtual stage.

Bass Resonance and Definition

The Ayazi’s bass performance is noteworthy for its ability to resonate with impact and precision. It reproduces the deep rumble of a bass drum, the pulsating rhythm of electronic beats, and the intricate textures of acoustic bass lines with aplomb. This bass definition extends to the timbre and attack of each note, adding a layer of tactile realism to the listening experience.

Vocal Intimacy and Emotion

For vocal enthusiasts, the Ayazi DAC’s prowess is evident in its portrayal of vocal performances. Whether it’s the raw emotion of a soulful ballad, the power of an opera singer’s aria, or the subtlety of whispered lyrics, the DAC encapsulates the nuances of each vocal delivery. This ability to capture vocal timbre and emotive qualities enhances the emotional resonance of the music.

High Frequencies and Transients

Ascending to the high frequencies, the Ayazi maintains its commitment to naturalness. The highs seamlessly extend from the midrange, devoid of any harshness or unnatural brightness. This cohesiveness ensures that the auditory journey is smooth, devoid of any abrupt transitions, and remains faithful to the artist’s intent.

Cohesion and Musical Flow

A distinctive attribute of the Ayazi DAC is its capacity to weave a seamless thread throughout the musical tapestry. It imparts a sense of cohesion and continuity to tracks, ensuring that the music flows naturally and effortlessly. This attribute is particularly notable during complex compositions where multiple instruments interact intricately.

Emotional Resonance and Immersion

The cumulative result of the Ayazi’s meticulous handling of sound is its ability to elicit emotional resonance and immersion. Listeners often find themselves lost in the music, enveloped in the sonic world created by the DAC. It taps into the emotional core of each piece, stirring sentiments and forging connections between the listener and the artist’s expression.

Final Verdict on the Ayazi mk2 DAC

In the realm of sound testing, the Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC stands as a testament to the art of audio reproduction. It excels not by adding embellishments but by capturing and transmitting the intrinsic essence of music. Its neutrality, attention to detail, spatial accuracy, and emotional engagement elevate the listening experience to profound heights. With the Ayazi DAC, music becomes more than sound—it transforms into a deeply personal and transformative journey. Whether you’re a classical connoisseur, a rock enthusiast, or an electronic music aficionado, the Ayazi proves its mettle by delivering music in its truest form.


The Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC stands out as an unconventional contender. Its focus on reduction—both in features and in sound manipulation—sets it apart. Rather than imposing a character, it remains transparent, letting the music’s true nature shine through. The DAC excels in conveying the intricacies of micro-details and spatial dynamics. While lacking extensive features, it offers a pure and unadulterated listening experience.

In essence, the Ayazi mk2 DAC doesn’t seek to impress through frills, but rather through its dedication to delivering the true essence of the music. For those who prioritize sound integrity and can forgo elaborate features, this DAC emerges as a worthy recommendation. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking an exceptional-sounding DAC that prioritizes musical authenticity.

The Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC…

  • Sounds tonally neutral – and yet different from many other neutral playing devices.
  • Offers very high resolution and fine dynamic differentiation. From the first impression, it seems a bit softer than some other devices, which sound snappier when you listen to them quickly but often also sound a little coarser. The Ayazi counters this with a wealth of musical information that immerses you deeply in the music.
  • The bass plays deep and controlled but still swinging. No emphasis can be made out.
  • Reproduces the mids open, relaxed, and airy. Together with the impressive resolution power, this appears very transparent and natural. He offers an inspiring musical flow – not to say that he softens the music, but that he connects rather than dissects the many details he brings to the ear.
  • Has a clean, clear, high tone that contains no aggressiveness. In principle, things are resolved here, but I don’t want to talk about “silky” or “radiant.” The Ayazi skillfully positions itself in the middle and, above all, sounds very natural.
  • Can best be characterized by the attributes of naturalness, flow, and joy of playing. These features make it stand out from many competitors. It sounds wonderfully natural and lets music happen without introducing any of its characteristics. It’s hard to say more praise for a hi-fi component.
  • Is reduced to a minimum of connections and functions. Almost every other DAC in this price range offers more.
  • has a somewhat rustic, but cleanly made, heavy and solid case.


  • Model: Ideon Audio Ayazi mk2 DAC
  • Category: D/A converter
  • Price: 3,500 euros
  • Inputs: 1 x USB-B, 1 x S/PDIF (Cinch)
  • Outputs: 1 x line level (Cinch)
  • Compatibility: PCM up to 32 bit/384kHz, no DSD
  • Dimensions & weight: 290 x 170 x 80 mm (WxDxH), 7 kg
  • Colors: Front silver or black with black body
  • Warranty: 2 years, 7 years with registration with the manufacturer, lifetime warranty available upon request for a fee