Review: Hama Passion Voyage Over-Ear Headphones

Review: Hama "Passion Voyage" Bluetooth® Headphones, Over-Ear, ANC, Wireless Charging- Explore the Hama Passion Voyage headphones, offering exceptional sound, active noise cancellation, user-friendly controls, and more. Discover if they suit you.

Introducing the Hama Passion Voyage, a cutting-edge over-ear Bluetooth headphone that redefines your travel and music experiences. With its active noise canceling capabilities, wireless charging convenience, and intuitive touch controls, this flagship offering from Hama promises to be your ultimate travel companion. In this comprehensive review, we embark on a journey through its unboxing experience, delve into its design and build quality, explore its user-friendly controls, and test its impressive battery life and sound performance. Join us as we uncover whether the Passion Voyage lives up to its promise of delivering a memorable audio adventure.


Design (Colour, Pattern, Motif, Series)

Product DivisionHiFi, TV & Home Cinema
Shade of colourBlack

Connectivity (Connection)


Electrospecific Properties

Bluetooth ClassClass 2
Bluetooth Version5.0
Frequency Band2402-2480MHz
Frequency Range (Headphone)20 Hz – 20 kHz
Frequency Range (Microphone)20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance (Headphone)33 Ω
Impedance (Microphone)2.2 kΩ
Transmission distance10 m
WBCV≥ 75mV

Unboxing Experience

The Hama Passion Voyage promises to be the ultimate travel companion, boasting active noise canceling, wireless charging, and touch control. In this comprehensive review, we’ll examine whether these over-ear Bluetooth headphones from Hama deliver on their promises.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Our journey with the Passion Voyage begins with unboxing, and it’s clear that Hama has put thought into the presentation. The headphones come in an elegant, matte black box featuring design sketches of the product. A warm greeting message inside adds a personal touch. The included accessories, such as charging cables and adapters, are neatly organized.

Design and Build Quality

The Passion Voyage exudes quality craftsmanship and aesthetics. The choice of materials, particularly the padding and ear cups, is outstanding. An aluminum border separates the ear cups from the headband, where a subtle company logo is tastefully placed. The combination of materials in the headband and ear cups feels premium. The headphones weigh 310 grams, slightly more than some competitors, but the comfortable padding compensates for the weight. Adjusting the headband ensures a comfortable fit.

Design and Build Quality

The Hama Passion Voyage headphones leave a lasting impression with their exceptional design and meticulous build quality. From the moment you hold them, it’s evident that Hama has prioritized aesthetics and durability.

The choice of materials is a standout feature. The padding and ear cups, crafted with precision, offer a luxurious tactile experience. These materials not only contribute to the headphones’ aesthetic appeal but also ensure comfort during prolonged use. An elegant touch is the subtle aluminum border that gracefully separates the ear cups from the headband, adding a touch of sophistication to the design.

The headband itself is a testament to thoughtful engineering. Hama employs an aluminum ring in its construction, ensuring both sturdiness and a polished appearance. The company logo, discreetly etched onto the headband, provides brand recognition without being obtrusive.

Weight-wise, the Passion Voyage tips the scales at 310 grams, slightly heavier than some of its competitors. However, the headphones more than compensate for this with their plush, balanced padding. This design element not only aids in providing a comfortable fit but also disperses the weight effectively, making it easy to wear for extended periods without discomfort.

The adjustability of the headband ensures a personalized and snug fit for different head shapes and sizes. Initially, the contact pressure of the headphones may feel firm, but a slight adjustment and stretching of the headband will allow you to find the perfect fit, enhancing long-term comfort.

In summary, the Hama Passion Voyage’s design and build quality are a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. The choice of premium materials, elegant aluminum accents, and a comfortable fit make these headphones a pleasure to use and a stylish accessory for your audio journeys.

User-Friendly Controls

The Hama Passion Voyage headphones are designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering an intuitive control system that enhances the overall audio experience. Located on the right ear cup, these controls are well thought out and easy to use. With just three physical buttons, the interface remains uncluttered and manageable.

The power button, adorned with the classic one-zero symbol, serves as the on/off switch for the headphones. Holding it down for three seconds activates the headphones, accompanied by a pleasant English voice guide that informs you of their status. This voice guide also assists in the Bluetooth pairing process, ensuring a hassle-free connection. Furthermore, a button dedicated to voice assistants, such as Siri or Google Assistant, is available for hands-free assistance, adding convenience to your daily tasks.

What sets the control system apart is its user feedback. Whenever a button is selected, a voice message provides clear and concise information about the current mode of action. This auditory guidance ensures that users are always informed and in control, contributing to the headphones’ user-friendly nature. Additionally, the combination of physical buttons and touch controls on the right ear cup allows for precise volume adjustment and track selection, making it easy to navigate your music without fumbling for your device. In essence, the user-friendly controls of the Passion Voyage headphones streamline the user experience and contribute to their appeal as a top-notch audio companion.

Impressive Battery Life and Charging Options

The Hama Passion Voyage headphones offer exceptional audio quality and boast an impressive battery life and versatile charging options, ensuring they stay powered throughout your adventures. With a fully charged Li-polymer battery, these headphones provide up to 20 hours of music playback or 18 hours of talk time, making them ideal for long journeys and extended use. Practically, this means you can enjoy your favorite music or podcasts throughout a cross-country flight or multiple commutes without worrying about recharging.

Charging the Passion Voyage is a breeze, thanks to multiple options. For those who prefer traditional wired charging, the headphones feature a USB-C port, allowing a quick recharge in approximately 2 hours. Alternatively, the headphones support wireless induction charging for those who appreciate modern conveniences. This “state-of-the-art” feature lets you recharge the headphones without any cords, offering added convenience. The choice of charging options ensures that you can easily replenish the battery, keeping your audio journey uninterrupted. The headphones’ 20-hour music playback time and the availability of wireless charging make them well-suited for travelers who value both functionality and convenience in their audio accessories.


The Hama Passion Voyage headphones offer a comprehensive range of functions that enhance the listening experience, making them a versatile and reliable audio companion for various scenarios.

1. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): One of the standout features of the Passion Voyage is its effective Active Noise Cancellation technology. With the comfortable fit of the ear cups, which passively block out some external noise, combined with ANC, the headphones minimize unwanted background sounds. This feature is especially valuable during travel, immersing you in your music or audio content, and creating a serene listening environment.

2. Transparency Mode: For times when you need to stay aware of your surroundings, the headphones provide a Transparency Mode. This mode allows external sounds to pass through, ensuring you remain vigilant while enjoying your music. Whether in a busy airport or walking through a bustling city, this function provides flexibility in adapting to your environment.

3. Touch Controls: The Passion Voyage headphones employ an intuitive touch control system on the right ear cup. By swiping forward or backward, you can easily adjust the volume with precise swipes and skip tracks. This touch interface adds a modern and user-friendly element to the headphones, ensuring you can navigate your audio content without removing your device from your pocket.

4. Voice Assistant Support: The headphones feature a dedicated button for activating voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. This hands-free functionality allows you to make requests, send messages, or perform various tasks without reaching for your smartphone, enhancing convenience during your daily activities.

5. Battery Life: With an impressive battery life of up to 20 hours of music playback or 18 hours of talk time on a single charge, the Passion Voyage ensures you can enjoy uninterrupted audio throughout your day or during long trips. The choice between traditional wired USB-C charging and wireless induction charging provides flexibility in recharging the headphones.

6. Sound Quality: The headphones are designed to deliver high-quality sound, focusing on detailed and balanced audio reproduction. Whether you’re listening to bass-heavy tracks or intricate guitar melodies, the Passion Voyage performs admirably, especially in the mid and high-frequency ranges.

7. Comfortable Fit: The headphones prioritize comfort with their well-padded ear cups and adjustable headband, allowing extended listening sessions without discomfort. The thoughtful design ensures the headphones remain comfortable during long flights or commutes.

In conclusion, the Hama Passion Voyage headphones offer many functions that cater to both audio enthusiasts and practical users alike. From ANC and Transparency Mode for noise control to touch controls and voice assistant support for convenience, these headphones provide a versatile and enjoyable listening experience, making them an excellent choice for those seeking feature-rich and comfortable audio companions.

Musical Performance

Putting the headphones to the test with various music genres delivers detailed and balanced sound. The Passion Voyage performs admirably from Daft Punk’s bass-heavy tracks to Mark Knopfler’s intricate guitar melodies. The headphones shine particularly in reproducing medium and high tones. Even when faced with Pink Floyd’s club remix, the headphones handle a wide range of frequencies effortlessly.

Elaborating on Sound Quality and Sound Test

The Hama Passion Voyage headphones deliver an exceptional sound quality that enriches the listening experience across various music genres and audio content. The headphones are designed to reproduce audio precisely, offering a well-rounded and immersive soundstage.

Balanced Sound Profile: One of the key attributes of the Passion Voyage headphones is their ability to provide a balanced sound profile. Whether you enjoy bass-heavy tracks or intricate acoustic melodies, the headphones maintain clarity and accuracy across the entire frequency spectrum. This balance allows for an enjoyable listening experience, where another overshadows no aspect of the music.

Detailed Sound Reproduction: The headphones excel in capturing the nuances and subtleties of music. Every detail is faithfully reproduced, from the delicate plucking of guitar strings to the nuanced vocal expressions. This attention to detail ensures you can fully appreciate the intricacies of your favorite tracks, whether acoustic ballads or complex orchestral compositions.

Mid and High Tones: The Passion Voyage headphones particularly shine in reproducing mid and high-frequency tones. Vocals are rendered with a clarity that brings out the emotional depth of the singer’s voice. Instruments in this range, such as guitars and pianos, are rich and resonate with authenticity. The headphones highlight the mid and high-frequency elements of music, making them an excellent choice for those who appreciate vocal-centric or instrumental tracks.

Bass Response: While the headphones perform admirably across all frequencies, it’s worth noting that the bass response can be further optimized with a bit of manual adjustment. Increasing the volume slightly may be necessary to fully enjoy the depth of bass-heavy tracks. Once adjusted, the bass becomes impactful and complements the overall audio experience.

Sound Test: To test the Passion Voyage’s sound quality, various genres and tracks were selected. The headphones showcased their versatility from Daft Punk’s “Doin’ It Right” to Mark Knopfler’s melodic guitar compositions. Even Pink Floyd’s club remix of “Another Brick In The Wall” was effortlessly handled, demonstrating the headphones’ capacity to handle diverse musical styles. Each track resonated with clarity and detail, capturing the essence of the music.

In conclusion, the Hama Passion Voyage headphones offer an impressive sound quality characterized by a balanced sound profile, detailed audio reproduction, and a particular strength in mid and high-frequency tones. While the bass response may require slight adjustment for some tracks, the headphones deliver an immersive and enjoyable listening experience across a wide range of music genres. Whether you’re an audiophile or a casual listener, the sound quality of the Passion Voyage is sure to enhance your music and audio content enjoyment.


In conclusion, the Hama Passion Voyage provides a comprehensive package with touch controls, wireless charging, active noise cancellation, and a sleek design. While it lacks a dedicated app for sound customization, the factory sound tuning ensures an enjoyable listening experience. The comfort of the headphones, despite their weight, allows for extended use. If you’re searching for feature-rich headphones with excellent technology and an attractive price point, the Hama Passion Voyage is an excellent choice for your audio adventures.

To determine whether to buy a product, it’s essential to consider its advantages and disadvantages. Here are five advantages and five disadvantages to help you make an informed decision:

Advantages of Buying the Product:

  1. Enhanced Audio Experience: The product promises exceptional sound quality and immersive listening experiences, making it ideal for music enthusiasts and audiophiles.
  2. Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): The product features effective ANC technology, allowing you to block out external noise and enjoy your audio content in peace, which is particularly valuable during travel or in noisy environments.
  3. User-Friendly Controls: The intuitive touch controls and voice assistant support make operating the product easy and convenient, enhancing the overall user experience.
  4. Impressive Battery Life: With up to 20 hours of music playback and versatile charging options, the product ensures that you can enjoy long-lasting audio without frequent recharging.
  5. Comfortable Design: The headphones are designed for extended wear, with well-padded ear cups and an adjustable headband that provide comfort during prolonged listening sessions.

Disadvantages of Buying the Product:

  1. Price: The product may be relatively expensive, potentially putting it out of reach for budget-conscious buyers.
  2. Weight: At 310 grams, the headphones are slightly heavier than some competitors, which might be less suitable for users who prioritize lightweight options for portability.
  3. Bass Adjustment: Some users may find that bass-heavy tracks require manual adjustment to fully appreciate the depth of the bass, which can be a minor inconvenience.
  4. Lack of Customization: The absence of an equalizer function or a dedicated app for sound customization limits the ability to fine-tune audio settings to personal preferences.
  5. Not Ideal for Everyone: While the product offers numerous features, it may not suit users with specific audio needs or prefer a simpler headphone design without ANC or touch controls.

Ultimately, deciding to buy or not buy the product depends on your preferences, priorities, and budget. Carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages against your requirements to determine whether this product aligns with your audio and lifestyle needs.

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