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Review: Godfall – Great intense combat with little depth

Review: Godfall -  It offers a great combat system that provides intense combat. On the other hand, the game becomes more repetitive the longer you play.
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Godfall – After Sony announced that the PlayStation 5 was coming, we had to wait for the official announcement of the first game for this new console. It is normally the case that this is a first-party title, but it was not this time. Godfall was announced for PS5, a third-party game, at The Game Awards in 2019. This is not the only unique thing about this game, as this is a title that introduces a whole new genre. Looter shooters are a well-known commodity today, but Godfall gives this a twist: a looter slasher.

No button bashing

The new genre of looter slasher suggests that this is a simple hack ‘n slasher. If you approach the game like this and already ‘button bashend’ work, you will find that this does not work. Godfall is all about skills. The attacks require a certain rhythm and blocks are, just like dodge, a big part of the whole. You will have to get used to the fights initially, but your patience will certainly be rewarded. Your opponents are also not the ‘dumb’ enemies as you are used to from hack ‘n slashers. You will have to use different tactics to defeat the various enemies and that makes for intense battles. This spectacle is assisted by beautiful graphic effects. The ‘particles’ and light effects fly around you when you target your enemies in a targeted manner,


To be able to fight, you have a handful of types of weapons, ranging from knives to large hammers. These differ from each other by the speed with which you can use them and also the power. Each type therefore feels different and it requires its own adjustments when you are struggling. During your adventure you will encounter these types of weapons with different properties and levels. So you are always looking for a weapon that suits you best, but is just a bit stronger than the one you already have in your possession. You can also earn your weapons and equipment, and you can unlock new armor, allowing you to create a character that suits your playstyle. The ‘loot addiction’ is also present in Godfall and that is exactly what the developer had in mind.

Little difference

Godfall is doing good business in the field of fighting and loot. However, more is needed for a good campaign. For example, it is nice to follow a story and the missions must be fun and varied. Unfortunately, Godfall falls through the basket in these areas. You play separate missions on three not too large maps and the story is used more as filler than something interesting is done with it. You’re going after a bad guy who used to be your friend and that’s all you need to know. It is unfortunate that more work has not been done on this. The missions you get to play are also not much better. It is mainly going from A to B while looking for treasure chests for weapons and resources to make your weapons and the like stronger. Sometimes a boss is created, but it does end there a bit. So some noticeable differences in missions would certainly have been welcome.


What also doesn’t really help is that the further you go, the more the game is artificially extended. For example, you must obtain certain items to unlock a mission. To get this done you will have to replay missions you have already completed. Chances are you have already played this several times to level up your character so that you are strong enough to progress further in the story. For example, the campaign is pushed to about 15 hours, but actually there is less than 10 hours of original content available. The obligation to replay missions is not conducive to the fun. The cool fights keep the game going, but it still takes a big dent.

When you have completed the campaign, there is still endgame content, but here too it is more of the same. It doesn’t really encourage you to continue playing. Besides that, there is a kind of ‘Horde Mode’ present that offers you more and stronger enemies with each new level. Here you don’t have to explore the world to find treasures and resources, but you are almost constantly fighting and that is where the game excels. This is especially fun to play with up to three friends. You can also play the campaign with three other players and the co-op multiplayer always increases the fun, but the repetitive nature remains in effect.

Easy choice

There is also a way in which you can exert influence in terms of playing pleasure and that is that you can choose from a performance mode and a resolution mode. The former runs at 60 frames per second with a lower resolution and the second keeps the resolution at 4K, but then the frame rate is a lot lower. The difference in sharpness between the two modes is not too bad, making the performance mode the way to play the game. The high frame rate is ideal for this game, as you have to react quickly to the action. However, the frame rate is sometimes disrupted by significant hiccups, which is annoying. During combat, it is mainly a stable experience, but if you pick up loot or resources, there can be significant hiccups and stutters. That it occurs precisely here indicates a technical error, since there is nothing on the screen that requires a lot of force. Hopefully this will be fixed with a patch.


Godfall is a game with two faces. On the one hand, it offers a great combat system that provides intense combat. This makes you constantly look forward to the next brawl. You are also always looking for better weapons and equipment. On the other hand, the game becomes more repetitive the longer you play, because missions are similar and you have to replay old missions. In addition, the story represents little and mainly serves as a filling in the whole. The ‘Horde’ mode still offers some chaotic multiplayer action, but you don’t buy Godfall just for this mode. The full potential of Godfall may only be optimally utilized in the second part, because this first part shows that it is there.

Pros of Godfall

  • Fighting system is very cool
  • Quest for better loot is addictive
  • Online co-op multiplayer for increased fun
  • Nice Horde mode

Negatives of Godfall

  • The further you get, the more repetitive it gets
  • Illogical glitches in performance mode
  • Uninteresting story
  • Missions are similar

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