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Review: Eufycam 2 Smart Security Camera

Review: Eufycam 2 Smart Security Camera is a great product by camera quality. But on bigger scope, it is not the great smart product.
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Eufycam 2 Smart Security Camera: The Eufycam 2 is a smart security camera with support for various voice assistants. The package costs 349 euros: for that you get two wireless cameras and a base station. How does the 2 compare to the first Eufycam? Then we’ll find out in this review.

The Eufycam 2 cameras have a resolution of 1080p. That is 1920 by 1080 pixels. They have a field of view of almost 120 degrees, have evening vision, person and animal recognition and support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri. The cameras themselves are wireless and have a built-in battery. The manufacturer, Anker, promises that those batteries will last 365 days when you fully charge the cameras. There is also two-way audio and you can download an app for Android (5.0+) and iOS (10.2+).

Little difference with the first Eufycam

You link the cameras to the home base. You connect that base to your router or modem via an Ethernet cable. The pairing process is very easy: you download the app and it tells you how to pair the cameras. It is not much more than pressing a button and waiting a few seconds, so a child can do the laundry. The drive does not have a micro-SD card slot, but this time it has 16 GB of internal storage space. The data on the HomeBase is encrypted (WPA2, AES-256) and the images are analyzed locally.

There are few other differences compared to the first Eufycam. But the differences that exist are remarkable. For example, the Eufycam 2 has an improved Sony sensor for night vision and recently the promised Apple HomeKit Secure Video support has finally arrived . In addition, the base does not have a micro SD card slot and there is no internal battery to take over when the power is lost. And even stranger: the 2, unlike the one, no longer has facial recognition built-in.

Design of the Eufycam 2

In terms of design, the Eufycam is also very similar to the first model. At the back is an opening for a screw. The box contains two types of mounting means: a magnetic dome and a small base to hang it on. In either case, you have enough space to vary the position of the camera, so that you can record everything from a good angle. There are also four LEDs for night vision (the previous one had two) and are located at the bottom of both the speaker and the microphone.

The cameras also have a hard sire of a maximum of 90 decibels. It’s an annoying and loud noise, but that’s a big advantage in this case. If it is too loud, you can lower the volume. The system’s alarm can go off in two places: the cameras or the base station, whichever you hear earlier. There is also an ip67 certificate available. This means that you can also hang the cameras outside, because they can withstand water (and therefore our rain showers). A bright sun is also no problem.

On the back is a small, rubber lid. It has a micro USB port, which you can use to charge the cameras. If you want to charge the Eufycam 2, you can disconnect it from the wall. Fortunately, that is not terribly difficult. And besides: if it has to be done once, maybe twice a year (depending on the use of the camera), then it is not too bad. It is therefore not possible to quickly exchange the battery. You can charge the cameras via the USB port on the HomeBase or use your own power block (which is not included).

Image quality and detection

We are pleased with the general image quality of the security cameras. Colors of furniture come out beautifully, while details are clearly visible in well-lit environments. It is quite possible to distinguish between all objects in the house. Moreover, the wide viewing angle is also very welcome: with a good angle you can capture a large part of the room. The living room where the living room camera is located (see screenshots) is 27 square meters. Most of the room can now be visualized.

The evening mode also provides a sharp image in dark rooms or when it is night. Furniture, doors and more are easy to distinguish from each other. The images look sharp during the day and in the evening and have few artifacts. Only when fast movements are detected, some artifacts can arise. It is also possible to zoom in in both modes. Then it is the case with almost every camera that you compromise on quality and with the Eufycam 2 it is simply the case.

The motion detection also does its job well. When motion is detected, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone. You can then open it and get access to the video you have made. You can then choose to save it locally; you do not need a cloud service for this. That is a big advantage over other security cameras in the house. Because the system simply works without additional investment. The disadvantage here is that you have little space (up to 16 GB) and there is no battery as a backup.

In terms of motion detection, you have some customization options. For example, there are two modes that are preset. With Optimal battery life (still a unique selling point of the Eufycam 2), the maximum video length is twenty seconds. If the same object is seen again, no picture is taken. If you choose Optimal surveillance then videos are 60 seconds long and the system tries to capture every event. This is at the expense of the battery. And then you have the mode where you determine the parameters yourself.

You can also influence the motion detection by adjusting the activity zone. The Eufycam 2 will then only send a notification when there is activity within the zone. Activity outside the zone is also stored; but you will not receive a message about that. The cameras also have artificial intelligence that can recognize people and filter things like cars, pets and other things. Unfortunately, this does not always work well, but the number of notifications can be limited.

Good app layout

The Eufycam 2 has a good app layout. If you are looking for a particular institution, you will find it in no time. When you open the app, you will immediately see the cameras that you have added to the HomeBase. The base station is also in the overview. In all cases you can therefore directly access the settings of the various devices, as well as the live feeds of the cameras. When you have opened the feed, there are all kinds of functions at the bottom, such as alarm, recording and talking. In our opinion, all functions and possibilities are also in logical places.

At the bottom right you have another important button on the navigation bar. With the heading Security you can quickly adjust the system. With the option Home brand Eufycam 2 movement, videos are recorded and you receive notifications. With Absent you get the same, but if motion is detected, an alarm will also go off. With the Schedule option you do not have to think about switching the alarm on and off, but that is only useful if you are away at fixed times. You can also use geofencing for this .

While we have not encountered any issues, it is worth mentioning that Geofencing is still in beta in this case. So there may still be problems. The same is true for some smart home integrations. There is a stable link with Apple’s HomeKit , but the integrations with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are also in beta. We have run into several problems. Linking the Eufy account is still possible, but then we do not get to see the images on a smart display, such as the Nest Hub .

Eufycam 2 Smart Security Camera – Conclusion

On paper, the Eufycam 2 Smart Security Camera is a great product. But it is not exactly a product that can bear the number 2; because such a thing implies that we are dealing with a successor that improves many things. Compared to the previous model, the only real addition is support for HomeKit and within that ecosystem there are all kinds of possibilities that are of no use to people outside. So are you still looking for a great HomeKit camera? Then you can consider the Eufycam 2, because there are plenty of options available.

We have slightly less good news for other interested parties. Although the Eufycam 2 scores well on paper, delivers neat images, has a well-functioning motion detection and supports local storage, unfortunately there are few (well-functioning) smart home integrations. There is also no audio detection and we still have the small disadvantage that there is no free cloud storage. The advantage is that cloud storage is not necessary at all and that your images are processed and stored securely, locally. The great asset of this system.

Pros of Eufycam 2 Smart Security Camera

  • Batteries last a long time
  • HomeKit integration works fine
  • Local storage
  • No cloud service required

Negatives of Eufycam 2 Smart Security Camera

  • Few smart home integrations
  • No real upgrade (compared to first Eufycam)
  • No audio detection
  • Little storage



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