Review: Epson LS800 4K laser projector – A Cinematic Marvel Redefining Home Entertainment

Review: Epson LS800 4K laser projector - A Cinematic Marvel Redefining Home Entertainment- "Dive into the cutting-edge world of home entertainment with our review of the Epson LS800 short-throw projector—transforming spaces into cinemas."

Epson LS800 Short-Throw Projector: Redefining Home Cinema Excellence

In home entertainment, Epson’s LS800 short-throw projector emerges as a game-changer, promising a viewing experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional televisions. Arriving slightly later than its competitors employing the increasingly popular short-throw technology, the LS800 marks Epson’s foray into the ultra-short-throw projector arena. With a reputation for producing high-performance and affordable projectors, Epson has become a serious contender, challenging even the more high-end models favored by brands like Sony. The wait for the LS800 proves worthwhile, as it takes the crown as the most impressive short-throw projector ever tested.

Unrivaled Image Quality and Precision: The Epson LS800 introduces a new era of visual excellence, showcasing unparalleled image quality and color precision. In a head-to-head comparison with the LG HU915QW, the LS800 captivates with its nuanced and faithful color palette. While competitors may boast more vibrant colors, the LS800 delivers accurate and detailed images in flesh tones, clothing, or expansive scenic shots. The projector’s exceptional contrast elevates it above the competition, ensuring sharp images, even in the darkest scenes. As a result, the LS800 redefines the expectations for home cinema enthusiasts, setting a new standard for short-throw projectors.


Definition of the image4K Ultra HD
Image resolution3840 X 2160
Maximum screen size150
Refresh rate120Hz
Brightness Lumens4000
Contrast ratio2 500 000:1
Focus1.0 – 2.5
Lens ShiftNon
Lamp life (hours)20 000
Protection of digital contentHDCP 2.3
Wireless technologyOui
3D compatibilityNon
Connexions3 x HDMI 2.0 (1 ARC)1x optic3 x USB Type A1 x USB Type B 
Width27.4 after
Height13.4 after
Depth6.2 after
CategoryNative 4K projectors

Unrivaled Image Quality and Color Precision: A Visual Masterpiece

The Epson LS800 short-throw projector transcends the ordinary, unveiling a visual masterpiece with unparalleled image quality and color precision. When pitted against its counterpart, the LG HU915QW, the LS800 emerges as a beacon of sophistication, leaving an indelible mark on the home entertainment landscape. One of its standout features lies in its ability to present a color palette beyond mere vibrancy; it achieves a level of nuance and fidelity that redefines expectations.

Whether rendering the subtleties of flesh tones, intricacies of clothing textures, or the sweeping grandeur of expansive landscapes, the LS800’s color precision is a testament to Epson’s commitment to excellence. While the LG HU915QW may excel in showcasing more saturated colors with vibrant blues, yellows, and reds, the LS800 counters with a captivating subtlety that enhances the viewer’s immersive experience. The projector’s ability to faithfully reproduce colors extends across a spectrum, ensuring that every frame accurately represents the creator’s vision.

Moreover, the LS800’s prowess extends beyond static images to dynamic scenes, demonstrating an impressive capability to maintain clarity and vibrancy even during the most visually demanding sequences. Whether it be the intricate details of a dark, atmospheric setting or the vibrant hues of action-packed sequences akin to those found in the cinematic masterpiece “Avatar,” the LS800’s color precision remains unwavering, creating an audio-visual symphony that captivates and delights. The LS800 is not just a projector; it is a conduit to a visual realm where every shade, tone, and hue is a stroke of brilliance.

Resolution Enhancement and Sharpness: A Visual Feast of Unmatched Detail

The Epson LS800 short-throw projector elevates the home viewing experience to unprecedented levels, boasting cutting-edge resolution enhancement technology that sets it apart in visual fidelity. Utilizing the same enhancement technology found in its laser projection counterparts, the LS11000 and LS12000, the LS800 transcends the limitations of standard 1080p resolution. The result is a remarkable display of detail that approaches the crispness of accurate 4K imagery, offering viewers an immersive visual feast.

Even when fed with standard definition video sources, the LS800 showcases its prowess by delivering a sharp and detailed image that significantly minimizes video artifacts. This attention to detail is particularly noteworthy when the projector displays text or presentations. However, it may fall slightly short of the razor-sharp edge clarity some competitors offer. Nevertheless, the LS800’s commitment to preserving image sharpness remains a standout feature for video content.

The projector’s ability to enhance 1080p images to a level approaching 4K is a testament to Epson’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of visual technology. This enhancement is not a mere gimmick but a tangible improvement, allowing viewers to enjoy a level of detail and clarity that enhances the overall cinematic or multimedia experience. Whether exploring the intricacies of a film’s narrative or immersing in the fine print of a presentation, the LS800 ensures that every pixel contributes to a visual narrative of unmatched sharpness and precision. In resolution enhancement and sharpness, the Epson LS800 stands as a pioneer, providing users with a gateway to a world where clarity reigns supreme.

Brightness and Versatility: Illuminating Every Visual Realm

The Epson LS800 short-throw projector emerges as a beacon of luminosity in home entertainment, boasting an impressive brightness of 4,000 lumens that redefines the viewing experience. This formidable brightness not only outshines its short-throw counterparts but also ensures exceptional image quality in various lighting conditions. In well-lit environments, the LS800 confidently navigates its way through ambient light, standing as a testament to its versatility and making it a formidable contender for any home setting.

What sets the LS800 apart is its ability to maintain outstanding image quality even in brightly lit surroundings. This makes it a versatile choice for those who seek a projector that can seamlessly transition from daytime TV viewing to cinematic nights without compromise. The projector’s capacity to reproduce vivid and detailed images, even under challenging lighting scenarios, underscores its commitment to delivering a captivating visual experience.

Cinema enthusiasts, in particular, will find solace in the LS800’s luminous prowess. Whether unraveling the mysteries of a film noir in a dimly lit room or reproducing the brilliance and depth of special effects in a blockbuster like “Avatar,” the LS800 remains undaunted, consistently delivering images with brilliance, clarity, and a level of detail that stands shoulder to shoulder with top-tier televisions. The LS800’s brightness isn’t just a feature; it’s a game-changer, offering users the freedom to create their cinematic haven without the constraints of ambient light. In the world of projectors, the Epson LS800 shines bright, promising a visual journey that transcends the ordinary.

Audio Quality and Integration: Sonic Excellence and Seamless Harmony

The Epson LS800 short-throw projector captivates the visual senses and endeavors to envelop the audience in an immersive auditory experience. Equipped with a built-in 2.1 speaker system developed in collaboration with Yamaha, the LS800 ensures that the sonic landscape harmonizes seamlessly with its visual prowess. This amalgamation of cutting-edge visual technology and audio finesse results in an audio-visual symphony that elevates the home entertainment experience to unprecedented heights.

The Yamaha-engineered 2.1 sound system embedded within the LS800 doesn’t merely serve as an accessory; it is a key player in delivering clarity, richness, and balance to the auditory narrative. Voices resonate with clarity, and the accompanying bass, courtesy of a separate woofer, adds a dimension of fullness that transcends the typical audio output of most projectors. The inclusion of Yamaha’s DSP audio unit introduces a virtual surround effect, expanding the soundstage and immersing users in a captivating auditory journey.

While the LS800’s built-in speakers offer a satisfying audio balance for keeping pace with on-screen action, the projector’s integration capabilities extend beyond mere sound production. The LS800 seamlessly integrates an Android-based user interface, offering access to many applications through the Google Play store. Despite a few notable absences, such as Netflix, the LS800 compensates by providing the flexibility to connect external streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast, broadening the range of available services.

Recognizing the preferences of discerning users, the LS800 acknowledges that true acoustic lovers may opt for additional audio enhancement. Hence, the projector accommodates external soundbars or audio-video systems for those seeking a heightened and customizable auditory experience. The Epson LS800 isn’t just a projector; it’s a harmonious convergence of cutting-edge visuals and immersive audio, creating an entertainment hub where every frame and note blends seamlessly for an unforgettable sensory experience.

Technology and Connectivity: A Nexus of Innovation

The Epson LS800 short-throw projector stands as a testament to technological prowess, seamlessly weaving innovation into the fabric of its design. At its core lies an LCD laser projection system, marking a departure from the DLP laser commonly found in competitors like Samsung and LG. This choice ensures a commendable lifespan of 20,000 hours and eliminates the notorious “rainbow” effect associated with some projection technologies, offering viewers an uninterrupted and immersive visual experience.

With a keen eye on the evolving demands of users, the LS800 integrates a host of connectivity options, making it a versatile hub for various multimedia sources. Sporting three HDMI 2.0 inputs, a USB port, and an Ethernet input, the LS800 accommodates various devices, from gaming consoles to streaming devices. This connectivity prowess extends further with compatibility for Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0, catering to the wireless preferences of modern users.

For gaming enthusiasts, the LS800 delivers on responsiveness with a commendable response time as low as 20 milliseconds, ensuring a lag-free gaming experience. Whether a high-octane hockey match or a fast-paced gaming session, the LS800 rises to the occasion, delivering sharp and blur-free images, even during rapid movements.

However, the LS800’s technological finesse isn’t confined to the hardware alone. The projector adopts a 10-bit analog video processing approach, ensuring smooth real-time images and mitigating signs of video compression. This commitment to image responsiveness is palpable, particularly during 4K and 1080p hockey broadcasts, where clarity reigns supreme and rapid movements fail to induce blurring.

In the ever-evolving home entertainment landscape, the Epson LS800 doesn’t merely keep pace; it establishes itself as a nexus of innovation. From its LCD laser projection system to its comprehensive connectivity options, the LS800 is not just a projector; it’s a technological tour de force that anticipates and meets the diverse needs of today’s multimedia enthusiasts.

Installation and Practicality: Simplifying the Home Cinema Experience

The Epson LS800 short-throw projector goes beyond redefining visual and auditory excellence; it revolutionizes installation, making home cinema a seamless and practical endeavor. Positioned at the forefront of user convenience, the LS800 demands minimal setback to display a 100-inch diagonal image, requiring only a 17.3-inch setback. For those seeking an even grander spectacle, a 120-inch image mandates a modest 20.2-inch setback. This minimalistic approach to installation sets the LS800 apart, rendering it more user-friendly than the cumbersome setup often associated with traditional projectors.

Unlike the complexities of ceiling-mounted projectors or the bulkiness of large TVs, the short-throw nature of the LS800 simplifies the installation process, allowing users to place it directly on a TV stand or shelf. The feet of the projector are adjustable, ensuring a level setup, and a manual focus adjustment further facilitates fine-tuning, guaranteeing that every inch of the projected image is sharp and well-defined.

A notable practical recommendation from Epson is to pair the LS800 with an Ambient Light Reflection (ALR) projection screen for optimal performance. ALR screens, capturing the laser beam from the projector, enhance brightness, color quality, and contrast. This practical integration ensures that the LS800 delivers an exceptional viewing experience tailored to the user’s environment.

Beyond its minimalistic footprint and simplified setup, the LS800 underscores its practicality by acknowledging the need for external audio solutions. While its built-in speakers provide a satisfying balance, the projector encourages users to augment their experience with a soundbar or an audio-video system for a more immersive audio journey, catering to the diverse preferences of home cinema enthusiasts.

The Epson LS800 is not just a projector; it’s a beacon of practicality and user-centric design. From its minimalistic installation requirements to its thoughtful recommendations for optimal performance, the LS800 transforms the home cinema experience into a user-friendly and accessible realm, allowing enthusiasts to revel in the grandeur of a cinematic spectacle without the hassles often associated with traditional setups.

Usability and Unique Features: A User-Centric Marvel

The Epson LS800 short-throw projector redefines usability, seamlessly intertwining advanced features with intuitive design, ensuring that every aspect of the user experience is exceptional. At the forefront of its usability is the simplified Android interface, presenting users with two distinct menus—one for settings and adjustments and the other for applications. This thoughtful organization streamlines navigation, offering a user-friendly experience that caters to tech enthusiasts and those seeking straightforward operation.

A distinctive feature that sets the LS800 apart is its compatibility with an extensive array of streaming services facilitated by its Android-based interface. While some competitors may fall short in offering a comprehensive range of applications, the LS800 encourages users to integrate popular streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, or Google Chromecast. This adaptability ensures that users have access to a broad spectrum of content, including major players like HBO Max and Amazon Prime, despite a few notable omissions like Netflix.

The LS800’s technology arsenal includes a 10-bit analog video processing approach, eliminating signs of video compression and delivering impeccable image responsiveness. This technological finesse becomes evident during rapid movements, such as in sports broadcasts, where blurring is non-existent, providing a visually engaging experience for users.

In the realm of connectivity, the LS800 showcases its versatility with three HDMI 2.0 inputs, a USB port, an Ethernet input, Wi-Fi 5, and Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility. This comprehensive connectivity ensures that users can effortlessly integrate their preferred devices, from gaming consoles to streaming gadgets, fostering an ecosystem where diverse multimedia sources coalesce seamlessly.

One of the LS800’s unique strengths is its ultra-short-throw capability, allowing it to project a 100-inch image from a mere 10 centimeters away from the wall. This feature maximizes brightness and simplifies installation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a cinema-like experience without the complexities associated with traditional projectors.

The Epson LS800 is a paragon of usability, embodying a thoughtful marriage of user-friendly interfaces and cutting-edge technology. Its adaptability to streaming trends, versatile connectivity options, and innovative ultra-short-throw design collectively position the LS800 as a unique and user-centric marvel in the landscape of home entertainment.

Conclusion: Elevating Home Entertainment to Unprecedented Heights

In home entertainment, the Epson LS800 short-throw projector is a pinnacle of innovation, seamlessly marrying advanced technology with user-centric design. From unparalleled image quality and color precision to its ultra-short-throw capabilities, the LS800 redefines what users can expect from a projector. It delivers a visual masterpiece and simplifies the cinematic experience, from installation to daily use. The LS800’s adaptability to diverse streaming services, comprehensive connectivity options, and thoughtful integration of user-friendly interfaces make it versatile, ensuring users can tailor their entertainment journey according to their preferences.

As a testament to Epson’s commitment to excellence, the LS800 doesn’t merely meet expectations; it exceeds them. Its minimalistic installation requirements and cutting-edge features, like its LCD laser projection system, set a new standard for home projectors. In conclusion, the Epson LS800 isn’t just a projector; it’s a technological marvel that transforms living rooms into cinematic sanctuaries, providing an immersive and user-friendly experience that will undoubtedly leave a lasting imprint on the landscape of home entertainment.

Target Audience and Suitability: Discovering Who the Epson LS800 Short-Throw Projector is Perfect For

The Epson LS800 short-throw projector is ideally suited for a diverse audience, catering to specific needs and preferences in the realm of home entertainment. This projector is particularly well-suited for:

  1. Cinema Enthusiasts: Those who crave a cinematic experience in their homes will find the LS800 an excellent choice. Its unparalleled image quality, color precision, and high brightness make it ideal for recreating the magic of the big screen.
  2. Space-Conscious Users: The ultra-short-throw capability of the LS800 is a game-changer for those with limited space. Its ability to project a large image from a short distance is perfect for users who want a cinematic experience without requiring extensive room adjustments.
  3. Streaming Aficionados: With its compatibility with streaming devices and an extensive array of applications, the LS800 caters to those who rely on streaming services for their content. While it may lack direct access to specific platforms, its flexibility in integrating popular streaming devices ensures access to a wide range of content.
  4. Gaming Enthusiasts: With a low response time of 20 milliseconds, the LS800 is well-suited for gaming, providing a lag-free and immersive gaming experience. Its vibrant display and detailed images enhance the enjoyment of video games, making it a solid choice for gamers.
  5. Tech-Savvy Users: Users who appreciate cutting-edge technology and features will find the LS800 a technological marvel. Its 10-bit analog video processing, LCD laser projection system, and comprehensive connectivity options demonstrate a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.
  6. Those Seeking Versatility: The LS800’s adaptability to various lighting conditions, its usability with different multimedia sources, and its integration with external audio systems make it a versatile choice for users who want an all-encompassing home entertainment solution.

In summary, the Epson LS800 short-throw projector suits a wide range of users, including those who prioritize cinematic experiences, have space constraints, rely on streaming services, enjoy gaming, appreciate advanced technology, or seek a versatile home entertainment solution.

Reasons to Buy/ Not Buy the Epson LS800 Short-Throw Projector:

Reasons to buy

  1. Exceptional Image Quality: The LS800 delivers unparalleled image quality with nuanced colors, impressive contrasts, and a resolution enhancement technology that approaches 4K detail, providing a visually stunning experience for cinema enthusiasts.
  2. Ultra-Short-Throw Capability: Ideal for those with space constraints, the LS800’s ultra-short-throw design allows it to project a large image from a minimal distance, simplifying installation and maximizing room versatility.
  3. High Brightness and Versatility: With 4,000 lumens, the LS800 excels in various lighting conditions, making it suitable for well-lit environments and dimly lit cinematic experiences. Its versatility accommodates a range of entertainment preferences.
  4. Low Response Time for Gaming: Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the LS800’s quiet response time of 20 milliseconds, ensuring a lag-free gaming experience with sharp and detailed visuals.
  5. Comprehensive Connectivity: The projector offers various connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth, providing flexibility for various multimedia sources and devices.
  6. Integration with Streaming Devices: While lacking direct access to specific streaming platforms, the LS800’s compatibility with popular streaming devices ensures access to a wide range of content.

Considerations for Not Buying:

  1. Limited Built-In Apps: The LS800’s Android-based interface may have a limited selection of built-in apps, and notable omissions, such as Netflix, might necessitate external streaming devices for a more comprehensive content library.
  2. Edge Sharpness for Text and Presentations: While excelling in video content, the LS800 may not match the edge sharpness of some competitors when used for text or PowerPoint-style presentations.
  3. Audio Depth: While the built-in 2.1 speaker system provides a satisfactory balance, the depth of the sound may be limited. For an immersive audio experience, users may need to consider external soundbars or audio systems.
  4. Android Interface Limitations: The simplified Android interface may lack the extensive range of applications in other smart TVs or streaming devices, potentially limiting access to certain services.

In summary, buying the Epson LS800 Short-Throw Projector hinges on specific needs and preferences. Its exceptional image quality, ultra-short-throw capability, and versatility make it a compelling choice for many users, but considerations like app availability and audio preferences may influence the decision.