Review: Econik FOUR Active Speakers: Sonic Mastery Redefined

Review: Econik FOUR active speakers redefine audio excellence with impeccable sound, versatile connectivity, and user-centric features, delivering a sophisticated auditory journey.

Embark on a journey into audio excellence with the Econik FOUR active speakers, meticulously crafted to deliver a sonic experience that defies expectations. Hailing from Eisingen near Pforzheim, Econik is making waves in loudspeaker manufacturing, merging German precision with a commitment to sustainability. These compact powerhouses boast wireless WiSA transmission, promising a seamless setup and room-filling sound quality. In this detailed review, we delve into the craftsmanship, design nuances, and unexpected sonic prowess that sets the Econik FOUR apart in the competitive world of audio technology.

Craftsmanship Unveiled: Aesthetics and Precision in Harmony

Upon unboxing the Econik FOUR, the discerning eye is immediately drawn to the high-quality housing, a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence. The magnetic front cover, meticulously designed to fit snugly over the front membrane, not only exudes elegance but reflects a thoughtful approach to practicality. As we explore the design options, including a range of color choices and customizable design rings, it becomes evident that Econik aims to provide an audio solution that seamlessly integrates into diverse aesthetic preferences. Beyond aesthetics, we navigate through the setup process, wireless connectivity features, and the innovative inclusion of a Zen microphone for acoustic calibration, uncovering the comprehensive and user-friendly design philosophy that defines the Econik FOUR experience.

Econik: Elevating Audio Excellence with German Precision and Sustainable Ingenuity

Founded in Eisingen near Pforzheim, Econik is a paragon of audio craftsmanship, seamlessly blending German engineering precision with an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Specializing in loudspeaker manufacturing, Econik has garnered acclaim for its meticulous design and dedication to using high-quality components, exemplified by the SEAS chassis from Norway and strategically sourced materials. Beyond the pursuit of sonic perfection, Econik envisions a future where the entire value chain is relocated to Germany, reflecting the brand’s long-term commitment to fostering local industry. Notably, Econik’s active speakers, such as the FOUR, represent a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and an eco-conscious ethos, setting a new standard in the audio landscape.

Technical data

Model:Econik FOUR
Device category:Active Speakers
Price:From 2,699 euros (pair)
(WiSA Hub: 300 euros)
Guarantee:5 years (electronics 2 years)
Versions:Housing: Black, white (semi-matt)

Front panels: black, fir green, white, ice blue, ivory, silk gray
Dimensions (H x W x D):330 x 170 x 240 mm
Weight:8,7 kg
Design/principle:2.5/3- Three-way, active, closed
Frequency range:34 Hz ​​– 30 kHz (manufacturer’s information)
Perfomance:3 x 150 watts (manufacturer information)
Equipment:1 x 25 mm tweeter
2 x 125 mm bass-midrange driver
Inputs:1 x XLR
– WiSA-Wireless (96 kHz/ 24 Bit)
Scope of delivery:2 x FOUR
2 x power cable
1 x quick start guide
2 x front cover (optional)
Pros+ Excellent sound
+ Various presets for different positioning (with stereo hub)
+ Room measurement (with stereo hub)
+ Excellent workmanship
+ XLR connection for passive operation

Craftsmanship and Design Excellence: Elevating Audio Aesthetics with Econik FOUR

The Econik FOUR active speakers testify to meticulous craftsmanship and design ingenuity, showcasing an unwavering commitment to form and function. Unpacking the speakers reveals a housing of impeccable quality, immediately capturing attention with its flawless construction. The magnetic front cover serves as a design element and demonstrates a thoughtful engineering approach, ensuring a secure fit that enhances aesthetics and practicality. The choice of materials and finishes is a testament to Econik’s dedication to quality, with the black satin finish accentuated by the Cape Town design ring around the tweeter, exuding a sophisticated charm. Offering an alternative in white satin matt, coupled with the freedom to combine various design rings, Econik empowers users to customize the speakers to suit diverse tastes and interiors.

Delving deeper into the design, the attention to detail is evident in the seamless integration of components. The tweeters, precisely surrounded by SONOMEX material from SEAS, contribute to the speakers’ elegant appearance and play a crucial role in delivering a detailed and nuanced audio experience. The meticulous alignment of the surround, the choice of design rings reminiscent of different wood grains, such as Toronto and Stockholm, and the deep black Tokyo all reflect a thoughtful design process to cater to a spectrum of aesthetic preferences.

Moreover, the clever inclusion of a magnetic front cover adds a practical dimension, ensuring a secure fit without compromising accessibility or ease of use. This attention to detail extends beyond aesthetics, speaking to Econik’s commitment to user experience. Whether it’s the snug fit of the cover or the overall robust construction of the housing, every element is designed to enhance the user’s interaction with the speakers.

In essence, the Econik FOUR’s craftsmanship and design excellence goes beyond surface aesthetics; they encapsulate a holistic approach that seamlessly integrates form and function, setting a benchmark for the intersection of artistry and technology in audio engineering.

Seamless Setup and Versatile Connectivity: Unleashing the Potential of Econik FOUR

The Econik FOUR active speakers redefine user convenience through a setup process that seamlessly marries simplicity with cutting-edge technology. Unpacking the speakers reveals a commitment to eco-conscious practices, as evidenced by the absence of a traditional manual, replaced by a QR code leading to online instructions. This move aligns with Econik’s sustainability ethos. Wireless WiSA transmission technology adds a layer of sophistication to the setup, eliminating the need for intricate wiring and streamlining the connection process.

The introduction of the Stereo Hub, a central component in the Econik FOUR experience, not only enhances connectivity options but also exemplifies versatility. Connecting the speakers to the hub involves a straightforward pairing process, with the press of a button initiating a seamless connection. This wireless capability extends beyond simplicity, showcasing the brand’s foresight in adapting to modern audio setups. The Stereo Hub, equipped with HDMI and analog inputs, allows playback via Bluetooth and supports popular streaming services such as Chromecast, Airplay, and Spotify.

Econik’s commitment to user-friendly design is exemplified in the setup process. The Stereo Hub, a marvel in itself, facilitates a hassle-free configuration. The pairing process is streamlined and intuitive, whether connecting to televisions from LG and Hisense or AV receivers from Denon, Marantz, and Onkyo. The hub’s compatibility extends to various devices, and its integration into Google Home allows for convenient voice-controlled music playback.

One of the standout features enhancing user experience is including a remote control that sets a new benchmark for its weight, robust metal housing, and intuitive operation. The remote control boasts precision and adds a touch of luxury with its well-defined pressure points, LED indicators, and an innovative feature that lights up upon being picked up, indicating the battery status—a level of sophistication that enhances the overall connectivity and control experience.

In essence, the Econik FOUR goes beyond being a set of speakers; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering an immersive audio experience without compromising ease of use. The setup and connectivity features reflect technological prowess and echo Econik’s dedication to making advanced audio technology accessible to a broader audience.

Remote Control Excellence: Elevating Audio Control to a New Standard with Econik FOUR

The Econik FOUR active speakers redefine the remote control experience, setting a new standard for precision, luxury, and user-friendly operation. The remote control included with the Stereo Hub, a central component in the Econik FOUR setup, stands out as a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of user interaction. Crafted with robust metal housing, the remote exudes durability and a tactile elegance that immediately distinguishes it from its conventional counterparts.

Beyond its physical attributes, the remote control’s functionality is a masterclass in intuitive design. The well-defined pressure points of the few buttons ensure a satisfying and controlled operation, making the process of adjusting volume, changing tracks, or navigating through settings a seamless and enjoyable experience. The remote control’s weight adds a luxurious feel, emphasizing its substantial build quality, while the LED indicators provide visual cues for the user, enhancing the overall user experience.

One of the standout features of the Econik FOUR’s remote control is its ability to light up immediately upon being picked up, signaling the battery status and enabling users to control the speakers from a distance without the need to aim. This innovative feature adds a practical dimension and reflects a thoughtful consideration of user convenience. The radio frequency capabilities of the remote control allow for operation out of sight, even from another room, providing a level of flexibility and ease that contributes to a truly immersive audio experience.

In summary, the Econik FOUR’s remote control transcends the conventional, offering sophisticated and enjoyable audio playback control. Its combination of durability, precision, and innovative features exemplifies Econik’s commitment to user-centric design. It adds a touch of luxury to the overall audio setup, making it a noteworthy element in the holistic audio experience provided by the Econik FOUR active speakers.

Usability and Functionality Redefined: The Econik FOUR Active Speakers Experience

The Econik FOUR active speakers are not just a marvel in sound engineering; they represent a pinnacle of usability and functionality, seamlessly blending advanced technology with user-centric design. The setup process, streamlined by the wireless WiSA transmission technology, exemplifies Econik’s commitment to providing an intuitive user experience. With an eco-conscious approach, the absence of a traditional manual in favor of a QR code directing users to online instructions is a nod to sustainability and a step towards modern convenience.

Including the Stereo Hub elevates the usability of the Econik FOUR to new heights. This central component serves as a hub for versatile connectivity and a control center for various audio sources. Its compatibility with HDMI, analog sources, Bluetooth, and popular streaming services such as Chromecast, Airplay, and Spotify offers users many options, ensuring that the Econik FOUR seamlessly integrates into diverse audio setups. The hub’s integration into Google Home and support for voice commands further enhances functionality, providing users with hands-free control over their audio experience.

The remote control accompanying the Stereo Hub emerges as a highlight of usability, boasting a design that goes beyond aesthetics. With well-defined pressure points, LED indicators, and a weight that adds a touch of luxury, the remote control is an embodiment of functional elegance. The innovative feature of automatically lighting up upon being picked up, indicating the battery status, adds a practical dimension, reflecting Econik’s attention to detail and user convenience.

An exemplary feature contributing to usability and sound optimization is the inclusion of a Zen wireless microphone for acoustic measurement. The Econik app, paired with this microphone, allows users to conduct an acoustic measurement of their listening room effortlessly. Whether using presets or conducting a personalized measurement, this calibration function fine-tunes the frequency curve, reducing room modes and enhancing overall music reproduction for a more immersive listening experience.

In essence, the usability and functionality of the Econik FOUR are not just about making advanced features accessible but also about empowering users to tailor their audio experience to their preferences. Whether through the convenience of wireless connectivity, the versatility of the Stereo Hub, the precision of the remote control, or the acoustic calibration capabilities, Econik ensures that every aspect of the user journey reflects a commitment to excellence in usability and functionality.

Revolutionary Features: Unlocking the Unique Functions of Econik FOUR Active Speakers

The Econik FOUR active speakers transcend the realm of conventional audio devices with a suite of unique functions that redefine the listening experience. At the forefront of innovation is the Stereo Hub, a central nerve center that introduces a new era of connectivity and control. Boasting compatibility with HDMI, analog sources, Bluetooth, and popular streaming services like Chromecast, Airplay, and Spotify, the hub transforms the Econik FOUR into a versatile audio powerhouse. Its integration into Google Home and support for voice commands open avenues for hands-free and intuitive control, marking a departure from traditional audio setups.

A standout feature lies in the wireless WiSA transmission technology, eliminating the need for cumbersome wiring and ensuring a seamless setup. Including a Zen wireless microphone for acoustic measurement adds a layer of sophistication, allowing users to conduct room calibration effortlessly. Whether opting for presets or conducting a personalized measurement, this feature fine-tunes the frequency curve, mitigating room modes and elevating the precision of music reproduction to unprecedented levels.

The Econik FOUR’s remote control emerges as a beacon of innovation, with its automatic illumination upon being picked up, indicating battery status. This adds a practical dimension and sets a new standard for remote control functionality. The ability to control the speakers out of sight, thanks to radio frequency capabilities, further enhances user convenience, ensuring an immersive audio experience without the constraints of physical proximity.

Econik’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its eco-friendly packaging and the absence of a traditional manual, replaced by a QR code directing users to online instructions. This forward-thinking approach aligns with environmental concerns and positions Econik as a brand that values modern convenience.

The Econik FOUR’s unique functions go beyond the expected, introducing a fusion of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly design, and sustainability. From wireless connectivity to room calibration and intuitive control, each feature contributes to an audio experience that stands at the forefront of innovation in the audio industry. The Econik FOUR is not just a set of speakers; it’s a revolution in audio technology, seamlessly integrating advanced features for an unparalleled listening journey.

Sound Quality Assessment

Unexpected Sonic Prowess

Despite its compact size, the Econik FOUR delivers a surprising sonic performance. Testing it with tracks like Coco Montoya’s “Back in a Cadillac” reveals a rich and detailed soundstage. The bass is powerful, the snare is crisp, and the instruments are finely distributed, showcasing the precision of the 25-millimeter tweeters.

Genre Versatility

Switching genres to Suzan Tedeshi’s “Back to the River,” the Econik FOUR impresses with its ability to reproduce intricate details. The guitars are precisely distributed, and the harmonious blend of dynamics and power captures the listener’s attention. The speaker’s capability to handle maximum volume without compromising clarity is commendable.

Fine-tuned Acoustics

One of the standout features is the Econik FOUR’s adaptability to room acoustics. The included Zen microphone, paired with the Econik app, allows for acoustic measurements, resulting in a finely tuned frequency curve. This reduces room modes and enhances overall music reproduction, bringing out finer details and clarity.

Conducting a Sound Test: Unveiling the Acoustic Brilliance of Econik FOUR

Embarking on a sonic journey with the Econik FOUR active speakers unveils a realm of audio excellence that defies expectations. The sound quality assessment begins with exploring the speaker’s ability to reproduce diverse musical genres with unparalleled precision and clarity.

Starting with Coco Montoya’s “Back in a Cadillac,” the Econik FOUR showcases its surprising prowess despite its compact size. The bass drum resonates with impactful pressure, while the snare cuts through the air with crisp and sharp articulation. The 25-millimeter tweeters, meticulously designed with SONOMEX surrounds from SEAS, reveal a detailed stage presence, allowing the singer to express the full spectrum of their voice. The instrument arrangement is finely staggered, creating a captivating soundstage where guitars are distinctively positioned to the left and right. The bass, tight and controlled, avoids any sense of overemphasis.

Transitioning to Suzan Tedeschi’s “Back to the River,” the Econik FOUR impresses. The intro guitar resonates with full volume and intricate detailing on the right side, setting the stage for the dynamic entrance of drums and rhythm guitar. The harmonious mixture of power and dynamics captivates, with Suzan Tedeschi’s voice gaining a genuine blues touch. Despite the speakers’ compact size, they precisely deliver every subtle detail, demonstrating outstanding coordination between the three amplifier units and the individual membranes.

In “Help Me Lose My Mind” by London Grammar, the Econik FOUR unveils its ability to handle a wide range of frequencies with finesse. The low end at the song’s beginning is not just enjoyable; it’s a visceral experience. The aggressively played closed high hat contrasts Hannah Reid’s soft and moving voice, showcasing the speakers’ capability to reproduce delicate and powerful elements. The flat synthesizer layers are distributed seamlessly, and the high metallic hiss in the chorus is a testament to the Econik FOUR’s ability to reflect the intricate details embedded in the music.

Switching to Chuck Regan’s “The Boat,” the Econik FOUR delves into the acoustic intricacies of individual guitars. The rhythm guitar paints a vivid auditory picture with its repeated clear chord plays and subsequent muted sequences. The acoustic guitars reveal a rich resonance, and the attack of each string is accentuated thanks to the stellar performance of the tweeters. Every note becomes a distinct entity, and the singer’s rough voice resonates authentically, sending shivers down the spine. The Econik FOUR’s meticulous adaptation of the three amplifier units to the individual membranes becomes evident in the clarity and authenticity with which the song is reproduced.

The Econik FOUR’s versatility is further tested with the pulsating bass of Christine and the Queens’ “Christine.” Despite the specifications indicating a cutoff at 35 Hertz, the speakers create an illusion of a full-blown loudspeaker tower, filling the room with deep, resonant bass. The room takes on unexpected depth, and the Econik FOUR proves its mettle in handling diverse musical genres.

Yello’s “Frautonium Intro” and “Limbo” provide a platform for the Econik FOUR to exhibit its full power. The intro’s deep bass and soaring highs fill the room, demonstrating the speakers’ capability to project sound in an immersive manner. Transitioning to “Limbo,” the speakers create an illusion of a much larger audio system, immersing the listener in a rich and expansive sonic landscape. While not a substitute for a full 7.1 system, the depth and breadth of the sound presentation allow for a fully immersive music experience.

The Econik FOUR’s sound quality assessment isn’t just about technical specifications; it’s a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering an audio experience that transcends expectations. Whether handling delicate acoustic nuances or unleashing powerful bass, these speakers exemplify a harmonious blend of precision, power, and clarity that elevates the listening journey to new heights.

Conclusion: A Worry-Free Audio Experience

In the realm of audio excellence, the Econik FOUR active speakers emerge as a sound system and a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and an unwavering commitment to delivering an unparalleled listening experience. The speakers’ ability to handle diverse musical genres with precision and clarity transcends expectations, showcasing a harmonious blend of power and subtlety. From the impactful resonance of bass drums to the nuanced articulation of high hats and the authenticity of vocal performances, the Econik FOUR is a sonic powerhouse that defies its compact size.

Beyond the auditory marvel, the Econik FOUR’s commitment to user-centric design and functionality sets it apart in the audio landscape. The seamless setup process, wireless connectivity options, and the innovative inclusion of a Zen wireless microphone for acoustic measurement reflect a holistic approach to user experience. The Stereo Hub’s versatility, the remote control’s sophistication, and the brand’s forward-thinking sustainability practices contribute to an audio journey that not only satisfies but elevates auditory expectations. In conclusion, the Econik FOUR is more than speakers; it’s a symphony of innovation, craftsmanship, and sonic brilliance that warrants not just attention but applause in the world of audio technology.

Reasons to Buy Econik FOUR Active Speakers:

  1. Impeccable Sound Quality: The Econik FOUR delivers a remarkable audio experience, offering precise and clear sound across diverse musical genres. The speaker’s ability to handle intricate details, powerful bass, and nuanced vocals showcase sonic excellence that surpasses expectations.
  2. Versatile Connectivity: With wireless WiSA transmission technology and a feature-rich Stereo Hub, the Econik FOUR ensures versatile connectivity options. From HDMI and analog sources to Bluetooth and popular streaming services, these speakers seamlessly integrate into various audio setups, providing flexibility for different user preferences.
  3. Innovative Design and Craftsmanship: The meticulous craftsmanship and thoughtful design of the Econik FOUR extend beyond aesthetics. Including design options, magnetic front covers, and a robust build quality enhances the speakers’ visual appeal and contributes to a durable and user-friendly product.
  4. User-Centric Features: The remote control’s excellence, automatic illumination, and radio frequency capabilities add a layer of sophistication to the user experience. Including a Zen wireless microphone for acoustic measurement and the ability to adjust sound profiles for different room setups demonstrate Econik’s commitment to user convenience and customization.
  5. Sustainability Focus: Econik’s sustainability practices, evident in eco-friendly packaging and reducing paper use with online instructions, align with the growing demand for environmentally conscious products. The brand’s long-term vision to relocate the entire value chain to Germany further underscores a commitment to sustainable practices.

Reasons Not to Buy Econik FOUR Active Speakers:

  1. Premium Price Point: The Econik FOUR, with its advanced features and high-quality components, comes with a premium price tag. This might deter budget-conscious consumers, especially when more affordable options are available.
  2. Size Limitations: While the Econik FOUR delivers impressive sound quality given its size, those seeking an even more robust, room-filling audio experience may find limitations due to the speakers’ compact form factor. Alternative systems with larger components may be more suitable for larger spaces or audiophiles desiring an extensive setup.
  3. Preference for Passive Systems: Audiophiles who prefer the flexibility of using separate amplifiers and components might find the active nature of the Econik FOUR limiting. The built-in amplifiers, while powerful and well-matched to the speakers, may not appeal to those who enjoy the customization options of a passive system.
  4. Limited Color Options: While the Econik FOUR offers some design customization with different design rings and front cover options, the overall color choices might be limited for users with specific aesthetic preferences. This could be a factor for those seeking a broader range of color options to match their decor.

In summary, the decision to buy or not buy the Econik FOUR depends on individual preferences, budget considerations, and the specific audio needs of the user. The speakers deliver a high-quality, versatile audio experience, but potential buyers should weigh these advantages against their unique requirements and budget constraints.

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