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Review: Dockin D Fine+ 2 Hi-Fi Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Review: Dockin D Fine+ 2 Hi-Fi Portable Speaker convinced us, especially the sound quality is great, although very few changes from its predecessor.
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After the original Dockin D Fine version was replaced by the D Fine + last year , a further evolutionary stage has now followed. The Dockin D Fine + 2 is now growing a bit in size, but it differs mainly through new features such as three stored sound profiles, a replaceable battery and the use of a shoulder strap. The price has also risen, we tried to clarify whether this is justified.


Awards German Award Winner – Newest Generation 2020
Power 50 Watts
Waterproof IP55
Playtime 16hrs
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.0 + aptX + AUX
Features 3 Sound Modes, Carry Function, Stereo Pairing, 9,600 mAh Powerbank, Speakerphone, Replacement for HiFi systems
Use Case Beaches / Indoor / Parties / Bedrooms / Kitchen / Bathroom
Size 310 x 103 x 103 mm
Weight 2,260 g

Dockin D Fine + 2 in the test: balanced sound with high maximum volume

With the Dockin D Fine + 2  , the successor to the powerful Bluetooth speaker comes onto the market. We had already rated the previous version Dockin D Fine +  as “very good” and the box achieved a top position in our list of the best. The newcomer does a lot better, but the differences are not big. This is particularly evident in the subjective hearing test, in which the D Fine + 2 receives exactly the same ratings as the old version. In a direct comparison with the other top models such as the JBL Xtreme 2  , the Dockin has less fullness and presence, according to our experts, and the sound also seems a bit more unnatural and less clear.

In the sound evaluation, however, the D Fine + 2 landed with a grade of 1.1 among the best four Bluetooth boxes in the test – so it’s complaining at a really high level. The sound is warm and balanced, the loudspeaker offers a relaxed listening experience. Bass and treble are represented well, the voice reproduction is possibly a bit too present, which gives the sound image little stage. Correct positioning of the D Fine + 2 is important so that the generally good surround sound comes into its own; the sound is not the same from all sides. Three sound modes can be selected for further optimization: “Balanced” is preset, the “Bass” mode increases the bass output, the “Clean” mode reduces it. The setting is a bit hidden, you have to hold down both volume buttons.

Music transfer now also from several players

The equipment of the Dockin D Fine + 2 has been improved compared to its predecessor. You can now couple several playback devices to the loudspeaker and, for example, transfer music from two smartphones. You can also switch between the sources by pressing a button. There is still no multiroom function and no hands-free function, so you cannot make calls over the loudspeaker.

As usual, two copies of the loudspeaker can be linked to form a stereo pair. The power bank function is also retained so that you can charge mobile devices on the box. An NFC interface is built-in for better coupling via Bluetooth, and the aptX codec is also supported for music transmission in better quality. Alternatively, you can use the AUX audio input via cable. The watertightness is guaranteed with protection class IP55, so at least no water jets penetrate. A shoulder strap is included in the scope of delivery, which you can attach to the loudspeaker.

Battery test: faster charging time and possibility to change

In terms of appearance, the Dockin D Fine + 2 is almost identical to its predecessor: The Bluetooth box is just under 30 centimeters wide and 10 centimeters deep and high – so a bit bulky, but perhaps still suitable for the bag. The weight is just under 2 kilograms. According to our measurements, the battery life has decreased a bit and is a little over 14 hours, the predecessor managed two hours more. That is still good, especially since the loading time has become shorter instead. The D Fine + 2 is fully charged again in a brisk 2:13 hours.

A surprising innovation is the possibility that users can replace the battery. This is not as easy as with some cordless tools with a simple plug-in connection – with the Dockin you have to unscrew a flap and then fix and wire the new battery. You also need the official replacement battery from Dockin. But still this freedom is unusual for a Bluetooth speaker and increases the life of the device. Dockin is not currently selling the replacement battery, but it should be ready soon.

Dockin D Fine + 2 – Conclusion

The Dockin D Fine + 2 convinced us, especially the sound quality is great. However, the newcomer doesn’t make big leaps compared to its equally excellent predecessor. There were hardly any differences in the sound in the listening test, which was already at a very good level. The equipment is a little better, the box was also able to improve in the mobility rating. The Dockin D Fine + 2 is one of the best models in the test. In the video you can see how to find the right Bluetooth speaker.

Positives of Dockin D Fine + 2

  • Excellent sound
  • Great equipment with aptX support
  • Fast battery charging time
  • Integrated sound profiles
  • Relatively long battery life
  • Stereo Link enhances sound performance
  • IP5X certification
  • Carrying strap included
  • Solid workmanship
  • Replaceable battery

Negatives of Dockin D Fine + 2

  • No multi-room function
  • No hands-free function
  • A little difficult

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