Review: Denon DHT-T110 Speaker Base soundbar

Denon DHT-T110 Speaker Base
The soundbars on which a TV can be placed are Base Soundbar. The model in this review is named by Denon as Speaker Base. We look at the Denon DHT-T110.
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In the past month we have looked at different soundbar home cinema systems, but since last year there has also been a new category of these types of systems; the soundbars on which a TV can be placed. However, the naming is different for each manufacturer and the model in this review is named by Denon as Speaker Base. We look at the Denon DHT-T110.

Introduction soundbar and speaker base

The soundbar, an elongated speaker that improves the audio quality of the TV, we know by now. Since 2013, however, we see a new product group appear with speakers that are deeper and on which a TV can be placed. These speakers are often equipped with a built-in woofer, for which the larger size allows space. However, the naming is difficult because we see different terms passing by; Speaker Base, Sound Base, Sound Stand, Sound Plate, etc. However, they are all based on the same principle; improve the sound quality of your TV, which you put on top of it.

Denon DHT-T110 – specifications

The Denon DHT-T110 is a very simple product on paper; after all, you have one device that you place under your TV and from which all audio comes. The Speaker Base consists of one housing that also includes the subwoofer. It is a 2-way speaker system with 2x 1/2 “tweeters and 2x oval 2” x 5 “mid / woofers chassis.

You can connect the DHT-T110 to your TV and other sources thanks to the digital coaxial, optical and analog (3.5mm) connections. Unfortunately there are no HDMI ports, something you can expect today, especially for a price of 300 euros. However, you are dependent on the connections purely for audio. But, also wireless you have options because the system has Bluetooth for streaming audio from a smartphone or tablet.

Denon-DHT-T110 connections

Furthermore, the Denon DHT-T110 is equipped with various sound modes to influence the audio output, a Dolby Digital decoder, a night mode to reduce the dynamic range so that you do not disturb the neighbors and a special learning mode so you can use the Speaker Base with the remote control, for example. to control your TV. There are several buttons on the speaker itself, including the Bluetooth option, the sound of the TV, the sound mode and the volume. These buttons also light up in a specific way, depending on the selected sound mode. The DHT-T110 is suitable for TVs with a size up to 50-inch, weighs 4.3 kilograms and has a size of 608 x 71 x 355 millimeters.

Denon DHT-T110 installation

The installation is almost impossible, because it is an all-in-one system that can be connected with one cable in principle. The TV is, for the audio, to connect with a digital audio cable and if you want to connect a Blu-ray player or a game console, this can be done via the other digital or analog connections. Again, HDMI is missing, unfortunately, something that you definitely have to take into account.


The DHT-T110 is easy to install, but take into account the dimensions of the speaker in relation to the cabinet on which your TV stands. It is also wise to take the dimensions of the foot in advance from your TV, because the eye wants something too. But, once inserted and connected, the DHT-T110 is immediately ready for use. No hassle with difficult settings, as is evident from the very simple manual and the minimal remote control.

Denon DHT-T110 – use

Not only the installation is a piece of cake, the use is also very simple and fast. The only thing you should pay attention to is pairing a Bluetooth device, for example your smartphone or tablet. The speaker is equipped with Bluetooth so that you can play music from your smartphone, tablet or laptop over the speaker. If you have already paired a Bluetooth device, it is done that way. You turn Bluetooth on your smartphone, hold down the Bluetooth button on the speaker, select the Speaker Base that automatically appears and pair both devices. Then you can choose the Speaker Base when you play media on your Bluetooth device.


Furthermore, the use is of little use. The active input is automatically selected by the speaker and small things can be adjusted using the remote control, for example the sound mode. But, even these institutions are not very common. It is straightforward in terms of use and possibilities. Also an on-screen display is missing, something that we see more often nowadays.

Denon DHT-T110 – quality

The most important part of this review is, of course, the quality, the audio reproduction that you have to constantly rejoice. That is at least the wish of many and the reason that you spend quite a bit of money for such a system. Just like a soundbar, you need to know what you get at a Speaker Base, or whatever the manufacturer calls it. After all, it is not a 5.1-channel home cinema system and it will never sound like there are speakers in the back of the room. Yes, the surround sound is virtual and actually means that a wider sound field is created through the acoustics in the room.

The Denon DHT-T110 is also not a surround system, despite the nice sound modes that sit on it. However, the sound field is wide enough to partly take you into the action of, for example, a film. Surround effects are convincing enough and even the low tones are remarkably good, even if you do not vibrate from the couch. Dialogues are crystal clear and not quickly snowed under during a violent action scene. In general, the reproduction of audio for films is above average good, with a reasonable range, a dynamic display and sufficient power.

Denon-DHT-T110 review

The DHT-T110 does not disappoint in the field of music playback, via a connected source or Bluetooth. Especially when you switch on the appropriate music mode, it is ensured that a little more space is created between left and right. It is not as convincing as two large speakers that are a meter to the left and right of your TV but looking at other audio systems the Denon knows how to provide a fairly good stereo effect. The DHT-T110 provides a dynamic sound with convincing sounds that appear natural and fresh. Even with quite a bit of volume, the speaker stands firm without being overdriven. A good living room can also be filled with music. Even if you stream music to the system via Bluetooth, the quality of the source material is largely preserved and the Speaker Base is a nice audio system for both the party evening and the romantic dinner.

Denon DHT-T110 – conclusion

All in all, the Denon DHT-T110 Speaker Base is a great audio system that allows you to improve the sound quality of your TV and connected components without much difficulty and settings. The only thing we really miss is the possibility to connect your TV and other components via HDMI. Apart from that you get above average good audio quality, with sufficient low tones despite the lack of a separate woofer, and the ability to play wireless music from your mobile devices. The Speaker Base is not a surround system but offers a significantly better view than the built-in speakers of your TV and is especially suitable for those who do not want bells and whistles, no speakers in the living room want to have and just fun and good sound search.


  • No HDMI
  • No on-screen display
  • No surround sound


  • Good audio quality
  • Easy to install
  • Very easy to use