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Review: Dali Rubicon 6 Black Edition speakers – Back in black

For your living room

Given that Rubicon encompasses a slew of speakers, you might be wondering how many Black Editions there are. But unfortunately: only the Rubicon 6 has been made a Black Edition, not of the other five Rubicon models. Anyone who dreams of a surround setup built from BE versions will have to put that wish away. Although the differences between this special edition and the regular Rubicons are not so great that you cannot put together a mixed setup.

That the Black Edition is a Rubicon 6 is a good thing. After all, our test room once housed a pair of Rubicon 6s that were used for tests for a year or two, until around 2018. Not the last Rubicons in the room, by the way, because for surround reviews, Rubicon LCR wall speakers, a set of Rubicon 2- monitors and a Rubicon Vokal center speaker that we have purchased. So we know what kind of meat we have in the tub.

Is it a coincidence that Dali just chose the Rubicon 6 to receive special treatment? Maybe not. This middle of the three Rubicon floorstanders is perhaps the most popular model, fitting nicely between the somewhat slimmer Rubicon 5 with one woofer and the hefty Rubicon 8 with three 6½-inch woofers. So you get deeper, more present bass without necessarily having to buy a gigantic speaker. That makes the Rubicon 6 BE suitable for music, but also if you use it as front channels in a surround setup. Or if you go for a stereo solution with your TV, for example with a NAD M10 or one of the other devices from the new generation of stereo amplifiers with HDMI-ARC input.

In terms of dimensions, the Black Edition is identical to the regular Rubicon 6. After all, the case itself has not changed. So you are talking about a 20-kg floorstander that is stranded at a height of one centimeter from a meter, with a modest width of 20 cm and a depth of 38 cm. It is not completely slim, like say the ELAC Solano that we recently reviewed. But it really isn’t a colossus either.

The slim look is enhanced by the very small feet that peep out from underneath the Rubicon 6. They are certainly hardly noticeable with this Black Edition. Still, the speaker is stable. In the box you will also find spikes that you can apply if desired to further isolate the speaker acoustically. We are not so fond of this ourselves, because our wooden floors are relatively soft. So we leave the spikes neatly in the box; we could also have opted to place small metal circles under the peaks. Or cushioned feet from a third party, such as the GAIAs from IsoAcoustics.

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