Review: Creek 4040A Integrated Amplifier – Sound, Style, and Sophistication

Review: Creek 4040A Integrated Amplifier- Introducing the Creek 4040A Integrated Amplifier, a modern embodiment of audio excellence, offering dynamic sound, elegant design, and user-friendly functionality.

Introducing Creek 4040A integrated amplifier

The Creek 4040A integrated amplifier, a product of Creek’s long-standing legacy, bridges the chasm between classic audio engineering and modern innovation. Drawing inspiration from its iconic CAS4040 predecessor, the 4040A takes boldly into the 21st century with a reimagined design and technical enhancements. With a price point of 998 euros that harkens back to the budget-friendly ethos of its forerunner, the Creek 4040A emerges as a symbol of Creek’s anniversary celebration, exemplifying the evolution of audio technology over the past four decades.

Creek Audio, a distinguished British manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment, has a rich and storied history that spans several decades. Founded in 1982 by Michael Creek, the company quickly established itself as a reputable player in the audio industry. The pivotal moment in Creek’s history arrived in March 1982 when they unveiled their CAS4040 integrated amplifier. The CAS4040 significantly impacted the market, offering audiophiles a budget-friendly amplifier that punched well above its price class. This early success set the tone for Creek’s dedication to delivering superb sound quality without breaking the bank.


  • Model: Creek 4040A
  • Concept: an integrated amplifier with DAC
  • Price: 998 euros
  • Dimensions & weight: 6 x 21.5 x 25.5 cm (HxWxD), 3 kilograms
  • Inputs: analogue: 3 x high level (2 x RCA, 1 x XLR); digital: coaxial and optical S/PDIF, USB-B, Bluetooth receiver (apt-X HD)
  • Outputs: Terminal for a pair of speakers, headphone output (6.35 mm jack)
  • Colors: Front panel in black or silver, body black
  • Warranty: 2 years

Design and Craftsmanship: A Mix of Elegance and Minor Quirks

The design and craftsmanship of the Creek 4040A integrated amplifier embody a harmonious fusion of aesthetics and functionality. Aesthetically, the 4040A is a testament to modern elegance while still paying tribute to its vintage origins.

The compact metal casing not only exudes an air of sophistication but also exemplifies precise engineering. Its sleek, mid-sized form factor reflects the industry’s contemporary design trends, making it a perfect fit in modern audio setups. This aesthetic appeal is further heightened by a seven-millimeter-thick front panel, which adds an extra layer of elegance to the amplifier’s appearance.

The 4040A features an easy-to-read, dimmable OLED display at the heart of this design. It serves as a centerpiece of the amplifier’s front panel, capturing the observer’s attention while maintaining clarity in all lighting conditions. The display functions as a visual focal point and as a practical element of the amplifier’s user interface.

However, one minor shortcoming comes from the unmarked control knobs for source selection and volume adjustment. While their symmetrical placement on either side of the display contributes to the amplifier’s balanced design, the absence of labels means that users may require some time to adapt to the controls’ functions. This oversight could have been easily addressed by providing subtle markings on the knobs, enhancing user-friendliness.

Despite this small drawback, the overall design of the Creek 4040A strikes a fine balance between modern aesthetics and user-centric functionality. Its aesthetic charm, combined with its practical features, makes it an amplifier that not only sounds great but also looks great in any audio setup and one that is capable of providing both sonic enjoyment and visual delight.

Technical Evolution: Class D Amplification and Smart Volume Control

The Creek 4040A represents a substantial technical evolution from its predecessor, the CAS4040, primarily through adopting Class D amplification and innovative volume control mechanisms. Departing from its forebear’s classic Class AB design, the 4040A ventures into new sonic territory with a Class D architecture based on Infineon MA5332MS modules. This transformative shift brings to the forefront an amplifier that embraces contemporary efficiency and performance. Class D amplification, known for its high power efficiency and minimal heat generation, enables the 4040A to deliver impressive sonic clarity while maintaining energy efficiency—a critical feature in today’s eco-conscious audio landscape.

One of the standout innovations in the 4040A is the introduction of smart volume control. This amplifier replaces the traditional potentiometer with a chip-based resistor network that can be intuitively controlled via a rotary knob. This design change is more than a matter of aesthetics; it’s a step towards greater reliability and user flexibility. The volume control system exhibits longevity and allows users to fine-tune balance, treble, and bass settings with ease. This newfound flexibility ensures that the Creek 4040A can adapt to a wide range of listening preferences, making it a versatile addition to any audiophile’s setup. This smart volume control is a prime example of Creek’s commitment to practicality and longevity, as it sidesteps the common issues associated with traditional potentiometers, such as synchronization problems and wear-related audio artifacts. In embracing this innovative technology, Creek ensures that the 4040A remains a durable and user-friendly audio component, delivering high-quality sound over an extended lifespan.

Connectivity Versatility: Adapting to the Modern Age

The 4040A offers a comprehensive range of input options, catering to various sources. It boasts XLR and RCA inputs for analog sources, Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, and digital inputs encompassing USB, S/PDIF optical, and coaxial. Notably, it lacks a built-in phono stage, a feature that can be added through an optional module. This flexibility in connectivity aligns with contemporary audio needs.

The Creek 4040A integrated amplifier demonstrates remarkable connectivity versatility, effectively bridging the gap between classic and modern audio sources. This wide-ranging adaptability makes it a standout component in contemporary audio systems.

In terms of analog connectivity, the amplifier caters to a variety of sources. It features XLR and RCA inputs, ensuring compatibility with a broad spectrum of audio devices. This flexibility means that whether you’re connecting a vintage turntable or a high-end CD player, the 4040A accommodates them easily.

A notable inclusion in the connectivity suite is the Bluetooth receiver. This modern touch aligns the 4040A with the evolving landscape of wireless audio streaming. The Bluetooth functionality provides a convenient solution for those who wish to wirelessly connect their smartphones, tablets, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the amplifier, streamlining the listening experience in the digital age.

However, one point of interest is the absence of a built-in phono stage. While the CAS4040 offered compatibility with both moving magnet (MM) and moving coil (MC) phono cartridges, the 4040A, by default, lacks this feature. Creek offers a solution, though, by providing an optional phono module that can be added for an additional charge. The caveat here is that adding the phono module sacrifices one of the line inputs, which could limit the number of concurrent sources. Nevertheless, this modular approach caters to vinyl enthusiasts while ensuring that the 4040A remains flexible in its design.

The Creek 4040A doesn’t merely dwell in the analog realm but also ventures into the digital domain. It features digital inputs, including USB, S/PDIF optical, and coaxial, embracing the modern digital audio source era. These digital inputs accommodate devices such as external DACs, media players, and computers, ensuring the amplifier’s relevance in a world where digital audio playback is increasingly prominent.

In sum, the Creek 4040A’s connectivity versatility positions it as a bridge between the rich heritage of analog audio and the demands of the contemporary digital era. Whether it’s a traditional vinyl record, a Bluetooth-enabled device, or a high-resolution digital source, the 4040A ensures that users can easily connect their preferred audio sources, adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of audio technology.


Usability and Functionality: A User-Friendly Experience

The Creek 4040A, in addition to its captivating sound quality and modern design, offers a user-friendly interface and versatile functionality that enhances its appeal.

Intuitive User Interface

The Creek 4040A presents an intuitive user interface that caters to audiophiles and high-fidelity audio newcomers. This ease of operation is a testament to Creek’s commitment to ensuring an enjoyable listening experience.

Control Knobs and Remote

Two unmarked control knobs are on the amplifier’s front panel, facilitating source selection and volume adjustment. These knobs are smooth to operate and offer a tactile feel, ensuring precise and effortless control. While the absence of labels might initially present a minor inconvenience, users quickly adapt to distinguish between the two knobs. However, the inclusion of labeling could have further simplified the user experience.

To alleviate this labeling concern, Creek provides a handy remote control as part of the package. This remote allows users to conveniently manage volume, source selection, and other functions from a distance. Including a remote control ensures that users can effortlessly manage their audio setup without needing to be near the amplifier. This feature is particularly convenient for those who enjoy fine-tuning their listening experience from a comfortable listening position.

OLED Display

The amplifier’s centrally located OLED display measures 2 x 4 cm and is designed to be easily readable and user-friendly. It offers essential information at a glance, such as source selection and volume levels. Additionally, the display is dimmable and switchable, allowing users to adjust its brightness according to their preferences.

The inclusion of this display adds to the modern appeal of the Creek 4040A. Its visual clarity and functionality ensure users can effortlessly interact with the amplifier’s settings, enhancing the overall user experience.

Balanced Functionality

The Creek 4040A offers a well-balanced set of features that cater to a broad spectrum of audio sources and preferences. Its adaptable functionality makes it a versatile addition to any audio setup.

Connection Options

The amplifier includes an array of connectivity options to accommodate various audio sources. In addition to three high-level inputs (2 x Cinch, 1 x XLR), it features a Bluetooth receiver and three digital inputs (USB, S/PDIF optical, and coaxial). This extensive range of connection options ensures compatibility with analog and digital sources, making the 4040A a contemporary and adaptable amplifier.

Bluetooth connectivity is a forward-thinking addition, allowing users to connect their mobile devices or computers wirelessly. This feature caters to modern listening habits, where streaming and wireless audio sources play a significant role in the audio landscape.

Versatile Application

The Creek 4040A is a versatile amplifier that excels in various listening scenarios. Its seamless transition between analog and digital sources without compromising sound quality makes it an ideal choice for users with diverse audio equipment and preferences.

Smart Volume Control

One of the standout features of the Creek 4040A is its adoption of a chip-based resistor network for volume control. This innovation facilitates precise volume adjustments and allows users to fine-tune balance, treble, and bass settings. The intuitive rotary controller provides an additional layer of customization, enhancing the listening experience.

Moreover, this smart volume control system embraces longevity and reliability. Choosing a chip-based solution over a traditional potentiometer emphasizes Creek’s commitment to ensuring that the amplifier remains a reliable component in the long term. This contributes to its user-friendly nature and reflects an investment in the amplifier’s durability.

In conclusion, the Creek 4040A offers a user-friendly experience characterized by its intuitive control knobs, included remote control, clear OLED display, and versatile functionality. Its adaptability and extensive connectivity options cater to various audio sources and preferences. The smart volume control system also enhances the user’s ability to fine-tune their listening experience, further solidifying the amplifier’s reputation as a user-centric and functional audio component.

Sonic Performance: A Balanced Delight with a Few Nuances

The Creek 4040A’s sound quality is the heart of its allure. This integrated amplifier embarks on an auditory odyssey that captures the essence of music with remarkable precision and emotion.

A Captivating Auditory Journey

Upon the first note, the Creek 4040A captivates with its vivacity and dynamism. This amplifier refuses to be one of those components that exude a “sonic vacuum” when first encountered. Instead, it’s a vibrant performer, painting soundscapes that invite the listener into an immersive realm.

Tonal Balance and Transparency

The Creek 4040A boasts a tonal balance that is a testament to the purity of its audio representation. Unlike many modern amplifiers with a distinct sonic signature, this amplifier is refreshingly neutral. It refrains from artificially emphasizing particular frequency ranges or introducing unwanted peaks and troughs. Notably, it diverges from the stereotypical “British” sound archetype, known for its midrange-centric focus and lack of extension at the frequency extremes.

Dynamic Liveliness

Dynamic proficiency is where the Creek 4040A truly shines. It handles dynamic peaks and troughs, ensuring no musical detail goes unnoticed. This amplifier breathes life into deep bass notes, allowing them to resonate with a visceral presence. When faced with electric guitar solos that exude a cutting, biting intensity, the Creek 4040A catapults them to the loudspeaker membranes with a visceral impact.

Fine Dynamics and Resolution

While the Creek 4040A excels in gross dynamics, it demonstrates good performance in fine dynamics within its price range, although there is room for improvement. In nuanced compositions where subtle shifts in volume and intensity are pivotal, such as Sinéad O’Connor’s “Troy,” the amplifier may not track these delicate variations as precisely as its costlier counterparts. However, within its price range, it delivers commendable fine dynamics.

Resolution and Intricacy

The Creek 4040A’s resolution capability is intriguing, and it comes with some nuance. It tends to exhibit varying levels of resolution depending on the complexity of the musical arrangement. In simpler compositions with fewer sound sources, such as a solo concert grand piano, the amplifier excels in capturing fine details, subtle nuances, and even background noise. In such instances, it’s on par with more expensive amplifiers.

However, as the complexity of the musical arrangement increases, and there is “more going on,” the resolution of individual sources may experience a slight diminishment. This becomes evident when the music surges in intensity and volume, with the amplifier potentially prioritizing the loudest elements in complex passages. While it may not be the ultimate choice for the most intricately woven and densely orchestrated music, it still offers a highly enjoyable and engaging listening experience.

Analog vs. Digital Sound

One of the Creek 4040A’s intriguing features is its ability to maintain transparency when transitioning between analog and digital sources. This means that it faithfully represents the inherent characteristics of the audio source, whether it’s an analog vinyl record or a digital audio stream from a CD player. It ensures that the sound remains true to the source.

Slight variations may be discerned when using an external digital source, such as the Cambridge CXN V2. In the digital mode, the sound may slightly soften in dynamics but an enhancement in tonal richness, especially in the midrange. This transformation is evident in tracks like the Pixies’ “Who’s More Sorry Now,” where the guitars acquire depth, and the female vocals gain an intensified emotional quality. Conversely, the digital mode emphasizes tempo and impact.

This ability to traverse analog and digital playback underscores the 4040A’s remarkable versatility. It functions as a flexible canvas upon which the unique character of each source is faithfully portrayed, allowing listeners to explore diverse sound profiles according to their preferences and source equipment.

The Creek 4040A’s sound quality is a mesmerizing blend of dynamic vibrancy, tonal purity, and engaging neutrality. Its fine dynamics and resolution are commendable within its price range, making it an enticing choice for various musical genres and listening preferences. While it may not be the ultimate choice for the most intricately layered compositions, its overall performance and adaptability make it an excellent addition to any discerning audiophile’s setup.


In conclusion, the Creek 4040A emerges as a sonic gem that seamlessly marries technology, design, and sound quality. It is a testament to Creek’s legacy, celebrating its rich history while embracing the modern demands of high-fidelity audio. The 4040A strikes a balance often elusive in audio equipment, offering a dynamic, tonally neutral, and engaging sound that is both accessible and captivating. Its transition to Class D amplification showcases a commitment to innovation and efficiency, while the smart volume control system adds a layer of user-friendly customization that sets it apart. Whether you’re a seasoned audiophile or just embarking on your journey into high-end audio, the Creek 4040A is a versatile companion that delivers a captivating listening experience across analog and digital realms.

Furthermore, the Creek 4040A’s elegant design and thoughtful craftsmanship add a touch of sophistication to any audio setup. Its user-friendly interface, complete with control knobs, a remote control, and an informative OLED display, ensures that every interaction with the amplifier is a pleasure. This amplifier’s versatility, adaptability, and compatibility with various audio sources make it a worthy addition to any audio enthusiast’s collection. It stands as a beacon of audio excellence, offering a harmonious blend of technology and musicality that transcends the boundaries of price and sets a new standard for what a sub-thousand-euro amplifier can achieve. The Creek 4040A is not just a piece of audio equipment; it is an experience, an investment, and a testament to the enduring pursuit of sonic perfection.

Reasons to Buy the Creek 4040A

  1. Exceptional Sound Quality: The Creek 4040A delivers captivating sound quality, offering dynamic liveliness, tonal neutrality, and engaging musicality. Its sonic performance is a standout feature, making it a compelling choice for audiophiles who prioritize immersive listening experiences.
  2. Versatile Connectivity: With a range of connection options, including analog and digital inputs, as well as Bluetooth capability, the 4040A accommodates a wide array of audio sources. This versatility ensures compatibility with various components, making it a flexible addition to your audio setup.
  3. Smart Volume Control: Adopting a chip-based resistor network for volume control allows for precise adjustments and fine-tuning of tonal aspects. This feature enhances the user’s ability to customize the listening experience, catering to individual preferences.
  4. Elegant Design: The Creek 4040A boasts an elegant metal casing with a modern aesthetic. Its design is visually appealing and timeless, making it a stylish addition to any audio system.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The amplifier’s intuitive user interface, control knobs, remote control, and OLED display ensure ease of operation, catering to seasoned audiophiles and newcomers to high-fidelity audio.

Reasons Not to Buy the Creek 4040A

  1. Budget Constraints: While the Creek 4040A offers remarkable value for its price, it may still be out of budget for some users. If you’re on a strict budget, more affordable amplifiers are available that provide adequate performance.
  2. Intricate Orchestration: If your primary musical preference involves heavily orchestrated compositions with intricate details, you may find that the Creek 4040A exhibits slight limitations in tracking subtle volume fluctuations and intricate resolution compared to more expensive amplifiers.
  3. Personal Sound Preferences: If you have specific sound preferences that align with amplifiers known for a specific sonic signature, the Creek 4040A’s neutral and uncolored tonality may not align with your expectations.

The Creek 4040A is an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile, user-friendly, and musically engaging amplifier with a balanced tonal profile. Its sound quality and modern features make it an attractive option for audiophiles. However, budget considerations and specific musical preferences should be considered when purchasing this amplifier.

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