Review: Creative Muvo GO – a small Bluetooth speaker

Review: Creative Muvo GO - a small Bluetooth speaker. It has many advantages when looking for a classic portable speaker. Its size allows it to sound good, but it fits in any pocket where we can fit a small water bottle.

A Bluetooth speaker is often a very useful addition to a smartphone, and  the Creative Muvo GO is an interesting proposition with a good sound quality to price ratio. It is priced on the manufacturer’s website at PLN 349, but is available in stores for PLN 289. Unfortunately, the Creative Speaker does not come with a microphone. Therefore, we cannot expect hands-free calls or access to a voice assistant from him.

The main pros and cons of Creative Muvo GO

Advantages of Creative Muvo GO:

  • Attractive appearance and 3 colors to choose from
  • Waterproof according to IPX7 standard
  • Waterproof USB C socket that does not require covering with a rubber cap
  • Convenient control buttons
  • Two drivers and two passive bass radiators
  • Pleasant, deep sound
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard
  • Connect two Creative Muvo GO speakers as a stereo pair
  • Voice messages about the battery level
  • Long working time up to 18 hours
  • Attractive price PLN 289 (PLN 349 on the manufacturer’s website)

Cons of Creative Muvo GO:

  • No built-in microphone, and thus no hands-free calls and assistant
  • No minijack input
  • The highest vocal registers do not sound as good as on larger speakers

How do we evaluate design? 

Creative Muvo GO was created for use in various, not necessarily favorable conditions. It combines a flexible material with a fabric mesh covering most of the housing. Thanks to this construction, it will not be scratched by grains of sand, falls or being carried in a bottle cage. The construction is sealed according to the IPX7 standard, which means that it can be submerged to a depth of one meter for 30 minutes. For this reason, we should not be afraid of rain, listening to music at the pool, on the beach or in the kitchen.

The Creative speaker is available in three colors: black, blue and green. The last one, which went to the editorial office for testing, I like the most.

The speaker can be used in two positions – lying down or standing on one of the two ends. At the ends of the housing there are two passive bass radiators to deepen the sound. They vibrate distinctly when low notes are played, as you can see in our video.

From the top there are three buttons for playback: play/pause and volume control. Longer pressing of the volume buttons also allows you to switch tracks. On the back of the case there is a USB C socket, a power button and a Bluetooth pairing button. There is also a lanyard holder and a pre-installed lanyard in the color of the speaker.

Please note that the USB C socket is waterproof and unobstructed. It’s a big plus that you don’t have to cover it with a rubber flap to keep it watertight, as in most speakers. Firstly, we will avoid a situation in which we forget to do it, secondly, it is simply more convenient when connecting charging. On the other hand, sand can get into the nest – something for something.

The size of the Creative Muvo GO is almost identical to that of a standard 0.5L PET bottle. It weighs 570 grams. The dimensions of the speaker mean that it fits perfectly into a bottle cage or the side pocket of a backpack.

How do we rate the sound? 

The Creative Muvo GO features two 45mm 2 x 10W RMS full-range drivers positioned on the narrower edge. Both converters work in a stereo system and the channels are separated between them. It is possible to distinguish by hearing which of the drivers is currently playing, but they are placed too close to each other to offer full-fledged stereo space. For this purpose, you can connect two Creative Muvo GO speakers so that each serves as one channel. One speaker was tested and we did not test this option in practice, but it is worth knowing that such an option is available.

In our opinion, the sound of the Creative Muvo GO is full and reasonably tuned. The speaker offers quite a lot of bass for its size and allows you to enjoy bass songs. At the same time, it copes well with medium and high tones. Guitar music also sounds good. The highest vocal registers sound less pleasant to the ear than on stationary speakers – some compromises are inevitable. The purity of the mountain is not perfect. It is also worth keeping the proportions of this criticism right – out of hundreds of songs that I have on my playlist, only one contained vocals so high as to highlight some shortcomings – Blue Crystal Fire by Fire! orchestra.

It is worth remembering how the position of the speaker affects its sound. Creative Muvo GO has speakers pointing in a specific direction, not up or down. Although it can be freely listened to from any side, it has the best sound from the front. The amount of bass will be greatly influenced by whether we place the speaker against the wall or in the corner or in the middle of the room. Placing the speaker in the very corner will definitely boost the bass in a very noticeable way.

In our opinion, the sound of the Creative Muvo GO is pleasant to listen to and sufficient if we consider the use for a portable Bluetooth speaker. It allows for a completely different sound quality and volume than the built-in speakers in a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Good sound quality is offered up to about 90% of the volume, then you can hear distortion.

Additional features

Before buying, we need to be clear whether we are looking for a classic Bluetooth speaker or something more. Some portable speakers offer options such as: built-in microphone, and thus hands-free calls and voice assistant, mini jack line-in, the ability to play audio files from a memory card, and the ability to connect to a sound source via USB. Many of these features can be found even in speakers for PLN 150, although they will definitely not sound as good as the Creative Muvo GO . Creative Muvo GO, on the other hand, supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3 standard and allows two speakers to work in a stereo pair.

How long does the battery last? 

The manufacturer says 18 hours of playback on medium volume setting. Setting the volume close to maximum will definitely shorten this time. It is difficult to check the speaker’s battery by playing music non-stop for several hours, but several hours a day throughout the week is completely achievable for the Creative Muvo GO . The battery charge level can be checked by pressing the Bluetooth button twice, then we will receive a voice message informing about high (above 70%), medium (between 70 and 30%) or low (below 30%) battery charge. It takes approximately 4.5 hours to fully charge the speaker.

Our final rating

The Creative Muvo GO has many advantages when looking for a classic portable speaker. Its size allows it to sound good, but it fits in any pocket where we can fit a small water bottle. The most important functions can be controlled directly from the speaker using the buttons. The Creative supports the latest Bluetooth 5.3 and you can connect two speakers into a stereo pair. First of all, it sounds good and does not cost too much – currently PLN 289. If you add to this an attractive appearance, water resistance and a waterproof USB C socket, which does not need to be covered with a plug, we have a successful and recommendable product.

Provided that we do not need a microphone, hands-free calls, voice assistant, mini jack input or memory card playback, because these functions are simply not here. If the functionality of the playback directly from the smartphone suits us, the Creative Muvo GO will be a very good choice for the plot, for holidays and for listening to broadcasts in the kitchen.

We love: sound quality

We don’t like: no microphone

Who is Creative Muvo GO for:

  • For those looking for good sound at an attractive price
  • For those who want to pair two speakers and listen to stereo sound

Who Creative Muvo GO is not for:

  • Not for people who want to make hands-free calls
  • Not for people who want to use a voice assistant