Review: Costume Kingdom-The contender of worst game of 2020

Review: Costume Kingdom Costume Kingdom will most likely go down as the worst game of 2020, only advantage that it runs at a higher resolution.

Review: Costume Kingdom – Better nicked than badly conceived is a spell that can be applied with some regularity when it comes to games. If a title appears on the market that is popular, you will soon see that other developers release a similar game. For example, Street Fighter II in the 1990s caused a veritable tidal wave of fighting games. Stratton Studios decided to take their inspiration from Pokémon with Costume Kingdom. That’s not a bad plan, given that the game series has been incredibly popular on Nintendo platforms for over twenty years. The fact that a developer uses the same formula as a popular franchise does not mean that the game will also be a success.

Costume Kingdom (That is a shock)

Costume Kingdoms doesn’t exactly make a good first impression. The title screen suggests that it will certainly not be a graphical tour de force by showing images that are very basic. This seems to prepare you for what is to come, yet it frightens you when you start your adventure. Graphically, the game is even worse than what the title screen shows. You go back generations in time. If you didn’t know better you would think that you are playing a ‘low budget’ game on the very first PlayStation, with the only advantage that it runs at a higher resolution. It is extra scary when you find yourself being dropped into the game ‘cold’. There is no introduction or anything and there you are with your good behavior.

It’s a good thing that the game is based on Pokémon, so at least you know what to do. After you start walking for a while you will end up in a city where you have to look for Hallowmon. With these creatures you can fight and so you make them stronger and you get more attacks at your disposal. You will face other trainers and you will also encounter wild Hallowmon. The only thing in Costume Kingdom that is different is that you can put on different costumes and you can ‘trick or treat’. You knock on a door and then you can get a reward or fight with your Hallowmon. The same goes for the costumes. You only have to change these in certain places – which is very slow – to get extra XP, for example.

Costume Kingdom (Boring…)

Using Pokémon as inspiration is fine, it’s a popular title after all. It just seems that the developer hasn’t quite understood what makes this series so popular now. There are several Hallowmon you can get your hands on so you can don their costume and train the critters. The Hallowmon are of one type, which are strong or weak against other types. For example, water types are strong against fire types. This is a nice principle, but unfortunately it doesn’t work in this game. The number of Hallowmon can literally be counted on two hands. As a result, you often have to fight the same Hallowmon, so you quickly know their weaknesses.

Costume Kingdom

The fighting itself is the same turn-based way as in Pokémon, only a lot slower. This is because there are breaks during the fights and that is not pleasant. However, just like in Nintendo’s hit series, your critters keep getting stronger and learn more fighting techniques at some point. In Costume Kingdom you can only learn three extra attacks and these techniques are unlimited to use. As a result, there is no longer any question of strategy, you simply always use your most powerful attack. Fighting is therefore an extremely boring affair in no time, due to the lack of challenge.

The list gets even longer

So far, there seems to be little good about Costume Kingdom. This is not correct: the game does not do little good, the game does nothing good. The points discussed earlier are by no means the only thing wrong with this game. For example, there is a map that you can consult, but it does not show where the player is at that moment. The most laughable part is the choice of two camera angles. The difference between these is that the camera shifts about two, three centimeters at the most. Then there are platform parts that, due to the position of the camera and the ‘floaty’ controls, work anything but well. The attempt at humor by a commentator who bucks ‘great’ one-liners during the game or the fights does not come out well and bizarre is the fact that if you want to walk away from a fight this results in a ‘game over’ screen.

Costume Kingdom

However you turn or turn it, Costume Kingdom consists of barely elaborated parts. You would almost think that you are playing a concept of a game, which can be fully developed after approval from a developer or publisher. It is unbelievable that this can appear in the market. We assume the developer’s intention was good, but Costume Kingdom is simply a complete disaster. It also makes it clear that anything and everyone can publish a ‘game’ on the PlayStation Store, which is not necessarily a good thing. It is not to be hoped that this will encourage more developers or well-intentioned amateurs to bring their ‘games’ to the PlayStation 4 or later to the PlayStation 5, because this is nothing.


Costume Kingdom will most likely go down as the worst game of 2020, at least as the worst Pokémon clone ever. Everything, but everything about the game has not been worked out properly. Graphically it is messy, fights are boring, the number of Hallowmon is dramatically small, and we can go on like this for a while. There is simply nothing positive to say about the game. Well, to call this a ‘game’ is actually too great a compliment. We therefore recommend that you stay far away from Costume Kingdom.


  • Was the game well-intentioned?


  • Graphically a drama
  • Only a handful of Hallowmon
  • Costumes don’t add anything
  • Fights quickly get super boring
  • Camera angles are almost the same
  • Map does not show player
  • Anything that has not yet been listed

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