Review: Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 – Floorstanding Speakers

Review: Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 - Floorstanding Speakers - The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2, a pinnacle of audio engineering and design, redefines the audiophile experience with its unique concrete construction and exceptional sound quality


In the world of loudspeakers, it’s a common belief that the housing should be as inconspicuous as possible, avoiding interference with sound quality. However, most manufacturers rely on wood-based materials for their ease of use, even though lighter and stiffer materials like aluminum, artificial stone, slate, or concrete could offer better results. Enter Betonart Audio, a company founded by graduate physicist Jörg Wähdel, who firmly believes in the unique properties of concrete for crafting exceptional loudspeaker housings. In this review, we explore the flagship of their passive speaker series, the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2, a loudspeaker that is a testament to their conviction. It’s not the most budget-friendly option at 15,698 euros per pair, but Wähdel’s confidence in the superiority of concrete over more common materials is unwavering.


  • Model: Betonart Audio Arrivato V2
  • Concept: passive three-way floorstanding loudspeaker (bass reflex)
  • Price: 15,698 euros (pair)
  • Dimensions & Weight: 127 x 21 x 34 cm (HxWxD), 110 kg/piece
  • Colors: Concrete can be customized
  • Nominal impedance: 4 ohms
  • Other: optionally activated (can be controlled analog and wirelessly via Wisa) +9,400 euros; Customer-specific color design possible
  • Warranty: 2 years

Build Quality and Design

The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 exhibits exceptional build quality and a unique design that differentiates it from traditional loudspeakers. The speaker’s construction is centered around its concrete housing, a departure from the common wood-based materials used in the industry. This unorthodox choice showcases the company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring innovative approaches in loudspeaker design.

Build Quality:

The standout feature of the Arrivato V2 is its concrete housing, which is visually striking and highly functional. This concrete is not your typical household variety but a specially engineered “carbon concrete.” A carbon mat is introduced into the mold before casting, significantly enhancing the housing’s acoustic properties. The result is a three times heavier material and eleven times stiffer than conventional wood-based alternatives, promising a sturdy and resonance-minimized enclosure for the speaker’s components.

Creating these housings is labor-intensive and time-consuming, involving meticulous attention to detail. Nearly two days are dedicated to preparing the housing molds, followed by four days to cast the monolithic loudspeaker housings. The use of carbon concrete, along with additional materials like fly ash and silica dust, contributes to the distinctive acoustic properties.

This commitment to quality extends further by integrating bitumen and strategically placed SRT granules within the loudspeaker cabinet. These materials minimize resonance, resulting in cleaner and more accurate sound reproduction. The attention to detail and the use of these specialized materials reflect the company’s dedication to achieving optimal sound quality.


The design of the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The speaker stands nearly 1.3 meters tall, creating a commanding visual presence that catches the eye. However, its slim width of 20.5 centimeters and depth of 34 centimeters prevent it from being overly intrusive in a living space. The sleek and slim profile allows it to elegantly fit into various room settings, making it as much a visual art as a high-end audio component.

The choice of carbon concrete is not merely functional; it also contributes to the unique, modern aesthetic of the Arrivato V2. The textured surface of the concrete adds a tactile element to its design, further enhancing its visual appeal.

Another design element worth noting is the careful placement of polyamide threaded sockets to secure the speaker’s components. Polyamide, rather than metal, is a purposeful choice to minimize resonance, highlighting the company’s attention to acoustic excellence in the smallest details.

The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 showcases exceptional build quality and a distinct design, demonstrating the company’s commitment to exploring unconventional materials and construction techniques. This loudspeaker is a remarkable audio device and a visual statement piece, making it an attractive addition to any audiophile’s listening environment.

Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 offering unique features

The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 boasts several unique features and qualities that set it apart in the world of high-end loudspeakers:

  1. Carbon Concrete Housing: The most distinctive feature of the Arrivato V2 is its concrete housing, specifically engineered with carbon concrete. This material, created by introducing a carbon mat into the mold before casting, is significantly denser and stiffer than traditional wood-based speaker enclosures. The carbon concrete provides exceptional structural integrity and contributes to the speaker’s unique aesthetics.
  2. Ribbon Tweeter: The Arrivato V2 features a ribbon tweeter, which is relatively uncommon in passive loudspeakers. This aluminum ribbon tweeter offers outstanding high-frequency performance and resolution, with the unique “SRT technology” enhancing its accuracy and enabling it to operate at lower frequencies. This ribbon tweeter, positioned with a waveguide, contributes to the speaker’s impressive high-frequency response and detail.
  3. Accuton Midrange Driver: The Arrivato V2 is equipped with an Accuton midrange driver, known for its high-tech features such as a ceramic inverted dome and underhung voice coil. These design elements help reduce distortion and improve resolution, providing a detailed and natural midrange performance.
  4. Unique Crossover Design: The speaker employs fewer components, positively impacting its sound quality and phase response. The crossover uses first-order separation at 185 and 2640 Hertz, contributing to seamless integration between the different driver units.
  5. Precision Casting: The manufacturing process for the concrete housing is meticulous and time-consuming. The molds are prepared with great care, and the castings are made from two types of cement with additives like fly ash and silica dust. The precision and quality control during this process are critical because imperfections in the cast housing cannot be repaired, and the final product must emerge perfectly.
  6. Resonance Minimization: The speaker cabinet is lined with bitumen and strategically placed SRT granules to enhance the housing’s acoustic properties further. These materials reduce resonance and vibrations, producing cleaner and more accurate sound reproduction.
  7. Threaded Sockets Made of Polyamide: The Arrivato V2 employs threaded sockets made of polyamide rather than metal for securing components. This choice minimizes resonance and enhances sound quality, emphasizing the speaker’s meticulous attention to detail.
  8. Customizable Active Version: While the Arrivato V2 is a passive speaker, Betonart Audio offers an active version upon request. This active version involves removing the bi-wiring terminal and passive crossover and installing powerful Class D power amplifiers. It can be controlled via XLR/Cinch connections or wirelessly using WiSA technology. This flexibility allows customers to tailor the speaker to their specific requirements.

The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2’s unique features include carbon concrete housing, ribbon tweeter, Accuton midrange driver, precision casting, and resonance-minimizing materials. The attention to detail, unconventional design choices, and the option for an active version make it a remarkable and distinctive offering in the high-end audio market.

Chassis and Crossover:

The Arrivato V2 boasts an Accuton midrange driver and a ribbon tweeter. The midrange driver, the Accuton C168-6-890, features a unique design with a large 4.5-inch voice coil located at the outer edge of the membrane, reducing the excitation of partial oscillations. The ribbon tweeter is an aluminum strip with current flowing over its entire surface, equipped with Viawave Audio’s “SRT technology” that minimizes non-linear distortions. The rear chamber of the tweeter is dampened with specially shaped felt panels to avoid edge diffraction. The crossover was adjusted to accommodate the new midrange driver, utilizing fewer components and positively impacting sound quality.

The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 incorporates a sophisticated and carefully designed chassis and crossover system to ensure optimal sound performance and cohesiveness. This aspect of the loudspeaker plays a crucial role in shaping its audio characteristics. Here’s a detailed look at the chassis and crossover of the Arrivato V2:

Chassis: The Arrivato V2 utilizes high-quality drivers and materials in its chassis to create a robust and harmonious sound output. Key features of the chassis include:

  1. Accuton Midrange Driver: The midrange driver is an Accuton model, specifically the C168-6-890. This driver is highly regarded for its advanced design, which includes a ceramic inverted dome. The key innovation here is positioning the large 4.5-inch voice coil at the outer edge of the membrane rather than the conventional center placement. This design significantly reduces the excitation of partial oscillations, minimizing distortion and improving resolution. The surround of this driver is not glued to the membrane but to the voice coil support, reducing potential sound-damaging interactions. The result is a midrange driver with exceptionally low distortion values and outstanding resolution.
  2. Wavecor Woofers: The lower frequencies are handled by Wavecor woofers, specifically a pair of 7-inch drivers. These woofers may not provide an extensive membrane surface area individually. Still, using two drivers and strategically placed bass reflex openings on the back contributes to a balanced low-frequency response.
  3. Bass Reflex Design: The woofers’ arrangement and the bass reflex openings enhance the bass response. Additionally, these woofers have received a special coating for further optimization.
  4. Ribbon Tweeter: The Arrivato V2 features a ribbon tweeter, a unique addition to passive loudspeakers. The ribbon tweeter uses aluminum and incorporates Sealed Ribbon Tweeter (SRT) technology. SRT technology involves sealing the gap between the ribbon and the magnetic poles with a U-shaped suspension made of Mylar. This design minimizes non-linear distortions and allows the tweeter to operate at relatively low frequencies, providing exceptional high-frequency performance. A small waveguide at the front helps control radiation, reducing diffraction.

Crossover: The crossover in the Arrivato V2 is thoughtfully designed to ensure seamless integration between the drivers and a coherent sound output. Key aspects of the crossover system include:

  1. Efficient Design: The crossover design uses fewer components, resulting in a more efficient and less complex circuit. This design choice positively affects the sound quality and phase response, providing a more natural and detailed presentation.
  2. First-Order Separation: The crossover employs a first-order separation with transition frequencies set at 185 and 2640 Hertz. This configuration helps maintain phase coherence between the drivers, enhancing the speaker’s overall performance.
  3. Optimized Phase Response: The first-order separation and efficient design work in tandem to optimize the phase response of the loudspeaker. This is crucial for ensuring that the sound from each driver arrives at the listener’s ears in a time-aligned and cohesive manner.

In summary, the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2’s chassis and crossover are engineered with precision and care. The midrange driver, woofers, and ribbon tweeter are chosen for their high-quality components and advanced design features. The crossover’s efficient and thoughtfully designed circuitry ensures that the drivers work together seamlessly, resulting in a natural and detailed sound reproduction that is a testament to the speaker’s commitment to audio excellence.

Usability and Functionality


The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2, while aiming for the highest audiophile standards, offers a user-friendly experience within its technical prowess.

  1. Installation and Placement: The slim design and relatively compact footprint of the Arrivato V2 make it easy to integrate into various living spaces. Even though these speakers weigh substantially (each weighing 110 kilograms), the manufacturer provides delivery and setup services, ensuring that customers don’t have to grapple with the logistics. This service considers the complex and delicate nature of the production process.
  2. Passive and Optional Active Mode: The Arrivato V2 comes in a passive configuration by default. However, it offers an interesting twist – an optional active mode. Customers can choose to have their speakers upgraded to an active version, either at the time of purchase or as a later activation. In the active mode, the bi-wiring terminal and passive crossover are removed from the base, and powerful Class D power amplifiers are installed. These amplifiers can be controlled via analog (XLR/Cinch) or digital wireless methods, utilizing WiSA technology with data rates up to 24/96. While the activation option comes at an additional cost, it opens up the possibility of a more tailored and optimized listening experience.
  3. Precision in Manufacturing: The manufacturing process for the Arrivato V2 is highly precise and labor-intensive, with meticulous attention to detail. The use of “carbon concrete” in the loudspeaker housing, the specific arrangement of drivers, and the careful implementation of materials to minimize resonance demonstrate the dedication to crafting an exceptional product.


The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 is an aesthetically pleasing loudspeaker and a technical engineering marvel.

  1. Carbon Concrete Housing: The loudspeaker’s housing is made of “carbon concrete,” a proprietary material that combines the rigidity of concrete with the added benefits of carbon reinforcement. This material results in a speaker cabinet that is three times heavier and eleven times stiffer than typical wood materials. Using a carbon mat during casting contributes to the acoustic properties of the housing, enhancing its overall performance.
  2. Advanced Driver Selection: The Arrivato V2 boasts a carefully chosen set of drivers, including the Accuton midrange driver and the ribbon tweeter from Viawave Audio. The ribbon tweeter utilizes Sealed Ribbon Tweeter (SRT) technology, and its aluminum strip design, advanced materials, and sealed rear chamber provide excellent high-frequency response and low distortion.
  3. Efficient Crossover Design: The crossover network, which separates the audio signal into different frequency ranges for each driver, is designed for efficiency. Using fewer components in the crossover design reduces complexity and improves sound quality. The first-order separation and optimized phase response ensure the drivers work together cohesively, enhancing the listening experience.
  4. Optional Active Mode: The optional active mode, available for the Arrivato V2, provides flexibility in configuring the speakers. Including high-quality Class D amplifiers with wireless connectivity options is a technical highlight that can significantly affect the sound performance and tailoring to individual preferences.

In summary, the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 is technically advanced and user-friendly. Its precision in manufacturing, thoughtful driver selection, efficient crossover design, and the availability of an optional active mode demonstrate the commitment to delivering an exceptional audio experience while considering user convenience and preferences.

Active Option:

The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 offers an intriguing active option, which allows users to transform their passive speakers into an active system. This active configuration provides several advantages in control, flexibility, and potentially enhanced sound quality. Here’s an elaborate look at the active options of the Arrivato V2:

  1. Conversion from Passive to Active: One of the key features of the Arrivato V2 is its adaptability. While it comes in a passive configuration by default, it can be converted into an active system at the time of purchase or as a subsequent upgrade. This flexibility allows users to tailor their listening experience based on their preferences and evolving needs.
  2. Removal of Passive Components: In the active mode, the passive components, such as the bi-wiring terminal and passive crossover, are removed from the base of the speakers. This means the electrical signal is no longer divided into different frequency ranges using passive components, which can sometimes result in energy loss and phase inconsistencies.
  3. Installation of High-Quality Class D Amplifiers: Instead of relying on external amplifiers, the active version of the Arrivato V2 features built-in high-quality Class D power amplifiers. Class D amplifiers are known for their efficiency and ability to deliver substantial power in a compact form. These amplifiers are designed to work with the speakers, ensuring a harmonious and optimized audio output.
  4. Analog and Digital Connectivity: The active version of the Arrivato V2 offers versatile connectivity options. Users can connect their source components to the speakers through analog connections, such as XLR Cinch or digital wireless methods. The latter employs WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio) technology, which supports high-resolution audio with data rates up to 24-bit/96kHz. This allows users to integrate the Arrivato V2 into various audio systems seamlessly.
  5. Potential for Enhanced Sound Quality: The Arrivato V2 benefits from a more direct and controlled approach to managing the audio signal by moving to an active configuration. The absence of passive components, combined with the precision of the internal amplifiers, can lead to potentially improved sound quality. Users may experience better control over the entire frequency spectrum, enhanced dynamics, and greater efficiency.
  6. Subsequent Activation Option: Users who initially purchase the passive Arrivato V2 speakers can choose to activate the active mode at a later stage. While this option incurs an additional cost, it allows users to adapt and upgrade their audio system as their needs and preferences change.

In conclusion, the active options of the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 offer users the ability to fine-tune their listening experience and potentially achieve higher sound quality. The conversion from passive to active involves removing passive components and replacing them with high-quality Class D amplifiers, providing greater control and connectivity options. This flexibility makes the Arrivato V2 an attractive choice for audiophiles seeking a customizable and adaptable audio solution.

Listening Test & Comparisons:

The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2’s sound signature is both unique and impressive. It strikes a fine balance, offering detailed resolution without becoming overly clinical. The speaker’s low end is substantial, bringing warmth and presence to instruments such as cellos, double basses, and pianos. It ensures a delightful fullness, preserving the physicality of the instruments. While some might desire more power in the midbass, it remains consistent with the speaker’s concept. The overall bass quality is well-defined without an iron-fisted grip. The Arrivato V2 delivers a tastefully balanced bass presentation that aligns with its design.

The ribbon tweeter and high-tech Accuton midrange driver shine in the mid and high-frequency ranges. They produce a harmonious and coherent sound, allowing exceptional resolution and response. The speaker excels at differentiating tone colors and textures, capturing even the subtlest reverberations and decays, and unveiling quiet room noise and instrument sustain. The Arrivato V2’s advanced resolution enriches the listening experience, contributing to a lifelike sound quality. The spatial representation benefits from this high level of detail, offering an expansive and immersive soundstage.

The sound quality of the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 is a testament to the engineering and craftsmanship that goes into creating these unique speakers. Combining advanced materials, high-end drivers, and thoughtful design results in an exceptional audio experience. Here’s an in-depth exploration of the sound quality of the Arrivato V2:

  1. High Resolution and Detail: One of the standout characteristics of the Arrivato V2 is its extraordinary resolution and attention to detail. The speakers excel at reproducing even the subtlest nuances in music. From the delicate reverberation of acoustic instruments to the faint background noises in live recordings, the Arrivato V2 precisely captures it.
  2. Tonal Accuracy: The speakers are known for their tonal accuracy, ensuring that instruments and vocals are faithfully represented. This accuracy extends from the lowest bass notes to the highest treble frequencies, providing a true-to-life portrayal of the source material. The result is a natural and uncolored sound that audiophiles appreciate.
  3. Mid-High Frequency Integration: The Arrivato V2 integrates its mid-range and high-frequency drivers. This is not always the case with speakers featuring ribbon tweeters, as achieving harmony between different driver types can be challenging. However, with the Accuton midrange driver and ribbon tweeter, the Arrivato V2 offers a cohesive and engaging mid-high frequency performance.
  4. Spatial Presentation: These speakers excel in creating a captivating soundstage. The soundstage’s spaciousness is wide and deep, allowing for an immersive listening experience. The speakers go beyond conventional two-dimensional imaging and offer a three-dimensional feel, where instruments and vocals have precise locations in space.
  5. Resolution and Textures: The Arrivato V2’s high resolution extends to the textures and timbres of instruments. This is particularly evident in well-captured recordings of acoustic instruments like cellos. The speakers allow listeners to discern and appreciate the intricate vibrations and subtleties of the instruments, resulting in a rich and immersive sonic experience.
  6. Low-Level Resolution: Another remarkable feature of the Arrivato V2 is its ability to reveal low-level details in music. Even the quietest signals, such as the softest cymbal ticks or subtle room ambiance, are rendered with finesse and clarity. This enhanced low-level resolution contributes to a more engaging and authentic musical presentation.
  7. Dynamics and Control: The Arrivato V2 offers impressive dynamics and control, particularly in fine dynamics. It excels at capturing the smallest modulations and variations in music, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate well-recorded vocals and acoustic performances. The dynamics come across as natural and effortless, enhancing the emotional impact of the music.
  8. Bass Integration: While the Arrivato V2’s bass may not cater to deep bass enthusiasts, it provides a well-integrated and substantial upper bass. This adds warmth and weight to the sound, ensuring that instruments like cellos, double basses, and pianos have a lifelike presence. The bass is articulate, with clear contours and gradations.

In summary, the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 offers an audio experience characterized by its outstanding resolution, tonal accuracy, and captivating spatial presentation. The speakers excel in reproducing fine and gross dynamics, revealing intricate details in music, and providing a realistic and engaging soundstage. While it may not cater to those seeking thundering deep bass, its upper bass provides a pleasing warmth and substance to the music. Overall, the Arrivato V2 is designed for sensitive audiophiles seeking the utmost quality from their audio system.

Sound testing the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 is essential in evaluating its acoustic performance. This premium speaker system showcases remarkable audio characteristics across the frequency spectrum, and a sound test helps uncover its capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of the sound test for the Arrivato V2:

  1. High-Frequency Performance: The sound test begins by examining the high-frequency response. The ribbon tweeter, a distinctive feature of these speakers, offers excellent high-frequency extension and detail. It reproduces cymbals, high hats, and other percussion instruments with remarkable clarity and precision. The Sealed Ribbon Tweeter (SRT) technology minimizes non-linear distortions, ensuring smooth and accurate treble reproduction.
  2. Midrange Clarity: Moving to the midrange frequencies, the Accuton midrange driver comes into play. This driver’s ceramic inverted dome and underhung voice coil provide outstanding resolution and tonal accuracy. Vocals, acoustic instruments, and midrange-rich elements in music are reproduced with exceptional clarity. The separation between instruments and the nuances in vocal performances are distinct and lifelike.
  3. Bass Response: The Arrivato V2 may not be focused on deep bass, but it offers an articulate and substantial upper bass. During the sound test, the speakers demonstrated their ability to provide warmth and weight to the lower registers. The bass response is clean, holding instruments like cellos, double basses, and pianos together, ensuring they sound vibrant and realistic. The bass reflex openings on the back contribute to controlled bass output.
  4. Spatial Imaging: The soundstage and imaging capabilities of the Arrivato V2 are noteworthy. The speakers create a wide, deep soundstage that immerses listeners in the music. Instruments and vocals are placed with precision within the three-dimensional space. The integrated waveguide design helps align the drivers’ acoustic centers, leading to a coherent and expansive soundstage.
  5. Resolution and Detail: The Arrivato V2 reveals intricate details and textures in music. During the sound test, it becomes evident that these speakers can unveil even the smallest musical nuances. This contributes to a rich and immersive listening experience. Subtle room reverberations, instrument decay, and the faintest background noises in live recordings are rendered precisely.
  6. Dynamic Performance: The speakers handle both fine and gross dynamics adeptly. They capture the smallest modulations and variations in music with sensitivity. Vocals, in particular, benefit from the dynamic finesse, adding emotional depth to the performances. While the impulse response is not as sharp as some other speakers, the Arrivato V2 delivers a satisfying dynamic range.
  7. Balance and Tonal Accuracy: The Arrivato V2 maintains tonal accuracy and balance across the frequency spectrum throughout the sound test. It offers a neutral and uncolored sound signature, ensuring that instruments and vocals are faithfully represented. The seamless integration between the drivers results in a cohesive and engaging listening experience.
  8. Low-Level Resolution: The speakers excel in low-level resolution, making hearing even the quietest signals possible. This level of detail enrichment enhances the overall realism of the sound. The Arrivato V2 doesn’t let subtle musical elements fade into the background, contributing to a captivating listening experience.

In conclusion, the sound test of the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 highlights its exceptional performance in terms of high-frequency clarity, midrange precision, upper bass warmth, and spatial imaging. The speakers reveal fine details in music, exhibit dynamic sensitivity, and maintain tonal accuracy. While they may not cater to deep bass enthusiasts, their overall audio quality makes them an excellent choice for audiophiles seeking an immersive and true-to-life listening experience.


The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 is a testament to the possibilities unconventional materials can bring to high-end audio. Its concrete housing, ribbon tweeter, and Accuton midrange driver make it stand out in the world of loudspeakers. While it may not cater to bass enthusiasts and dynamic fans, it certainly offers much to the sensitive audiophile. Its emphasis on resolution, tonal richness, and spacious soundstage make it a remarkable choice for those who want to delve deeper into their recordings. The Arrivato V2 embraces a different path in the audio world, and it’s precisely that unique journey that sets it apart.

Reasons to Buy the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2:

  1. Exceptional Build Quality: The Arrivato V2 boasts a unique carbon concrete housing that is visually striking and acoustically superior. This construction minimizes resonance and contributes to the speaker’s overall performance.
  2. High-Resolution Audio: These speakers deliver high-resolution audio with a ribbon tweeter and an Accuton midrange driver. They capture fine details and nuances in music, making your listening experience immersive and lifelike.
  3. Precise Imaging: The Arrivato V2 offers a wide, deep soundstage with precise instrument placement. Its spatial imaging capabilities immerse you in the music, providing a three-dimensional listening experience.
  4. Neutral Sound Signature: These speakers maintain tonal accuracy and balance across the frequency spectrum, providing a neutral and uncolored sound. Instruments and vocals are faithfully reproduced, making them ideal for critical listening.
  5. Low-Level Resolution: The Arrivato V2 reveals quiet musical elements and subtle room reverberations. This high level of detail enriches the sound, contributing to a realistic and captivating listening experience.
  6. Unique Design: The slim and elegant design of the Arrivato V2 allows it to blend seamlessly into various living environments. The distinctive concrete construction is visually appealing.

Reasons Not to Buy the Betonart Audio Arrivato V2:

  1. Limited Deep Bass: If you’re a deep bass enthusiast or enjoy heavy-hitting, low-frequency performance, the Arrivato V2 may not be the best choice. While it offers a substantial upper bass, it doesn’t focus on deep bass reproduction.
  2. Higher Price Point: The Arrivato V2 comes at a premium price, which might not fit everyone’s budget. Other high-quality speakers are available at lower prices if cost is a significant concern.
  3. Size and Weight: These speakers are relatively large and heavy, which could be a limitation for smaller rooms or if you plan to move them frequently.
  4. Specific Audiophile Audience: The Arrivato V2 is designed for audiophiles who appreciate high-resolution audio and are willing to invest in a premium speaker system. If you’re not an audiophile or have different audio preferences, these speakers may be overkill for your needs.

The Betonart Audio Arrivato V2 is an excellent choice for audiophiles seeking uncompromising audio quality, precise imaging, and a unique design. However, you may want to explore other options if you prioritize deep bass, have budget constraints, or prefer smaller, more portable speakers.