Review: Conan Exiles – Full of imperfections

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Review: Conan Exiles – It is May 2018 and no one will miss out on which genres have become very popular lately and are still rising. Not only Battle Royale is totally hip, but also in the Survival genre, many publishers get a piece of money. One of the most recent games, fresh from the early access phase, is Conan Exiles. In this game you have to survive in a variety of conditions, from a barren desert to the snowy slopes of a gigantic mountain and everything in between. Fortunately, you do not have to stand alone and you can expect help from an unexpected angle.

Conan Exiles : Is this what a female Jesus looks like?

The beginning of the game is immediately a bizarre sensation. If allowed by institutions (predetermined), you hang nailed to a cross in your Adam or Eve costume. Thirsty, hungry, left in the burning sun and doomed. A familiar face comes to your aid, namely the one and only Conan himself. When he frees you from your rather awkward position, he leaves you to your fate again. The strongest survives and you have to prove yourself. However, this is not a job that is done, because the world that awaits you is filled to the brim with dangers and only a handful of benevolent souls.

Conan Exiles – Offline, online co-op or a server with 40 others

But what your future life looks like is something you can secure with peace of mind. Defining a path that is littered with enemies and risks can be a very challenging task. If you do not dare to do this alone, it is possible to take on this challenge with a host of other players online. You have the option to choose between Player vs. Enemy and Player vs. Player. In the first, other players can not break or steal your belongings and belongings and do not make you smaller. In the second, it can sometimes happen that your neighbor is jealous of all the riches that you have won and put the fier. Or maybe he had a bad mood and aired it up by slapping you with a club a few times. If you do not feel like it, you can also play the game offline.

Regardless of which option you like the most, the goal in Conan Exiles is the same for everyone. Collect, build and conquer. Anyone who is familiar with the genre will be comfortable with this atmosphere, but Conan offers you so much more. The gigantic world is divided into different ‘biomes’ and each of the areas also has a kind of final boss, which you can actually defy with one or two others. When you overpower this, you will be rewarded with epic gear and weapons and in the world of Conan there is nothing better than showing which terrible enemies you have tamed. Note that these bosses do not receive more or less health depending on the number of people who attack him, so they are a lot less easy to beat on your own.

Peacock, peacock, my house is more beautiful than yours

For those who are less interested, there is also the possibility to simply collect and build. It is also possible to catch slaves and break their will, and then put them to work in your humble abode. Before you know it, it is a thriving settlement that you can dress in many different ways. Building in the game works – even with a controller – perfectly. Once you are used to the physics of the game and how you can and can not build, it will go naturally. Do not expect that you can build everything immediately, because some recipes for certain items are hidden behind level requirements and you have to invest points for that. The only sad thing is that it is not immediately clear what you need to get certain ingredients and the only thing you can do about this is kill everything you encounter and shoot.

As we mentioned earlier, the dangers and enemies in the world numerous and you will not have to look far before you encounter something that wants to kill you. Hiding from a sandstorm as you flee your life and being chased by living skeletons with razor-sharp swords quickly sets the tone. Below, however, the game seems to suffer enormously, because there is often so much going on that it is not uncommon that you are surprised or passively surprised by heavy framedrops that sometimes sometimes tick the 0. This is a big problem both on the normal PS4 and on the PS4 Pro and perhaps due to poor optimization. Sometimes the image is completely silent, which can result in a certain death if you happen to be sparring with an enemy or six. Especially during end bosses or PvP agencies this can get on your nerves.

A game like this obviously has imperfections …

The game itself looks fine, but you notice right away that certain things just paid less attention. So you stand somewhere in the jungle stones cut away, but the hit box is not recognized so you have to stand differently to receive materials. The audio can be delayed at times by up to three (!) Seconds, which is clearly noticeable when you jump down from a higher location and only hear the ‘umpf’ when you are already running. And server instability – my God, that is probably the worst. Almost the whole days you can not get to the server where you have saved your entire hiding and if you can connect with it, there is the possibility that you will be plagued by terrible lay.

Fortunately, you can get worse out of the way to go, adjust the server settings. So normally you drop everything and spawn without any clothing and you have to run back to your dead body to get everything back. You can turn this off, or make sure nobody can just rob your body. You can make enemies stronger or weaker, speed up or slow down day and night, reduce the need to eat and drink, and so on. You do not have to adjust anything, but in certain situations it can soften the blow if you are far away from home and you have just collected rare materials, for example.

… but that is not to be missed press!

Nevertheless, there are plenty of things in the game that you may be happy about. It can attract the most casual gamers, as you level and follow the ‘Journey’ (instructions that you can follow in the form of mini-quests, but are not required), the game can actually play as a sandbox so that there is never an end to it. Are you such a person who is interested in the genre, but looking for more challenges in the endgame? Then Conan is exactly your thing. The little bit further, a bit more, a little bigger and a bit better is an addiction that makes the hours fly by as if it were nothing. There are downsides to this game that can be a big damper, but still you keep coming back for more.

There is room for improvement and expansion, but Conan Exiles takes good care of it. There are a lot of things that we would add, but all this is still future music and developer Funcom is working hard on this. So we can look for slaves (or Thralls, as they are called in this game) that can be sent out to collect materials so that you can build and craften. Mounts to travel faster and pets to keep you company. More recipes to build, to disassemble yourself, to arm yourself and who knows what else.