Review: Blue Yeti X microphone

Review: Blue Yeti X microphone is a fairly expensive microphone (± € 170, -), but it produces excellent sound and a high-quality design.

Review: Blue Yeti X microphone – In this current decade, gaming has changed a lot in several areas. In 2019 it is very common to see others playing games on Twitch, YouTube is a great platform to watch gameplay videos, and there are many more channels where you can go for your daily dose of gaming entertainment. The entry into setting up something yourself via the aforementioned platforms is also so low that everyone can get started with it. However, for the best quality you will have to make some investments and one of them is audio recording equipment. The Blue Yeti X is a good but pricey (± € 170) choice, according to an extensive test.

A child can do the laundry

The Blue brand is known for its audio recording equipment and chances are if you see streamers or YouTubers in action, they are using a microphone from this brand. They are relatively pricey microphones, but that is of course not without reason. Blue is committed to providing a multifunctional microphone that is highly capable of meeting the needs of all its users. This can focus on recording audio for games, but the microphones are also suitable for studio recordings, podcast recordings and more. The Blue Yeti X in particular is a perfect model for this, given it has all kinds of functions to create the most optimal result for every situation.

All this comes in a nice package that consists of course the microphone, a quick start guide, which serves more as an icon explanation form and a USB cable. Just flip open the microphone, given that it is folded in to save space, connect the USB cable and download the software to get started with the microphone. A child can do the laundry, it’s that simple. Is your PC not picking up the microphone? Restart it and chances are that it will work like a charm afterwards. The microphone does not have much to do, it seems at first glance, which benefits the ease of use, because the connection is arranged in no time.

Sleek design

You can, however, question the cable used, because it goes from micro USB to normal USB. For users of USB-C there is no cable available and it is actually a bit strange that it is not also included. Now of course converters are for sale, but that is an extra step you have to take. Well, having said that, there is little else to criticize the microphone in terms of connection and ease of use. This is a really serious microphone and you can see that in everything. First of all, the microphone is relatively heavy, which is mainly due to the standard with which the microphone is at a good height. By the way – just like with other Yeti models – it is possible to detach the microphone from the stand and mount it on an arm, which you can also purchase from Blue.

Blue Yeti X microphone

Detaching is easy by loosening two rotary knobs on the side and on the bottom of the microphone you will find a screw thread to mount it on the arm. That way you can make your entire set-up even more flexible if you have an arm. This is not necessarily necessary for (vocal) studio recordings or podcast recordings, but if you want to specifically record content before and during gaming, then such an arm is of course a lot easier and that is perfectly possible in combination with this microphone. This means that the microphone is practically equipped with all functions and with a matte black color that is finished with silver accents, it can be said that it is a stylish product that certainly does not look out of place in your streaming / studio set-up. In short, it is a beautiful thing that has a premium look and feel.

Crystal clear sound

Anyone familiar with the Blue brand knows that the audio recording quality is very good and this new microphone is no different. The sound you record is recorded slightly warmer, making it sound fuller. In a well-isolated environment you will get the best audio quality where you can control how much volume is picked up via the rotary wheel on the microphone. In addition, the microphone has a function to mute ambient noise, so that the majority of irrelevant audio is filtered out. Based on different recording scenarios, we can briefly summarize that the sound sounds very good, which the average streamer / YouTuber can handle just fine. If something is not quite to your liking? Then you can tweak that perfectly with the software that you can download for this.

Perfect adjustment

To set up the microphone as you wish, you can download the Logitech G Hub software, which is a package for all kinds of Logitech peripherals. This software is also used for this microphone, since Logitech is now the owner of Blue. With the software you can adjust many subtle details to create a perfect balance in your recordings and you can then save that as a preset. The options go quite deep, so you can tinker for a long time on the most ideal settings that offer the best sound quality for you. The software is pretty self-explanatory, although a slightly more extensive tutorial wouldn’t have been out of place for more context to the whole. This from the point of view that it may not be as accessible to newcomers if they do not know what they are doing.

With that software you can on the one hand adjust the input in detail. On the other hand, you also get the option to adjust the output to your headset – which you can connect to the microphone via a mini jack – as you wish, giving you the best possible audio experience and quality in every respect. As an extra, this microphone now comes with some fun LED features, which you can set to your preference in terms of color. Naturally, the microphone has a number of built-in features, which are indicated by a color scheme. Think of audio recording volume, but also mute, the audio position of the microphone and more. Everything is set by default, but if that is not to your liking, you can adjust it with the software.

Just like the previous Yeti model, Blue Yeti X microphone also has a number of standard recording patterns. That is not so much about the specific setting as already mentioned, but more about the recording situation to which you can tune the microphone. The four functions are: Stereo, Cardioid, Omni and Bidirectional. The first mode is self-explanatory, it records sound left and right which is good for when you want to record everything around you with a focus on the sound direction you are speaking from. Do you want everything to be evenly absorbed? Then the Omni mode is the best option and for gaming, musical goals and more, the Cardioid mode is the ideal feature, as it really focuses on the speaking direction of the person in front of the microphone.

Blue Yeti X microphone

Finally you have Bidirectional and in that mode the focus is on recordings from the front and back of the microphone. This is especially interesting if you want to work with a podcast or if you are conducting an interview, for example. Obviously, these four functions differ in audio recording quality, as recording from a specific direction is prioritized. Switching between these modes is very easy, since you have a button on the back of the microphone to switch between them. That also brings us to the last point and that is that turning and pressing buttons on the microphone during use does not have too much impact on the recordings, fortunately. Yes, you will hear it, but it is muted enough by the microphone that it does not disturb too much.

Blue Yeti X microphone – Conclusion

Blue more or less equates to good quality and they now prove it again with the Blue Yeti X microphone. It is a fairly expensive microphone (± € 170, -), but you get that in the form of excellent sound and a high-quality design. Connecting is a piece of cake and the use is very pleasant, also because it differs little from previous models. The possibilities to set the microphone very accurately via the Logitech G Hub is a great option for any user who wants to make a very precise set-up in order. This software can be a bit of a leap of faith for newcomers and the lack of a USB-C cable is a bit inconvenient, but those are actually the only two downsides to an otherwise excellent product. In short, are you considering getting started with YouTube and / or streaming and are you looking for good audio recording equipment? Then the Blue Yeti X is certainly a good choice.

Positives of Blue Yeti X microphone

  • Nice design
  • Lots of functions
  • Excellent sound
  • Pleasant to use

Negatives of Blue Yeti X microphone

  • Software could use some tutorials
  • No USB-C connection

You can buy the product from here.

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