Review: Ayers Five Active Wireless Three-way Speaker – Harmonizing Audiophile Elegance

Review: Ayers Five Active wireless three-way speaker: Harmonizing Audiophile Elegance with Technological Mastery- "Immerse in refined audio artistry with Ayers Five Wireless excellence."

Unleash Your Creativity at Inklang, Hamburg

Welcome to the world of sonic innovation, where craftsmanship meets creativity at Inklang in Hamburg. The unique allure of assembling your own speakers while enjoying a glass of bubbly is just the beginning of the audio journey that Inklang promises. With a legacy spanning nearly a decade, Inklang has captivated audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike by pushing the boundaries of customization. One of their latest gems, the Ayers Five Wireless, exemplifies the brand’s commitment to delivering a truly immersive audio experience. From cutting-edge technology, including Qualcomm’s DDFA amplification, to the seamless connectivity hub of the HD10 Stream Connect, Inklang’s offerings redefine the intersection of lifestyle and audiophile-grade sound.

Step into this review, and embark on a detailed exploration of the Ayers Five Wireless and its accompanying HD10 Stream Connect. From effortless setup processes to nuanced sonic performances, discover how Inklang has seamlessly blended innovative design with high-end audio engineering, earning its place as a top recommendation in the world of customizable, high-fidelity speakers.

Inklang, the audio visionary based in Hamburg, has been crafting a distinct niche in the world of high-end audio for almost a decade. Founded on the principle of marrying craftsmanship with ingenuity, Inklang has become synonymous with customizable loudspeakers that go beyond the conventional. The company’s commitment to innovation is evident in its latest flagship model, the Ayers Five Wireless, where cutting-edge technology and thoughtful design converge to redefine the audio experience. With an unwavering dedication to providing audiophiles with unique, immersive solutions, Inklang has solidified its position as a trailblazer in the industry, setting new standards for both lifestyle and high-fidelity audio enthusiasts.




Frequency response (-10 dB/0°)28 Hz – 34 kHz
Max. load (watts)400.0
Sensitivity dB (1W/1 m)85.0
Nominal impedance/min. (Ω)4.0/3.6
Filter (dB)18 TW/ 12 MD/ 18 TW
Crossover frequencies400, 3,600 Hz

Drive units

2 x 182 mm (7.0″) Woofer
1 x 55 mm (2.0″) Mid-dome
1 x 22 mm (0.9″) Tweeter

Enclosure concept



Audio input

Single-Wire Terminal for
max. cross section: 8 mm²
5-6 mm Bananas
Multi-Space Spade



26.6 kg

Overall dimensions mm (W x H x D)

205 (290 incl. baseplate) x 1,163 x 410

Operating environment

0° C to 40° C
No proximity to fireplaces / stoves
No direct sunlight for hours

Improvements in Inklang Five:

Envision an audio masterpiece in the making with the potential Inklang Five, building on the legacy of its predecessors, Inklang Ayers Four and Inklang Ayers Three. Speculatively anticipating advanced driver technologies, refined crossover frequencies, and heightened connectivity, it aims to redefine the boundaries of high-fidelity audio.

  1. Driver Configuration and Technology:
    • The Inklang Five could potentially feature an advanced driver configuration and incorporate cutting-edge driver technologies, surpassing the capabilities of both the Three and the Four. This might include enhancements in material quality and design for improved audio accuracy.
  2. Crossover Frequencies and Signal Processing:
    • The Inklang Five might introduce refinements in crossover frequencies and signal processing, aiming for seamless transitions between drivers and improved frequency response. This could lead to a more coherent and detailed sound reproduction.
  3. Amplification and Power Handling:
    • Building on the DDFA power amplifiers used in the Inklang Three, the Five may feature more powerful amplification or advanced amplifier technologies. This could result in increased power handling, allowing for higher volume levels and improved dynamic range.
  4. Connectivity and Input Options:
    • The Inklang Five might offer expanded connectivity options, including advanced digital inputs and wireless protocols. This could cater to audiophiles seeking versatile and modern connectivity features, surpassing the capabilities of both the Three and the Four.
  5. Aesthetic Design and Customization:
    • Following the trend set by the Inklang Three’s customizable paint colors, the Inklang Five could introduce even more customization options for aesthetics, allowing users to personalize the speakers to a greater extent.
  6. Overall Sound Quality and Spatial Imaging:
    • Improvements in overall sound quality, including enhanced bass response, clearer midrange, and refined treble, might be a focus in the Inklang Five. Spatial imaging and soundstage could see advancements for a more immersive listening experience.
  7. Build Quality and Materials:
    • The build quality and materials used in the construction of the Inklang Five could be upgraded, possibly incorporating premium materials to minimize resonance, enhance durability, and contribute to a more sophisticated design.
  8. Advanced Features and Technologies:
    • The Inklang Five may introduce new and advanced features or technologies that weren’t present in the Three or the Four. This could include advancements in DSP (Digital Signal Processing), room correction, or other innovative technologies to elevate the overall performance.

Customization Reimagined: Ayers Five Wireless

Step into the future of personalized audio with the Ayers Five Wireless by Inklang. This flagship model stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of customization and redefining the listening experience.

Innovative Driver Configuration:

The Ayers Five Wireless introduces an innovative driver configuration, meticulously designed for optimal performance. With specific enhancements to the midrange and tweeter, the speaker aims to deliver a finely tuned and immersive soundstage.

Enhanced Connectivity Options:

Breaking free from conventional constraints, this model offers an array of connectivity options. From digital inputs such as optical and coaxial to wireless capabilities, the Ayers Five Wireless ensures a seamless integration with various audio sources.

Artistry in Aesthetics:

Inklang takes customization to a new level, allowing users to choose from an extensive range of paint colors. The Ayers Five Wireless becomes a canvas for personal expression, seamlessly blending into any interior while delivering exceptional audio quality.

Amplification Excellence:

Boasting DDFA power amplifiers, the Ayers Five Wireless harnesses a robust 500 watts of power. This amplification powerhouse ensures clarity, precision, and the ability to fill any room with a captivating audio presence.

Spatial Prowess:

The positioning of woofers on the baffle is a deliberate choice, contributing to cleaner room excitation and avoiding signal migration. The Ayers Five Wireless exhibits superior spatial prowess, creating a well-defined and immersive listening environment.

HD10 Stream Connect Integration:

With the HD10 Stream Connect, Inklang provides a streamlined digital signal path from source to drivers. This integration eliminates the need for external D/A converters and ensures a pure, uninterrupted audio signal for an unparalleled listening experience.

Delving into the Sweet Spot:

Through the lens of active filtering via DSP, the Ayers Five Wireless achieves a finely tuned sweet spot. The speaker’s ability to maintain homogeneous omnidirectional radiation ensures that the listener experiences optimal sound quality regardless of their position.

Audiophile All-Rounder:

Contrary to the trend of emphasizing impressive bass volume, the Ayers Five Wireless takes a different approach. Straying from sensationalism, it aims to be an audiophile all-rounder, delivering a clear, balanced, and nuanced sound signature across various music genres.

Futuristic Elegance:

Inklang’s Ayers Five Wireless stands not just as a technological marvel but also as an elegant piece of future-forward audio design. With its combination of advanced features, customization options, and uncompromising sound quality, it reimagines the possibilities of a personalized listening experience.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Qualcomm’s DDFA Amplification

Evolutionary Advancements with DDFA Amplification:

Delve into the realm of cutting-edge audio technology with Qualcomm’s DDFA (Direct Digital Feedback Amplification). This revolutionary amplification system represents a paradigm shift in the pursuit of sonic excellence, providing a host of benefits that redefine the audio amplification landscape.

Precision in Amplification:

DDFA Amplification, developed by Qualcomm, leverages direct digital feedback to achieve unparalleled precision in signal processing. Unlike traditional amplifiers, DDFA operates entirely in the digital domain, minimizing signal degradation and maximizing fidelity.

Integration in High-End Audio:

Widely recognized for its integration in high-end audio systems, DDFA finds a home in premium loudspeakers like Inklang’s Ayers Five Wireless. The collaboration between Inklang and Qualcomm reflects a commitment to delivering audiophile-grade amplification for the most discerning listeners.

Eliminating the Need for Traditional DAC Chips:

One of DDFA’s distinctive advantages lies in its ability to eliminate the need for traditional DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) chips. By operating digitally throughout the amplification process, DDFA ensures a more direct and unaltered translation of the audio signal, preserving its integrity.

Dual Independent Power Amplifiers:

In the Ayers Five Wireless, Qualcomm’s DDFA Amplification takes center stage with dual independent power amplifiers for each channel. This configuration not only enhances the speaker’s overall power but also contributes to a more refined and controlled audio output.

Enhanced Control and Flexibility:

The integration of DDFA technology provides manufacturers, like Inklang, with enhanced control and flexibility in speaker design. The Ayers Five Wireless benefits from this flexibility, allowing for precise tuning and optimization, resulting in a speaker that meets the highest standards of audio performance.

Streamlining the Signal Path:

DDFA technology facilitates a streamlined digital signal path from the source to the drivers. By maintaining a digital signal until the final stages of amplification, potential distortions associated with analog signal conversions are minimized, contributing to a purer audio reproduction.

Exemplifying Innovation:

Qualcomm’s DDFA Amplification stands as a testament to continuous innovation in the audio industry. Its integration in speakers like the Ayers Five Wireless not only elevates the listening experience but also paves the way for future advancements in high-fidelity audio technology.

The Connectivity Hub: HD10 Stream Connect

Unveiling the HD10 Stream Connect:

Embark on a journey of seamless connectivity with the HD10 Stream Connect, a sophisticated hub designed to be the heartbeat of your audio system. This connectivity powerhouse, integrated into Inklang’s Ayers Five Wireless, redefines the possibilities of audio streaming and ensures a robust and versatile link between sources and speakers.

A Digital Gateway:

The HD10 Stream Connect serves as a digital gateway, ushering in a new era of audio connectivity. With a range of input options, both wired and wireless, this hub becomes the central nexus through which audio signals flow, ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted digital pathway.

Diverse Digital Inputs:

Versatility is at the core of the HD10 Stream Connect. It accommodates various digital inputs, including S/PDIF (optical and coaxial), HDMI ARC, USB-A, and LAN, providing users with a plethora of options to connect their preferred audio sources. This diverse range of inputs caters to audiophiles with different playback preferences.

Wireless Connectivity:

In addition to wired options, the HD10 Stream Connect embraces wireless connectivity, supporting Bluetooth and WLAN. This wireless prowess enhances flexibility, allowing users to effortlessly stream audio from compatible devices and enjoy the freedom of a cable-free setup.

Enabling HiRes Audio:

With a maximum resolution of 192 kHz/24 bit, the HD10 Stream Connect ensures that high-resolution audio signals are faithfully reproduced. This commitment to HiRes audio quality aligns with the pursuit of delivering an uncompromised listening experience for discerning audiophiles.

Direct Integration with Ayers Five Wireless:

The HD10 Stream Connect establishes a seamless and direct connection with the Ayers Five Wireless speakers. This integration not only simplifies the setup process but also ensures a continuous digital signal path from the source to the speakers, avoiding unnecessary conversions and preserving audio purity.

InX App: Your Gateway to Music Exploration:

Complementing the HD10 Stream Connect is the InX app, a user-friendly interface that empowers listeners to explore their music collection effortlessly. From accessing home NAS (UPnP) to streaming from popular cloud services like Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, and Highresaudio, the InX app puts the control at your fingertips.

Effortless Setup and Intuitive Design:

The HD10 Stream Connect doesn’t just excel in functionality but also in user experience. The setup process is question-free and intuitive, ensuring that users can seamlessly configure their audio system without unnecessary complexities. The app’s graphic design adds to the overall user-friendly experience with its simplicity and functionality.

Stable Connectivity, Effortless Pairing:

Ensuring stability is a fundamental feature of the HD10 Stream Connect. Whether connecting to the router via WPS or pairing directly with the Ayers Five Wireless speakers, the connectivity remains stable even after unplugging and re-plugging all devices simultaneously.

Elevating the Listening Experience:

In essence, the HD10 Stream Connect serves as a connectivity hub that not only facilitates the integration of diverse audio sources but also elevates the overall listening experience. Its technological prowess, coupled with user-friendly features, positions it as a vital component in creating an immersive and connected audio environment.

Setting Up the Trio: Effortless and Intuitive

Uncomplicated Installation Process:

Immerse yourself in a hassle-free audio setup with the Inklang HD10 Stream Connect and Ayers Five Wireless trio. Designed with user convenience in mind, the installation process is a seamless experience, ensuring that even those new to advanced audio systems can effortlessly bring this trio to life.

Intuitive InX App Guidance:

The InX app takes the lead in guiding users through the setup journey. Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface eliminate the need for extensive technical know-how. Navigating through menus, from connecting the HD10 Stream Connect to pairing with the Ayers Five Wireless speakers, becomes a straightforward and enjoyable process.

Wireless Connectivity at Your Fingertips:

The HD10 Stream Connect simplifies the often intricate task of connecting to a wireless network. Utilizing WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) ensures a swift and secure connection to the router. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast or a casual user, the wireless setup is designed to be accessible to all, minimizing complexities.

Physical Pairing for Added Convenience:

In addition to app-based setup, the Ayers Five Wireless speakers provide a physical pairing option. A turn-and-press combination button on the front of the HD10 Stream Connect initiates the connection process. Navigate effortlessly through the menu, select the Speaker option, and with a simple press of the pairing button on the back panel of the first speaker, the trio seamlessly comes to life.

Stability Beyond Expectations:

Once set up, the trio demonstrates exceptional stability. Even if all three devices are unplugged simultaneously, the connection remains stable upon re-plugging. This reliability ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted audio experiences without the need for constant reconfiguration.

Minimal Intervention, Maximum Enjoyment:

The Ayers Five Wireless speakers are crafted to deliver out-of-the-box performance. While experimenting with high-quality foot solutions or power cords is an option, the speakers are designed to captivate listeners without the need for extensive tweaking. This minimal intervention approach allows users to focus on the enjoyment of their favorite music.

Effortless Integration with Source Devices:

The HD10 Stream Connect acts as a bridge between source devices and the Ayers Five Wireless speakers. Its comprehensive connectivity options, including digital inputs and wireless protocols, eliminate compatibility concerns. The continuous digital signal path ensures that users can fully exploit the capabilities of their audio sources without additional complications.

User-Friendly Design, Future-Forward Technology:

In summary, setting up the Inklang HD10 Stream Connect and Ayers Five Wireless trio is a testament to user-friendly design and future-forward technology. The combination of intuitive app guidance, wireless connectivity options, and stability in operation makes this trio an inviting choice for both audio enthusiasts and those new to high-end audio setups.

Sonic Performance: Where Audiophile Meets Lifestyle

Harmonizing Audiophile Fidelity with Lifestyle Elegance:

Dive into an unparalleled auditory realm where the realms of audiophile precision seamlessly converge with the elegance of lifestyle aesthetics. The Inklang Ayers Five Wireless transcends the conventional boundaries, offering a sonic performance that resonates with the most discerning audiophiles while effortlessly blending into contemporary lifestyles.

Audiophile-Grade Bass Prowess:

In a departure from trends emphasizing overwhelming bass, the Ayers Five Wireless introduces a nuanced approach. Boasting a powerful yet controlled bass response, this speaker captivates with its ability to deliver deep, resonant lows without sacrificing musical finesse. The result is a bass performance finely attuned to the nuances of each genre, from the intricate basslines of jazz to the pulsating rhythms of electronic beats.

Qualitative Advancements from Ayers Three and Four:

Building upon the legacy of Ayers Three and Four, the Ayers Five Wireless stands as an evolutionary leap. Not merely a quantitative upgrade in terms of housing volume, membrane area, or amplifier power, but a qualitative refinement that maintains a consistent commitment to delivering a superior listening experience.

Meticulously Crafted Midrange Excellence:

Inklang’s dedication to sonic excellence is evident in the meticulous crafting of the midrange frequencies. With a deliberate focus on midrange drivers featuring a narrow-band use, the Ayers Five Wireless achieves a harmonious balance. This attention to detail, facilitated by active filtering via DSP, allows for an expansive development scope and an immersive midrange performance.

Distinctive High-Frequency Precision:

The high-frequency domain of the Ayers Five Wireless is a showcase of distinctive precision. Supported by a DSP filter with a high slope, the 22 mm tweeter meets the demands of high workloads without compromising on clarity. The result is a high-frequency reproduction that strikes a delicate balance – offering clarity without harshness, intricacy without overwhelming detail.

Spatial Prowess and Homogeneous Radiance:

Inklang’s spatial prowess takes center stage, enhancing the listening experience with a beautifully large format and pinpoint location accuracy. The deliberate placement of woofers on the baffle, along with Inklang’s commitment to homogeneous omnidirectional radiation, creates a captivating three-dimensional sonic stage that extends beyond the traditional sweet spot.

Balanced Transparency and Warmth:

Contrary to pursuing sensational sound signatures, the Ayers Five Wireless strikes a chord between transparency and warmth. Vocals, whether ethereally angelic or energetically robust, are rendered authentically. The balance achieved ensures that the subtleties in micro-information are conveyed with finesse, even as the speakers maintain a pleasant and engaging tonal character.

Audiophile All-Rounder:

In a market segment known for extremes, the Ayers Five Wireless stands out as an audiophile all-rounder. Its ability to transcend genre boundaries, from infernal post-metal to bass-heavy dubstep, demonstrates a versatility that appeals to a diverse audience. It’s not about overpowering volume or exaggerated dynamics – it’s about delivering a balanced, refined sonic experience.

Future-Forward Connectivity:

The integration of Qualcomm’s DDFA Amplification and the HD10 Stream Connect ensures a future-forward connectivity landscape. From diverse digital inputs to wireless options, this combination maintains a continuous digital signal path, upholding the audio purity law. The result is a seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and timeless sonic finesse.

A Sonic Masterpiece for Every Setting:

In the Ayers Five Wireless, Inklang has crafted more than a loudspeaker; it’s a sonic masterpiece designed to enhance every setting. Whether in a dedicated listening room or seamlessly integrated into a modern living space, the Ayers Five Wireless bridges the gap between audiophile pursuits and lifestyle elegance, creating an immersive and sophisticated listening experience for all.

Audiophile All-Rounder: Balanced and Refined

A Sonic Epitome of Versatility:

The Inklang Ayers Five Wireless stands as the paragon of an audiophile all-rounder, offering a listening experience that effortlessly navigates across diverse musical landscapes. In a realm often dominated by extreme sonic signatures, the Ayers Five takes a unique stance, prioritizing a balanced and refined sonic character that resonates with a wide spectrum of audiophiles.

Musical Neutrality and Engaging Dynamics:

At the heart of the Ayers Five’s sonic philosophy is a commitment to musical neutrality without compromising on engaging dynamics. This delicate equilibrium ensures that the speakers neither tip towards excessive warmth nor lean towards clinical precision. Instead, they carve a niche where musicality thrives, inviting listeners to explore genres with equal enthusiasm.

Subtle Bass Mastery:

In a departure from the commonplace pursuit of booming bass, the Ayers Five masters the art of subtlety. The bass response, powerful yet controlled, refrains from overwhelming the musical spectrum. Each bass note is delivered with precision, allowing for a nuanced exploration of low-frequency intricacies, making it an ideal companion for genres ranging from jazz to electronic.

Midrange Finesse Through DSP:

The midrange frequencies receive meticulous attention, employing digital signal processing (DSP) for an unparalleled level of finesse. The narrow-band use of midrange drivers, guided by active filtering, unlocks a realm of sonic possibilities. This precision in midrange reproduction ensures that every vocal nuance and instrument resonance is faithfully captured.

High-Frequency Elegance:

The high-frequency domain exhibits a rare elegance, where a 22 mm tweeter, supported by a high-slope DSP filter, navigates the intricate demands of treble reproduction. The result is a high-frequency performance that strikes the delicate balance between clarity and a refined, non-fatiguing presentation, ensuring an enjoyable listening experience over extended periods.

Spatial Mastery and Homogeneous Radiance:

Spatial mastery defines the Ayers Five’s sonic signature. By strategically placing woofers on the baffle and embracing homogeneous omnidirectional radiation, the speakers create a captivating three-dimensional soundstage. This spatial finesse extends beyond the traditional sweet spot, enveloping listeners in a rich sonic tapestry.

Transparent Vocals and Micro-Dynamic Detail:

Vocal reproduction is a testament to the Ayers Five’s commitment to transparency and micro-dynamic detail. Whether it’s the ethereal grace of female voices or the charismatic resonance of male vocals, the speakers deliver an authentic portrayal. The subtle milder tuning avoids excesses, ensuring that details shine through without overwhelming the listener.

Versatility in Musical Genres:

The Ayers Five’s versatility becomes evident as it effortlessly navigates through diverse musical genres. From the infernal post-metal’s intricate layers to the rhythmic beats of bass-heavy dubstep, the speakers maintain composure. Their ability to adapt to different sonic landscapes positions them as an ideal choice for listeners with eclectic musical preferences.

Future-Forward Connectivity:

Beyond sonic excellence, the Ayers Five embraces future-forward connectivity. Qualcomm’s DDFA Amplification and the HD10 Stream Connect create a digital pathway that preserves audio purity. The seamless integration of diverse digital inputs and wireless options ensures that the speakers remain at the forefront of contemporary audio technology.

A Sonic Companion for Every Audiophile:

In the Ayers Five Wireless, audiophiles find a companion that transcends the boundaries of sonic preferences. Its balanced and refined character, coupled with a commitment to musicality, makes it a versatile choice for those seeking an immersive and engaging listening experience across a myriad of musical genres.

Fine-Tuning Possibilities: Power Cables and Analog Inputs

Tailoring Sonic Characteristics with Power Cables:

Unlocking fine-tuning possibilities, the Ayers Five Wireless invites enthusiasts to explore the impact of power cables on sonic characteristics. While the speakers shine with the included standard power cables, audiophiles with an inclination for customization can delve into the world of high-quality power cables. Switching to alternatives, such as the Audioplan Ampère L, introduces a subtle shift in mid-high frequencies and dynamic behavior. This nuanced adjustment allows users to tailor the sonic output according to personal preferences, offering a gateway to a more customized audio experience.

Analog Inputs: A Delicate Balance:

In the pursuit of sonic perfection, the Ayers Five Wireless accommodates analog inputs as an additional fine-tuning avenue. While the primary focus remains on maintaining a continuous digital signal path, the analog input option serves as a thoughtful inclusion for those with diverse audio sources. However, the impact of analog input, when compared to the pristine digital pathway, reveals subtle nuances. A careful listener may discern a slightly diminished sense of looseness and timbre opacity, emphasizing the importance of choosing inputs that align with individual preferences. The Ayers Five Wireless tactfully balances digital purity with the flexibility of analog inputs, providing users with a delicate choice in tailoring their auditory experience.

Intuitive Usability and Distinctive Features: Unleashing the Power of Ayers Five Wireless

Effortless Usability:

The Inklang HD10 Stream Connect and Ayers Five Wireless trio epitomize usability with a design focused on simplicity and user-friendly functionality. The setup process is a seamless endeavor, catering to both seasoned audiophiles and newcomers to high-end audio systems. The InX app takes center stage, offering an intuitive interface that guides users through the setup journey effortlessly. From connecting the HD10 Stream Connect to pairing with the Ayers Five Wireless speakers, every step is designed for accessibility, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable user experience.

Wireless Control Highlights:

One of the standout features lies in the wireless control of the Ayers Five Wireless speakers. The HD10 Stream Connect serves as the connectivity hub, enabling users to stream audio wirelessly from various sources. Whether streaming from a local device like the Melco N50-S38 or cloud-based platforms like Qobuz, the wireless capabilities enhance convenience. The continuous digital signal path ensures a direct and untarnished connection from the source to the speakers, eliminating the need for external digital-to-analog converters.

Physical and App-Based Pairing:

The Ayers Five Wireless speakers provide dual options for pairing – both physical and app-based. The turn-and-press combination button on the front of the HD10 Stream Connect initiates the connection process via the app. Additionally, users can opt for a direct pairing method using the physical buttons on the devices. This flexibility caters to individual preferences, allowing for a quick and stable connection.

Stable Connectivity:

The stability of the connection is a notable feature, even in scenarios where all three devices are simultaneously unplugged. The trio maintains stability upon re-plugging, eliminating the need for repeated configurations. This reliability ensures that users can enjoy uninterrupted audio experiences without the frustration of constant reconnection.

Comprehensive Connectivity Options:

The HD10 Stream Connect offers a myriad of connectivity options, ranging from digital inputs (optical, coaxial, HDMI ARC, USB-A, LAN) to wireless protocols (Bluetooth and WLAN). This comprehensive range of inputs accommodates various source devices, providing users with flexibility. The InX app complements this connectivity by offering direct access to home NAS (UPnP) or cloud-based services like Spotify Connect, Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, and Highresaudio.

Power of Kleernet Wireless Connection:

The wireless connection between the HD10 Stream Connect and Ayers Wireless speakers operates on the Kleernet standard, boasting a HiRes resolution of up to 192 kHz/24 bit. This high-resolution wireless capability ensures that users experience audio fidelity without compromises, offering a level of performance typically associated with wired connections.

Customization and Experimentation:

While the Ayers Five Wireless speakers are designed to deliver exceptional out-of-the-box performance, users have the option to experiment with higher quality foot solutions or power cords for further customization. The speakers, despite their nuanced sonic tuning, remain open to customization based on individual preferences. This unique blend of simplicity and customization options makes the HD10 Stream Connect and Ayers Five Wireless trio stand out as a user-centric audio solution in the market.

Conclusion: Ayers Five Wireless

In conclusion, the Inklang Ayers Five Wireless emerges as a paragon of sonic sophistication and user-friendly design in the realm of high-end audio. With its versatile musicality, striking a delicate balance between warmth and precision, the Ayers Five beckons both seasoned audiophiles and newcomers alike. The seamless setup, stable wireless connectivity, and forward-thinking technology, including Qualcomm’s DDFA amplification, position it as a compelling choice for those seeking an immersive, yet accessible, audio experience. While its subtle sonic character may not cater to extreme preferences, the Ayers Five Wireless stands as a beacon of balanced refinement, offering an audiophile journey that seamlessly marries elegance with technological mastery.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. Versatility in Sonic Experience: The Ayers Five Wireless presents an enticing proposition for those who appreciate versatility in their musical journey. Its ability to handle a spectrum of genres with finesse, from intricate post-metal layers to rhythmic bass-heavy dubstep, positions it as an ideal companion for audiophiles with eclectic tastes.
  2. Balanced and Refined Sound: Offering a balanced and refined sonic character, the Ayers Five strikes a delicate equilibrium between warmth and precision. This makes it a go-to choice for listeners who seek a nuanced, immersive experience without the extremes of overpowering bass or clinical precision.
  3. User-Friendly Design and Setup: The user-friendly design, facilitated by the InX app and straightforward physical pairing, makes the Ayers Five Wireless an accessible option for both seasoned audiophiles and newcomers. The ease of setup eliminates the complexities often associated with high-end audio systems.
  4. Stable Wireless Connectivity: The stability of the wireless connection, even after simultaneous unplugging and re-plugging of devices, ensures a hassle-free and uninterrupted listening experience. This reliability adds a layer of convenience for users who prioritize stable connectivity.
  5. Future-Forward Technology: Embracing cutting-edge technology, including Qualcomm’s DDFA amplification and the Kleernet wireless connection, the Ayers Five Wireless positions itself at the forefront of contemporary audio solutions. This future-forward approach ensures longevity and compatibility with evolving audio technologies.


  1. Subtle Sonic Character: If you are seeking speakers with an overtly pronounced sonic character or a penchant for extreme bass volumes, the Ayers Five Wireless might not cater to those specific preferences. Its focus on subtlety and refinement might be less appealing to those who prioritize a more sensational or bass-heavy experience.
  2. Analog Input Impact: While the Ayers Five Wireless provides analog inputs, the impact of analog input compared to the primary digital pathway might be subtle but discernible. For users who prioritize a fully digital signal path, the analog input option may not be the primary interface for demanding listening scenarios.
  3. Transparent but Not Ultra-Fine Dynamics: If your preference leans towards ultra-fine dynamic details and transparency, comparable to more expensive speaker solutions, the Ayers Five Wireless, while clear and transparent, may not deliver the same level of micro-dynamic information.

In essence, the decision to invest in the Ayers Five Wireless hinges on your preferences for a balanced and refined sonic experience, coupled with the desire for a user-friendly and technologically advanced audio solution.