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Review: Amazon Echo Dot 3 – Great Looks, Greater Sound

Review: Amazon Echo Dot 3 offers great Looks, greater Sound and best quality. However, function wise we can say it is among lowest range of Amazon speakers.
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Within Amazon’s speakers, the Amazon Echo Dot 3 arrives , promising to be a cheaper way, with the same quality and smaller than its other product ranges. The Amazon Echo Dot 3, enters as a next-generation speaker that responds to requests marked by simple voice commands from Amazon Alexa and that can become customizable. The Amazon Echo Dot 3 is arguably the lowest-end of Amazon’s speaker products, serving only primary functions, let’s find out what those functions are and what this little guy can actually do.

Amazon Echo Dot 3: A reduced design

It is a compact design, not to say small, with a very successful color combination and a blue LED light that refers to the “prime” service that Amazon offers, as well as the distinctive shape of its rising arrow.

Its dimensions span 43 mm high by 99 mm wide , it has the appearance of being a dessert or a toy that with the elegance of its colors blends as part of a modern domestic environment.

Its design makes it go unnoticed in a very comfortable way with the connectivity that it offers almost similar to that of its high-end brothers.

How’s the sound going?

The 41mm speaker response may vary in quality if there is an external speaker that emits loud sounds, while the audio output is via 3.5mm, to include external speakers via a cable, which is not included in the product box. This perhaps comes to mention this product again as the low-end of Amazon speaker products, but also giving rise to the possibility of integrating a more personalized sound

We have its ability to play music as a very small speaker, this means that no more speakers are required to make the house really feel in a “digital” way.


Good Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity is proposed , guaranteeing a very good response with other connected devices, whether Android, iOS or compatible.

Connectivity is not much sacrificed in this model, despite its price and its place in the range chain, this being the weakest link in the Amazon Echo speaker products, it is positioned well with connectivity just like any of his Echo brothers. All thanks to the implementation of the technology in the cloud of the services of Alexa , who is our personal digital assistant.

His voice is the one that will respond to the instructions we give him with a clear and intense sound that can cover a small room or a space of limited size.

What can you do with the Amazon Echo Dot 3?

With new Echo you can control from smart plugs smart power strips , smart light bulbs and other devices compatible with Alexa.

You will not be able to directly control other devices that have Zigbee technology , unless you buy an external controllerAlthough I also tell you that most devices do not need that driver .

You can also listen to music and for this I recommend an Amazon Music account , since it has many more songs than the competition and an artificial intelligence that will surprise you.

And best of all, you can ask many questions, it will help you manage your schedule, it has alarms, reminders and much more.

I recommend you read our guide to Amazon Alexa.


Frequent questions

Can the Amazon Echo Dot 3 be used without the Internet?

You can use the it without internet, but only as a wired or Bluetooth speaker. However, Alexa does not work without internet.

Does the it recognize different voices?

Nowadays, anyone can give instructions to your device, although you can create voice profiles, to personalize the responses to certain commands such as calls, news, music, purchases and others.

Is Amazon Echo Dot 3 compatible with Android and iOS?

Yes, it is compatible with both Android and iOS

Can I use Spotify for free with the it?

At the moment you can only use Spotify for free in the US. An update is being prepared so that it can be done.

Can I use the it as a Bluetooth speaker?

Yes, you can use the it as if it were a Bluetooth speaker.

Can the it be controlled independently?

If for example you have 2 Amazon Echo Dot 3 in 2 houses or in 2 rooms, you can control it separately. Just set the voice commands to run on the device you are talking to.

Can I make calls with the it?

Yes, you can make calls with the it to other Echo devices, but not to different devices.

Box contents

In the box of the Amazon Echo Dot 3 you will find:

  • A third-generation Amazon Echo Dot 3.
  • 15 Watt power adapter.
  • A Getting Started Guide.

Everything to start using your Amazon Echo Dot 3, from the moment you take it out of its box.

It is always advisable to read the user manual to fully understand the care to be taken with this device.


While Amazon has had good products in terms of speakers, this third generation of the Amazon Echo Dot 3 leaves me very surprised. The design is fine, despite the fact that it appears to be half of the Amazon Echo Plus, its high-end brother, this thanks to its colors and the Amazon logo to which it clearly refers. That maintains the quality expectation a bit, however, there are several aspects that do not stop making us think that this is the lowest range of Amazon speakers.


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