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Review: Amazon Echo (4th Generation) with Amazon Alexa

Review: Amazon Echo (4th Generation) - This review will help you to get a clear picture about Amazon's Echo speakers that are equipped with Alexa
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Amazon Echo (4th generation) is a smart speaker that connects directly with Amazon Alexa , the same service with which you can play music, make calls to any of your contacts or a phone number, receive and send messages and many other functions .

Are the speakers you currently have in your room good? Are they as good as you would like the speakers you have to be? Can your speakers set you up on a date? Can your speakers hear you?

If the answer is doubtful or simply “No”, I recommend that you pay attention to the sound of the new Amazon Echo (4th generation) speakers from Amazon.

The design of the Amazon Echo (4th generation)

It has those characteristics that make it look elegant without going unnoticed.

Its design resembles that of a very well achieved ball, with the fabric texture that gives it that appearance of being just another piece of furniture in the house, it is not a household appliance, now with Echo you have a completely intelligent house or room.

Amazon Echo (4th generation) also has four very comfortable touch buttons, a blue light that gives it a sophisticated touch and all this in a size that does not exceed 133 mm high, by approximately 144 mm wide and with a weight of 970 grams.

Surround sound

The sound from these amazing speakers is driven by a 76mm woofer , giving your songs that long-awaited bass, as well as 2 20mm tweeters .

All this in addition to having a Dolby technology that focuses on generating surround sound that is capable of filling the entire room in which you are with your favorite music.

However, its power is a mystery, it is not something that they bring out very easily and this is because it is not very good, so many lovers of sound fidelity will not be delighted with these speakers.

The distribution of audio channels may not be the most optimal but they do promise to have surround sound throughout the room and finally the price and compatibility are something that we can take as “predictable”.

Bluetooth, WiFi and cable connectivity

The Amazon Echo (4th generation) is also known as a hands-free speaker , with which you can control many of its functions just by speaking to any of its seven microphones , that’s right, you just have to say it.

With Amazon Echo (4th generation) you have Bluetooth connectivity with an Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP), which makes it easy to transfer data from your mobile device to the Echo and vice versa.

More WiFi connectivity to 802.11a / b / g / n networks and a 3.5 Jack cable connector to connect directly.


Amazon Echo is capable of connecting with devices that are compatible with Fire Os, Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher.

Also to any device with an integrated Zigbee digital home controller , which the previous version did not have, so the new Echo replaces the Echo Plus .

It can be controlled through the web browser of any personal computer.

To activate the Amazon Echo (4th generation), just say the activation keyword and your Echo device will turn on and respond to your request .

Despite this, it is known that some skills and services are subject to availability, so you should not be alarmed if you still cannot access a service or if you have problems using it the first few times.

With the Echo you can tell Alexa Voice Service when to turn off the lights in your house, how loud you like the music, what music to play, call restaurants, your family, your friends, send emails, receive messages and make your home a smart space that you could link very well with your work or office.

Take the cloud with you wherever you go and stay connected with compatible devices with the connection service that the Echo offers.

Box contents

Inside the box of the Amazon Echo (4th generation) you will find everything you need to start using it:

  • A cover for the Echo.
  • A power adapter with its respective 1.8 m long cable.
  • Quick start guide to start using it now.
  • Suggestion card, with important information such as What care do you need to extend its life? Among other things.

My opinion of the Amazon Echo (4th generation)

Without a doubt, Amazon Echo (4th generation) fulfills its mission of being the smart speakers that answer basic needs .

I would recommend the Amazon Echo (4th Generation) for a customer who hopes to link their entire lives with technology , those who like music in every room of their home or office, or people who need a personal assistant to perform day-to-day tasks.

Both the compatibility and the price suggest a medium / high-end product , whose purpose is not to complete a need but to give you a taste of what Amazon products are capable of. A very decent product at a fairly affordable price.