Review: Acousence Pow-Amp Power Amplifier – Precision Audio Excellence

Review: Acousence Pow-Amp Power Amplifier - Precision Audio Excellence and Versatile Performance - "Discover the Acousence Pow-Amp, where precision engineering and sound purity meet for an unmatched audio experience.


The Acousence Pow-Amp power amplifier in high-fidelity audio is a testament to the fusion of scientific precision and musical artistry. Developed by Ralf Koschnicke, a physicist and sound engineer with a deep-rooted passion for music, this amplifier is more than a piece of hardware; it embodies a harmonious blend of technical expertise and a discerning ear. This creation is even more intriguing because Koschnicke is not just a brilliant amplifier designer; he also operates a music label specializing in classical recordings. This dual expertise underscores the Acousence Pow-Amp’s unique positioning in the world of audio equipment, setting the stage for an exceptional audiophile journey.

About Acousence: Acousence is a pioneering company that has carved its unique identity at the intersection of technology and music. Founded and led by Ralf Koschnicke, a physicist and sound engineer with a profound passion for music, Acousence is a testament to the seamless fusion of scientific precision and artistic expression. Beyond being a developer of high-end audio equipment, Acousence is a multifaceted endeavor. The company operates a music label primarily focusing on classical recordings, showcasing Koschnicke’s unwavering dedication to the highest audio quality standards. With its exceptional range of audio products and a commitment to audio purity, Acousence is dedicated to enriching the audiophile experience and expanding the boundaries of sonic excellence.

Dynamic Prowess: One of the first striking features of the Acousence Pow-Amp is its remarkable dynamic performance. With the ability to deliver up to 1000 watts at 2 ohms, this amplifier effortlessly handles dynamic shifts, whether in a rock concert or a large orchestral performance. It maintains its composure and finesse even during demanding passages, captivating the listener with its engaging sound.


  • Category: Stereo power amplifiers
  • Price: 9,415 euros
  • Inputs: 1 x XLR double; optional 1 x RCA double (+320 euros)
  • Outputs: Terminal for a pair of speakers
  • Dimensions & weight: 450 x 146 x 315 mm (WxHxD), 14 kg
  • Color: Body in black, front in silver or black
  • Power: 2 x 150 watts @ 8 Ω, 2 x 225 watts @ 4 Ω
  • Power consumption when idle: around 30-35 watts
  • Other: transformer-balanced input (bridgeable); output filter adaptable to the speakers; Input sensitivity switchable (+10 dB)
  • Warranty: 2 years


The Acousence Pow-Amp not only captivates with its audio performance but also stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, precision engineering, and a design philosophy that reflects both form and function.

Exceptional Build Quality:

An unwavering commitment to excellence is at the heart of the Acousence Pow-Amp’s build quality. Every component, from the chassis to the circuitry, is crafted with precision and care. The amplifier’s housing is sturdy and robust, reflecting a dedication to durability and longevity. This solidity is not just for aesthetics; it ensures the amplifier remains vibration-free, protecting the delicate internal components from potential interference.

The internal components are of the highest quality, reflecting a dedication to audio purity. Exclusive and expensive elements are employed, mirroring the components found in premium crossovers. This commitment to using the best possible materials and components contributes to the amplifier’s exceptional sound quality and reliability.

The Pow-Amp’s power supply is a prime example of its build quality. It features a shielded toroidal core that delivers linear power supplies for the input stages and auxiliary voltages. A specialized switching power supply is employed for the power range, ensuring consistently high performance. This dual approach guarantees stable voltage delivery and minimizes interference, contributing to the amplifier’s excellent sound purity.

Aesthetic Design:

The design of the Acousence Pow-Amp marries aesthetics with functionality. It boasts a clean and minimalist exterior, free from unnecessary frills or distractions. The focus is on the music, and this design ethos ensures that nothing detracts from the auditory experience.

The front panel is elegantly simple, featuring only essential controls and indicators. A sleek power button and volume control, if desired, are the primary features, maintaining a clutter-free appearance. This minimalist design approach underscores the amplifier’s dedication to simplicity and provides a sense of timeless elegance.

The interior of the amplifier reflects a meticulous layout that prioritizes organization and efficiency. Components are arranged carefully, ensuring optimal signal flow and minimizing interference. The attention to detail extends to the internal wiring and circuitry, where every connection and element is selected with the utmost care to preserve audio integrity.

In summary, the Acousence Pow-Amp embodies exceptional build quality and design principles. It’s a testament to precision engineering, a commitment to the highest quality components, and a minimalist aesthetic that places music at the forefront. The amplifier’s robust construction ensures its longevity and reliability, while its design celebrates simplicity and functional elegance, all in service of delivering an extraordinary audiophile experience.

Fine Dynamics and Resolution:

In high-fidelity audio, fine dynamics and resolution is akin to a treasure hunt for audiophiles seeking the most intricate details and subtleties within their music. The Acousence Pow-Amp, equipped with a remarkable capacity to uncover these nuances, presents an auditory journey far beyond the ordinary.

When discussing fine dynamics, we refer to those elusive musical elements that often hide within the quieter passages, waiting to be discovered. It’s the hushed rustling of leaves in the background of a classical recording, the gentle intake of breath before a singer’s haunting note, or the delicate plucking of strings on a guitar. With its astonishing finesse, the Pow-Amp exposes these hidden gems, bringing them to the forefront of the listener’s experience. It creates a dynamic range that captures the softest whispers and the most explosive crescendos with equal precision.

Moreover, resolution, in the context of the Acousence Pow-Amp, refers to the ability to reproduce every minute aspect of the music faithfully. It’s not just about the ability to hear the faintest of sounds but also to discern tonal changes, reverb tails, and the unique textures of instruments. As you listen through the Pow-Amp, you’ll notice the resonating woodiness of a cello, the complex harmonic interplay of strings on a violin, or the rich tonal variations in a singer’s voice. It’s akin to viewing a high-definition image in audio form, where every detail is meticulously rendered, enriching the musical experience.

This level of resolution and fine dynamics is exceptionally rare and distinguishes the Acousence Pow-Amp as a formidable piece of audio equipment. It’s as if a veil has been lifted from the music, revealing its true essence with astonishing clarity. This attribute resonates particularly well with audiophiles who seek to listen to music and explore it at a profound level, where every element contributes to the immersive and emotionally charged experience. With the Pow-Amp, every whisper and every nuance becomes a part of the musical narrative, allowing the listener to engage with the artist’s intentions at a deeper, more intimate level.

Purity of Sound:

In high-fidelity audio, “purity of sound” represents an aspiration and a hallmark of exceptional audio equipment. It’s the pursuit of an unadulterated and unaltered sonic experience, where the music remains true to its original recording, free from any added coloration or distortion. The Acousence Pow-Amp, with its commitment to tonal honesty, showcases an exceptional level of sound purity, setting new standards in high-end audio.

Sound purity begins with an unyielding devotion to maintaining the integrity of the original recording. In the case of the Pow-Amp, this unwavering commitment to transparency and fidelity ensures that every musical note and sound is delivered exactly as the artist intended. There are no artificial enhancements, excessive warmth, or exaggerated brightness; the sound remains pure and untouched, as if the listener were in the presence of the live performance.

What truly distinguishes the Acousence Pow-Amp in terms of sound purity is its ability to render music with remarkable clarity and precision. It faithfully reproduces the full frequency spectrum without bias or distortion. The deep, resonant bass notes retain their natural weight and presence while the delicate high frequencies shimmer with precision. This level of transparency can only be achieved through meticulous engineering, a keen understanding of acoustics, and a commitment to excellence that permeates every aspect of the amplifier’s design.

The purity of sound extends to the absence of any sonic haze, a phenomenon that can dull the midrange and make the music sound less vibrant. The Acousence Pow-Amp, on the other hand, offers a pristine listening experience. Every note, instrument, and vocal can breathe freely, creating a soundstage where the music takes center stage without veiling or obscuration. The result is a level of authenticity that places the listener in a direct and intimate connection with the music, allowing for a deeply emotional and immersive experience.

In high-end audio, the pursuit of sound purity is akin to a quest for sonic truth. The Acousence Pow-Amp embarks on this quest and delivers a level of clarity and transparency that is rarely surpassed. For audiophiles and music enthusiasts who seek to hear music as it was meant to be heard, the Pow-Amp is a testament to the uncompromising pursuit of sound purity, offering an extraordinary and unaltered auditory journey that redefines the boundaries of sonic excellence.

Spatial Presentation:

In high-fidelity audio, spatial presentation is a critical element that contributes significantly to the immersive and lifelike listening experience. It defines how sound is organized and projected within the listening environment, creating a sense of dimension, depth, and realism. The Acousence Pow-Amp, known for its exceptional precision and transparency, delivers a captivating spatial presentation that takes the listener through the artist’s sonic landscape.

A well-organized soundstage is the hallmark of an impressive spatial presentation. In this regard, the Pow-Amp shines. It offers a stage where every instrument and sound source is meticulously placed, creating a sense of space and placement that feels true to the original recording. The stereo width, typically determined by the boundaries of the speakers, extends naturally beyond them in certain recordings, enveloping the listener in a wide, immersive soundscape.

Furthermore, the depth of the stage, another critical component of the spatial presentation, is exceptional with the Acousence Pow-Amp. It provides a three-dimensional listening experience where sound sources are positioned from left to right and from front to back. This added dimensionality enhances the realism of the music, making it feel as if the performers are present in the room, creating a captivating illusion of live music.

Precision is one of the most striking features of the Pow-Amp’s spatial presentation. It doesn’t merely render the music with a sense of space; it does so with meticulous accuracy. Each instrument and sound source is located with extraordinary detail and clarity, resulting in a well-organized and coherent soundscape. The stage is not crowded, and there is a pleasant air between the instruments, allowing them to breathe and interact harmoniously.

This precision and organization extend to the Pow-Amp’s ability to convey the nuances of the recording venue. Whether it’s the acoustics of a grand concert hall or the intimate ambiance of a jazz club, the amplifier faithfully reproduces the unique spatial characteristics of the venue. This adds layer of authenticity to the listening experience, making it feel like the listener is transported to where the music was originally recorded.

In summary, the spatial presentation of the Acousence Pow-Amp is an integral part of its audio prowess. It takes the listener on a captivating journey through a meticulously organized and immersive soundstage, offering a listening experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional stereo systems. The precision, depth, and realism it provides create a sonic environment where music is heard and experienced in all its spatial glory, making it a powerful addition to high-fidelity audio.

Usability and Functionality:

The Acousence Pow-Amp excels in audio performance and build quality and showcases a remarkable combination of usability and functionality, making it a user-friendly and versatile addition to any audio system.

User-Friendly Controls:

Usability is a key focus of the Pow-Amp’s design. The amplifier’s front panel features intuitive and user-friendly controls, ensuring a hassle-free experience. A power button allows for straightforward operation, while a volume control, if included, provides convenient adjustment without needing external preamplifiers. The minimalist approach to the controls reflects a commitment to simplicity, ensuring users enjoy their music without unnecessary complexity.

Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs:

The Pow-Amp offers balanced and unbalanced inputs, providing flexibility and compatibility with various audio sources. This versatility ensures that users can seamlessly integrate the amplifier into their existing audio systems, whether they prefer XLR or RCA connections. This dual input option enhances the functionality of the amplifier, catering to different audio setups and preferences.

Input Transformers:

One of the notable functional features of the Pow-Amp is the inclusion of high-quality input transformers from Lundahl. These transformers not only balance the input signal but also provide galvanic isolation. This function is crucial for reducing interference and minimizing the impact of external factors like mobile communications and wireless signals. Including these transformers enhances the amplifier’s practicality, ensuring users enjoy clean and interference-free audio.

Adaptive Output Filters:

A standout feature of the Pow-Amp’s functionality is the adaptive output filter, which allows users to tailor the amplifier’s response to the impedance of their speakers. This level of customization ensures that the amplifier can be optimized for various speaker configurations, creating an ideal match between the amplifier and the speakers. Including toggle switches and rotary control for each channel offers fine-grained control, enabling users to achieve the best sonic performance for their specific setup.

+10 dB Boost:

The amplifier also offers a +10 dB boost to the input sensitivity, providing additional user flexibility. By allowing users to select the optimal input sensitivity based on their preamplifier or source device’s output level and the efficiency of their speakers, the Pow-Amp ensures that it can adapt to a wide range of audio systems and requirements.

The Acousence Pow-Amp combines usability and functionality to create a user-friendly and versatile audio amplifier. With intuitive controls, both balanced and unbalanced inputs, high-quality input transformers, adaptive output filters, and a +10 dB boost option, the amplifier offers a seamless and adaptable listening experience. Its user-centric design and flexible functionality make it a valuable addition to any audiophile’s system, ensuring it can meet the unique requirements of a diverse range of audio setups and preferences.

Connection, Connectivity, and Setting Up:

The process of connecting, configuring, and setting up the Acousence Pow-Amp is designed to be straightforward and hassle-free, ensuring that audiophiles can quickly integrate this exceptional amplifier into their audio systems.

1. Input Options:

  • The Pow-Amp offers balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs, providing users with flexibility and compatibility for various audio sources. To begin, users should select the input type that matches their source device’s output and cable connections.

2. Input Transformers:

  • The amplifier features high-quality input transformers from Lundahl, pre-installed for input balancing and galvanic isolation. These transformers help reduce interference and ensure a clean, noise-free signal path. Users should check that these transformers are engaged for optimal performance unless they have specific reasons to bypass them, which is generally recommended only in conjunction with the Acousence Dac-Pre.

3. Output Filters Adjustment:

  • One of the unique features of the Pow-Amp is its adaptive output filter. This filter can be customized to match the impedance of the connected speakers, enhancing the amplifier’s compatibility with a wide range of speaker configurations. Users can adjust the output filter settings using the toggle switches and rotary controls on the amplifier’s rear panel. This step is essential to optimize the amplifier’s performance for specific speakers and room acoustics.

4. Input Sensitivity:

  • The Pow-Amp provides a +10 dB boost to input sensitivity. Users can choose from two sensitivity settings: “Lo” or “Hi.” The recommended starting point is typically the “Lo” setting, which may require higher voltage levels from the preamplifier but offers greater resistance to interference. Users should select the sensitivity setting that best matches their preamplifier’s output level and speakers’ efficiency.

5. Connecting to Power:

  • The amplifier should be connected to a suitable power source using the provided power cord. Ensure the power outlet matches the amplifier’s voltage requirements to avoid electrical issues.

6. Speaker Connection:

  • Connect the amplifier to your speakers using high-quality speaker cables. Ensure that the connections are secure and that the amplifier’s adaptive output filter settings match the impedance of your speakers for optimal performance.

7. Source Devices:

  • Connect your source devices, such as CD players, turntables, or streaming devices, to the amplifier’s inputs using appropriate audio cables. Ensure the input type (balanced or unbalanced) matches the source device’s output.

8. Initial Volume Control:

  • If the amplifier includes a volume control, set it to an initial position (e.g., midway) to avoid sudden loud volume levels when powering on the system.

9. Powering On:

  • Once all connections are in place, power on the amplifier using the front panel’s power button. The amplifier will go through its startup process.

10. Fine-Tuning:

  • After the amplifier is operational, fine-tune the volume and other settings to achieve your desired listening experience. Adjust the volume to a comfortable level, and make any necessary tweaks to the adaptive output filter settings if you notice a need for refinement in your system’s performance.

11. Listening Enjoyment:

  • You can indulge in your audio journey with the amplifier configured and operational. Whether it’s classical compositions, rock anthems, or jazz melodies, the Acousence Pow-Amp’s meticulous setup ensures an exceptional listening experience that captures the essence and intricacies of your favorite music.

In summary, the connection, connectivity, and setup process for the Acousence Pow-Amp is designed to be accessible and adaptable to various audio systems and preferences. Its features, such as input options, input transformers, adaptive output filters, and sensitivity settings, offer users the flexibility to tailor the amplifier’s performance to their specific requirements. The result is a seamless integration that allows audiophiles to focus on their music and the richness of their listening experience.


Ralf Koschnicke’s debut power amplifier, the Acousence Pow-Amp, is a statement in the high-end audio realm. With its remarkable dynamics, fine resolution, tonal purity, and precise spatial presentation, it competes at the highest level. While it may not suit listeners who prefer a warmer or brighter sound signature, those seeking an authentic, high-resolution, and dynamic audio experience will find the Acousence Pow-Amp an exceptional addition to their system. It marks a debut worth celebrating in the world of high-end audio.

Reasons to Buy the Acousence Pow-Amp:

  1. Exceptional Audio Quality: The Acousence Pow-Amp delivers extraordinary audio quality. With a commitment to transparency, purity of sound, fine dynamics, and resolution, it offers an immersive and lifelike listening experience that audiophiles crave.
  2. Precision Engineering: The amplifier is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and precision engineering. It features high-quality components, adaptive output filters, and input transformers that reduce interference and ensure a clean, noise-free signal path.
  3. Versatile Connectivity: With balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs, the Pow-Amp provides flexibility and compatibility with a wide range of audio sources. It can seamlessly integrate into various audio systems, making it suitable for different setups and preferences.
  4. Adaptive Output Filters: The amplifier’s adaptive output filters allow users to customize the response to match their speaker impedance, optimizing the amplifier’s performance for their specific speaker configuration and room acoustics.
  5. User-Friendly Controls: The amplifier features intuitive controls on the front panel, including a power button and if desired, a volume control. Its minimalist design keeps the focus on the music and ensures a hassle-free listening experience.
  6. Sound Purity: The Pow-Amp’s commitment to sound purity, clarity, and absence of any sonic haze creates a direct and emotional connection with the music. It allows users to experience music as it was meant to be heard, making it ideal for audiophiles seeking sonic truth.

Reasons Not to Buy the Acousence Pow-Amp:

  1. Price: The Pow-Amp’s exceptional audio quality and precision engineering come at a premium price point. It may be unsuitable for those on a tight budget or seeking more affordable amplifier options.
  2. Complexity: While the amplifier offers flexibility and customization, its features may be overwhelming for those looking for a simple, plug-and-play solution. It requires some knowledge and adjustment to optimize its performance fully.
  3. Minimalist Design: The minimalist design, while elegant, may lack some of the bells and whistles found on other amplifiers. Users who prefer a more feature-rich amplifier with additional controls and connectivity options may find the Pow-Amp’s design too minimal.
  4. System Compatibility: The Pow-Amp’s compatibility and performance depend on proper setup and matching with the user’s specific audio system, including speakers and source devices. Ensuring the best possible performance may require some fine-tuning.

In conclusion, the Acousence Pow-Amp is a top-tier amplifier that excels in audio quality, precision engineering, and customization. It is an excellent choice for audiophiles seeking uncompromising sound quality and the ability to tailor their system’s performance. However, its premium price, potential complexity, minimalist design, and system compatibility considerations may be factors for potential buyers to consider.