Review: Acapella Harlequin 2 Floorstanding speakers: The Epitome of High-Fidelity Audio Excellence

Review: Acapella Harlequin 2 Floorstanding speakers: The Epitome of High-Fidelity Audio Excellence- Discover the Acapella Harlequin 2, where cutting-edge design and extraordinary sound quality unite for audio perfection.

The Legacy of Longevity

Speaker lifecycles often span decades, a testament to their enduring quality. Take Tannoy’s Westminster, with over forty years of existence, or Wilson Audio’s Watt/Puppy, which lasted 25 years. Acapella Audio Arts introduced the Harlequin at High End 2001 near Frankfurt in this arena. Now, over twenty years later, the Harlequin stands as a model of “sustainable” design. With the release of the Harlequin 2, the saga continues.

Evolving Yet Rooted in Tradition

While the Harlequin has seen incremental improvements over the years, the Harlequin 2 is a complete overhaul. Developer Richard Rudolph contemplated a new housing design but retained the original’s unique spatial separation of the tweeter unit and the bass/midrange compartment. This design choice preserves the company’s tradition and acoustic advantages. Thus, the Harlequin 2 boasts 60-liter casings with robust MDF front panels, nearly three-centimeter thick sides, and various veneer options, including high-gloss black acrylic.

Uniqueness in Design

The unique design of the Acapella Harlequin 2 is a testament to its unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in high-end audio. The spatial separation design, with distinct tweeter and bass/midrange compartments, pays homage to the company’s rich tradition and serves as a pivotal element in creating a soundstage of unmatched precision and authenticity. Furthermore, introducing a rear ventilation system, carefully engineered to extend the frequency range without compromising bass definition showcases Acapella’s relentless pursuit of audio perfection. This distinctive design feature, meticulous construction, premium materials, and fine craftsmanship make the Harlequin 2 a visual and auditory masterpiece, setting it apart as a true icon in high-fidelity speakers.


  • Model: Acapella Harlequin 2
  • Concept: ventilated 2-way speaker
  • Price: from 18,200 euros
  • Dimensions & weight: 1205 x 295 x 460mm (HxWxD), approximately 75 kg/piece
  • Versions: various veneers, high-gloss black (acrylic): +700 euros
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohms
  • Efficiency: 91 dB/W/m
  • Warranty: 5 years

Engineering Excellence

The Harlequin 2’s interior features internal struts, sound-absorbing materials, and meticulously modified 10-inch drivers from Norwegian manufacturer Seas. The drivers are securely fastened and braced against the rear wall to ensure stability and prevent vibration. An unexpected departure from its predecessor, the Harlequin 2 now sports a rear ventilation system, although the specifics remain undisclosed. This innovation helps extend the frequency range without compromising bass definition.

Exquisite Build Quality and Design

The Acapella Harlequin 2 is a speaker that excels in sound performance and stands as a testament to exceptional build quality and design. Let’s delve into the details that make this speaker a masterpiece in craftsmanship.

1. Cabinet Construction: The Harlequin 2 features a well-crafted cabinet with a volume of approximately 60 liters. The front panels are made from MDF and are substantial, measuring five centimeters thick. The sides of the cabinet are almost three centimeters thick. This construction not only contributes to the speaker’s sturdiness but also plays a role in minimizing resonance and vibration, ensuring that the drivers can operate in an undisturbed environment.

2. Materials and Finishes: Acapella offers a range of veneers to suit different aesthetics, and high-gloss black acrylic is also available. The attention to detail in the finish is remarkable. The black acrylic finish, for example, exhibits a sleek and elegant look, and it comes at an additional cost. This dedication to aesthetics ensures that the Harlequin 2 sounds exceptional and complements the decor of your listening space.

3. Interior Dampening: The cabinet’s interior features internal struts and various sound-dampening materials to maintain optimal acoustic conditions and prevent any resonance. This careful interior design provides a stable and quiet environment for the speaker’s drivers to operate at their best.

4. Driver Mounting and Bracing: The 10-inch drivers, sourced from the reputable Norwegian manufacturer Seas, undergo extensive modifications in Acapella’s workshop. They are securely mounted on the cabinet’s front baffle, but the attention to detail goes further. To ensure utmost stability and to prevent drivers from coming loose during everyday use, the drivers are also braced against the rear wall. This level of driver bracing is a testament to the meticulous engineering that goes into the Harlequin 2.

5. Rear Ventilation: A noticeable departure from the previous model is the introduction a rear ventilation system. This feature adds intrigue to the design, positioned just above the lower third of the back wall. While specific details are not disclosed, it’s a part of the speaker’s innovative design to extend the frequency range without compromising bass definition. The development team has invested time and effort to achieve a harmonious blend of depth and clarity in the bass performance.

6. Crossover Compartment: One of the unique aspects of the Harlequin 2 is its crossover compartment. A wealth of time and resources was dedicated to developing and tuning the crossover. The components within the crossover were carefully chosen and arranged for an optimal spatial configuration. To ensure these components remain isolated and vibration-free, they are stored in compartments filled with quartz sand and sealed with epoxy resin on the bottom of the speaker. This level of attention to detail extends to the speaker terminals, which feature high-quality WBT types designed to accommodate spades and banana plugs with equal support.

7. Grounding: To maintain stability and enable experimentation, Acapella employs four aluminum pucks screwed into threaded sockets to connect the speaker to the ground. This design allows users to explore different grounding options, such as spikes. The added weight from the fine sand filling in the lower part of the cabinet ensures that the Harlequin 2 is a substantial and stable speaker, weighing in at a substantial 75 kilograms.

8. Impressive Dimensions: The dimensions of the Harlequin 2 further reflect its commitment to offering a substantial listening experience. It stands over a meter in height and half a meter in depth. Its weight and dimensions require two individuals for setup. On smooth floors, the aluminum pucks enable easy movement and alignment, while wooden coasters provided by the manufacturer facilitate placement on carpets.

In conclusion, the Acapella Harlequin 2 is a work of art in its sound performance and meticulous craftsmanship and design. The cabinet construction, materials and finishes, interior dampening, driver mounting, rear ventilation, crossover compartment, grounding options, and overall dimensions all contribute to the speaker’s impressive build quality and visual appeal. This attention to detail is a testament to Acapella’s commitment to delivering an exceptional audio experience.

Unique Features and Competitive Edge of the Acapella Harlequin 2

The Acapella Harlequin 2 distinguishes itself with several unique features and a significant competitive edge that sets it apart from competitors in high-end audio. Let’s explore these standout attributes:

1. Spatial Separation Design: One of the most distinctive features of the Harlequin 2 is its spatial separation of the tweeter unit and the bass/midrange compartment. This design choice, which pays homage to the company’s tradition, significantly contributes to the speaker’s exceptional sound quality. This separation allows optimal driver placement and minimizes interference, resulting in pristine audio reproduction with a natural soundstage. This design philosophy ensures that the Harlequin 2 provides a listening experience that is both unique and captivating.

2. Unique Rear Ventilation: Introducing a rear ventilation system in the Harlequin 2 is an innovation that sets it apart from its predecessor and competitors. This feature, carefully designed and executed by the development team, extends the speaker’s frequency range without sacrificing bass definition. While details about the ventilation system are not disclosed, its successful implementation showcases Acapella’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in speaker design. This unique approach contributes to the Harlequin 2’s edge in delivering deep and clear bass with remarkable depth and clarity.

3. Carefully Engineered Crossover: Acapella has invested substantial effort in developing and tuning the crossover of the Harlequin 2. Extensive testing of components and complex test setups were conducted to ensure optimal spatial arrangement within the switch. The result is a crossover that achieves impeccable phase linearity and clarity. This dedication to crossover design allows the Harlequin 2 to provide a listening experience marked by transparency and timbral accuracy. Such meticulous engineering is a standout feature that places it ahead of competitors.

4. Grounding Flexibility: Including four aluminum pucks that can be screwed into threaded sockets for grounding provides users with flexibility and the opportunity for experimentation. This unique feature allows audiophiles to tailor the speaker’s grounding to their preferences using spikes or other grounding methods. This adaptability enhances the listening experience and distinguishes the Harlequin 2 from speakers with limited grounding options.

5. Fine Dynamics and Level Stability: The Harlequin 2 excels in fine dynamics, sensitivity, and response to the subtlest nuances. While other speakers may have limitations, the Harlequin 2 stands out by maintaining fine dynamics with a remarkable frequency range and level of stability. This feature is especially impressive given its positioning in the “entry-level” range, making it a top choice for audiophiles who desire both subtlety and power in their listening experience.

6. Detailed and Three-Dimensional Soundstage: The Harlequin 2 offers a convincing and three-dimensional soundstage that immerses listeners in the music. While some competitors may provide more spacious soundscapes, the Harlequin 2 focuses on delivering a holographic and engaging audio environment. This feature sets it apart by offering a captivating and realistic listening experience.

In conclusion, the Acapella Harlequin 2 boasts unique features and a significant competitive edge, making it an exceptional speaker in the high-end audio landscape. Its spatial separation design, innovative rear ventilation, carefully engineered crossover, grounding flexibility, fine dynamics, and immersive soundstage contribute to its distinctiveness. These features collectively position the Harlequin 2 as a top choice for audiophiles seeking a speaker that excels in sound quality, engineering, and flexibility while offering a unique and captivating listening experience.

Usability and Functionality of the Acapella Harlequin 2

Beyond its remarkable audio performance and craftsmanship, the Acapella Harlequin 2 offers excellent usability and functionality that enhance the listening experience. Here are the key aspects that make it user-friendly and highly functional:

1. Compatibility with a Range of Amplifiers: The Harlequin 2 exhibits a 91 dB/1W/1m sensitivity and an average impedance of 8 ohms. This combination indicates a degree of frugality regarding amplifier choice. While the developer recommends amplifiers with stable 80 watts, the speakers can perform efficiently with a wide range of amplifiers. This versatility ensures that users can pair the Harlequin 2 with their preferred amplifier, solid-state, or tube without compromising the listening experience. This compatibility is a valuable feature for audiophiles with various amplification options.

2. Fine Dynamics and Responsive Performance: One of the standout features of the Harlequin 2 is its exceptional fine dynamics. It responds to the smallest impulses and nuances in the music with precision. Whether you’re listening to delicate classical passages or dynamic electronic tracks, the Harlequin 2 delivers a responsive and engaging performance. This level of fine dynamics allows users to enjoy the full emotional range of their music, from subtle details to powerful crescendos, making it an ideal choice for music enthusiasts who appreciate nuanced and dynamic performances.

3. Intuitive Setup and Adjustment: Despite its substantial weight and dimensions, the Harlequin 2 is designed to be user-friendly for setup and adjustment. Including aluminum pucks that can be screwed into threaded sockets allows for easy ground connection and fine-tuning of speaker positioning. This feature simplifies finding the optimal placement for the speakers in the listening room. Using wooden coasters for placement on carpets further enhances usability and adaptability. Users can confidently and intuitively adjust the speakers to their preferred listening position and room conditions.

4. Pristine Soundstage and Imaging: The Harlequin 2 provides a well-balanced and immersive soundstage. While some speakers may offer more spacious soundscapes, the Harlequin 2 excels in presenting a three-dimensional and holographic image of the music. The speakers create a detailed and realistic sonic environment that enhances the listening experience. Users can enjoy being in the front row of a live concert or studio recording, with instruments and vocals positioned with precision. This functionality enriches the user experience by delivering a lifelike and engaging soundstage.

5. Versatile Music Reproduction: The Harlequin 2 is not limited to a specific genre or style of music. Its versatility in music reproduction allows users to explore a wide range of musical genres, from classical to hip-hop, with equal clarity and fidelity. Whether you prefer the intricate details of an acoustic jazz performance or the deep bass of electronic dance music, the Harlequin 2 delivers a captivating listening experience. Its ability to reproduce music authentically and dynamically ensures that users can enjoy their favorite songs in all their complexity.

The Acapella Harlequin 2 offers excellent usability and functionality that enhance the user experience. Its compatibility with various amplifiers, fine dynamics, intuitive setup, immersive soundstage, and versatility in music reproduction make it a user-friendly and highly functional speaker. Whether a seasoned audiophile or a casual music enthusiast, the Harlequin 2 provides the tools and features to maximize your enjoyment of music across different genres and listening environments.

Connections and Connectivity of the Acapella Harlequin 2

The Acapella Harlequin 2 offers a range of connections and connectivity options that enhance its versatility and usability in various audio setups. Here’s a closer look at the speaker’s connections and how they contribute to a seamless listening experience:

1. Single-Wiring with High-Quality Terminals: The Harlequin 2 features a classic single-wiring setup popular among audiophiles for its simplicity and effectiveness. The speaker terminals are of high quality and are designed to provide reliable connections for your audio cables. They accommodate spade connectors and banana plugs, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of speaker cables. This single-wiring configuration allows users to connect the speakers to amplifiers easily and confidently.

2. Grounding Flexibility: Including four aluminum pucks that can be screwed into threaded sockets for grounding provides users with flexibility in tailoring the grounding of the Harlequin 2 to their preferences. This feature allows audiophiles to experiment with different grounding methods, such as spikes, to achieve optimal acoustic conditions in their listening environment. The flexibility in grounding ensures that users can fine-tune the speaker’s connection to the ground for an optimized listening experience.

3. Amplifier Compatibility: With a sensitivity rating of 91 dB/1W/1m and an average impedance of 8 ohms, the Harlequin 2 demonstrates compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers. While the developer recommends amplifiers with stable 80 watts for an ideal pairing, users can choose amplifiers based on their preferences and requirements. Whether you prefer solid-state or tube amplifiers, the Harlequin 2 is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality with various amplification options. This compatibility ensures that users can select amplifiers that match their sonic preferences and budget.

4. Adaptable Connections: The speaker’s connections and compatibility with different amplifiers and grounding methods make it adaptable to various audio systems and room configurations. This adaptability is a significant advantage for users with evolving audio setups or varying room conditions. The Harlequin 2’s connections and connectivity options empower users to optimize their audio system for the best possible sound quality, ensuring a seamless and adaptable listening experience.

In summary, the Acapella Harlequin 2 offers a range of connections and connectivity features that enhance its adaptability and usability in different audio setups. The classic single-wiring setup with high-quality terminals, grounding flexibility, and compatibility with various amplifiers make it a versatile speaker seamlessly integrated into a wide range of audio systems. Whether an experienced audiophile or a casual listener, the Harlequin 2’s connections and connectivity options provide the tools to fine-tune your audio setup and enjoy high-quality sound in your preferred listening environment.

The Harlequin 2’s sonic performance

The Harlequin 2’s sonic performance is exceptional across various musical genres. Its bass performance is articulate and confident, offering depth and clarity without compromise. The speakers excel in portraying the full range of nuances and tonal shades in the bass, creating a deeply engaging listening experience.

Sound test

A thorough sound test of the Acapella Harlequin 2 reveals an audio performance that transcends the ordinary, immersing listeners in a captivating sonic experience. The speaker’s sound test, which spans various musical genres and styles, underlines its exceptional capabilities:

1. Bass Prowess: The Harlequin 2’s bass performance is a standout feature characterized by depth, precision, and agility. During the sound test, the speaker effortlessly reproduces bass lines with rich and profound resonance, capturing the low-frequency nuances of the music. Whether it’s the resonant thud of an electronic kick drum or the melodic intricacies of double bass, the Harlequin 2 delivers powerful and articulate bass. The ability to convey depth and clarity in the low frequencies showcases the speaker’s prowess in the critical realm of bass reproduction.

2. Midrange Clarity: Moving to the midrange frequencies, the Harlequin 2 maintains its clarity and transparency, preserving the authenticity of vocal performances and instrument timbres. The sound test renders vocals with lifelike detail and precision, allowing listeners to appreciate the subtle nuances of the human voice. Instruments, whether acoustic or electric, come alive with a natural and uncolored tonality. This midrange clarity ensures that every note and lyric is conveyed with an authenticity often elusive in lesser speakers.

3. Fine-Tuned High Frequencies: The tweeter unit, featuring a waveguide milled from solid acrylic glass, plays a crucial role in the sound test. It enables the speaker to achieve a balanced and detailed high-frequency response. Cymbals shimmer with finesse, and the subtle nuances of high-frequency instruments, such as delicate percussion or the articulation of brass instruments, are faithfully reproduced. The tweeter’s resolution and fine structure precisely capture high-frequency details, resembling the performance of beryllium or diamond tweeters. However, the Harlequin 2 strikes a unique balance by combining the resolution of these materials with a slightly relaxed presentation, avoiding overemphasis on high-frequency details.

4. Three-Dimensional Soundstage: The Harlequin 2’s sound test excels in creating an immersive and three-dimensional soundstage. Whether it’s the intimacy of a solo acoustic performance or the complexity of a full orchestra, the speaker accurately positions instruments and vocals within the sonic landscape. The soundstage is convincingly deep, allowing listeners to sense the placement of musicians in space. This feature is a testament to the Harlequin 2’s ability to convey a holographic and engaging audio environment.

5. Dynamic Range and Power: The speaker’s dynamic range and power are particularly notable during the sound test. It responds to the smallest nuances and fine dynamics with speed and precision. Whether it’s the subtlety of a soft piano passage or the force of a drum crescendo, the Harlequin 2 maintains its composure and delivers impactful dynamics. The speaker’s impressive level of stability ensures that it can convey both delicate and powerful passages with equal finesse.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the Acapella Harlequin 2 is nothing short of extraordinary, embodying the essence of high-fidelity audio with unparalleled precision and musicality. Its remarkable sound quality can be dissected into various key aspects:

1. Deep and Articulate Bass: The Harlequin 2 has a bass performance that seamlessly marries depth and articulation. During sound reproduction, it delivers rich and resonant bass notes, making it particularly adept at reproducing the low-frequency subtleties of music. Whether it’s the impactful thump of an electronic bass drum or the sonorous reverberations of an upright bass, the Harlequin 2’s bass response is authoritative and finely detailed. This unique quality enables the speaker to convey the music’s emotional depth, making it a standout in its class.

2. Transparent Midrange: The midrange frequencies of the Harlequin 2 are characterized by a remarkable degree of transparency and clarity. It impeccably renders vocals and instrumental timbres with a truly exceptional authenticity. The human voice, in particular, is rendered with astonishing detail, capturing the nuances, emotion, and texture of the performer’s delivery. When it comes to acoustic or electric instruments, the midrange exhibits a natural and uncolored tonality, making it a sonic canvas for the artist’s expression. This transparency and accuracy in the midrange are attributes that audiophiles covet.

3. High-Frequency Precision: The Harlequin 2’s high-frequency performance is a testament to meticulous engineering. The tweeter unit, featuring a solid acrylic glass waveguide, offers a balanced and highly detailed high-frequency response. It reproduces high-frequency nuances such as the cymbals’ shimmer or string harmonics’ delicacy. The tweeter’s precision and fine structure capture these high-frequency details with exceptional clarity. It achieves a fine balance, providing resolution without excessive sharpness or harshness, a characteristic often seen in beryllium or diamond tweeters. This high-frequency precision ensures that every musical detail is faithfully portrayed.

4. Three-Dimensional Soundstage: The Harlequin 2 excels in creating an immersive and engaging three-dimensional soundstage. It can position instruments and vocals within the sonic landscape with astonishing precision. The soundstage depth is palpable, allowing listeners to perceive the spatial placement of musicians in a recording. This feature contributes to a truly holographic audio environment, enhancing the sense of being present at a live performance or in the recording studio. The three-dimensional soundstage adds an extra layer of realism to the listening experience.

5. Dynamic Expressiveness: The dynamic range and power of the Harlequin 2 are striking. It exhibits dynamic expressiveness that allows it to respond to the subtlest nuances and the most forceful musical passages. Whether it’s the delicacy of a soft piano solo or the thunderous crescendo of an orchestral piece, the speaker maintains its composure and delivers impactful dynamics. Its impressive stability ensures that it handles delicate and powerful musical moments with remarkable finesse.

In summary, the Acapella Harlequin 2’s sound quality is characterized by its deep and articulate bass, transparent midrange, high-frequency precision, three-dimensional soundstage, and dynamic expressiveness. This sound quality sets the speaker apart as an exceptional audio component that transcends technical accuracy to deliver a truly musical and emotionally engaging listening experience. It caters to the discerning audiophile who seeks a profound connection with the music and the ability to uncover every hidden layer of detail within each composition.

Fine Dynamics and Power

Fine dynamics and power are paramount attributes of the Acapella Harlequin 2, contributing significantly to its sonic prowess. The speaker demonstrates extraordinary finesse in handling subtle nuances and minute variations in musical passages, rendering them with precision and authenticity. Whether it’s the gentle caress of a pianist’s keystrokes or the delicate strumming of an acoustic guitar, the Harlequin 2 captures these intricate details with an exceptional sensitivity that transcends the ordinary. This finesse extends to vocal performances, where the speaker unveils the subtleties of the human voice, revealing the artist’s emotions and articulations in a truly lifelike manner. At the same time, the Harlequin 2 possesses remarkable power, effortlessly transitioning into more dynamic and forceful passages. When confronted with the crescendos of an orchestral symphony or the explosive energy of rock music, the speaker maintains their composure and delivers these moments with impactful and visceral power. It ensures that every musical climax is engaging and emotionally charged, eliciting a deep connection with the listener and intensifying the overall musical experience. This combination of fine dynamics and power grants the Harlequin 2 the versatility to excel across a wide spectrum of genres and compositions, making it a beacon of audiophile excellence.

The Harlequin 2’s fine dynamics and power also extend to its ability to convey transient responses with unparalleled speed and accuracy. It reproduces the rapid attack and decay of musical notes, capturing the subtlest nuances in a performer’s touch on their instrument. This agility ensures that every pluck of a guitar string, strike of a drumstick, or keystroke on a piano is faithfully conveyed. The speaker’s ability to translate the intricacies of these transients leads to a heightened sense of realism in the music, as listeners can discern the tactile quality of each note. Moreover, this dynamic agility enables the Harlequin 2 to deliver an engaging sense of immediacy, creating an emotional connection between the listener and the artist. This rare combination of finesse and power, along with the capacity to articulate transients with precision, makes the Harlequin 2 an exceptional speaker capable of transforming any listening session into an unforgettable musical journey.


In conclusion, the Acapella Harlequin 2 represents the pinnacle of high-fidelity audio, offering a unique blend of exceptional design, unparalleled sound quality, and remarkable dynamics. Its design, characterized by the spatial separation of tweeter and midrange compartments and a meticulous rear ventilation system, pays homage to the company’s tradition and sets new standards in speaker engineering. This distinctive design, with premium materials and fine craftsmanship, results in a visual and auditory masterpiece that stands as a true icon in high-end speakers.

Regarding sound quality, the Harlequin 2 excels on every front, from its deep and articulate bass to its transparent midrange and precise high-frequency response. Its three-dimensional soundstage and dynamic expressiveness transport listeners into the heart of their favorite music, unraveling even the most intricate details with finesse and power. In fine dynamics, the speaker’s ability to render transient responses with unrivaled speed and accuracy adds an extra layer of realism and emotional connection. All these qualities combine to make the Acapella Harlequin 2 an exceptional speaker that transcends the technicalities of audio reproduction to deliver a truly immersive and emotionally engaging listening experience, setting it apart as a top choice for the most discerning audiophiles and music lovers.

Reasons to Buy the Acapella Harlequin 2:

  1. Unmatched Sound Quality: If you demand the highest sound quality from your audio system, the Harlequin 2 is an exceptional choice. Its deep and articulate bass, transparent midrange, and fine-tuned high frequencies deliver a listening experience that is second to none.
  2. Exceptional Design: The Harlequin 2’s innovative design, which includes spatial separation and rear ventilation, enhances sound performance and adds a touch of elegance to your listening environment. It’s a piece of audio art.
  3. Fine Dynamics and Power: The speaker’s ability to handle subtle nuances and powerful musical passages with precision and impact makes it versatile across various genres, ensuring a captivating and emotionally engaging experience.
  4. Versatile Amplifier Compatibility: With a sensitivity rating of 91 dB and an average impedance of 8 ohms, the Harlequin 2 can be paired with a wide range of amplifiers, offering flexibility in choosing the amplifier that suits your preferences and budget.
  5. Three-Dimensional Soundstage: The speaker’s capacity to create a lifelike, three-dimensional soundstage places you at the center of your favorite music, providing an immersive and engaging listening experience.

Reasons Not to Buy the Acapella Harlequin 2:

  1. High Price Point: The Harlequin 2’s exceptional quality is reflected in its price, which places it in the upper echelon of the audio market. If you’re on a tight budget, more affordable alternatives are available.
  2. Room Size and Placement: Due to its substantial size and specific placement requirements, the Harlequin 2 may not be ideal for smaller listening spaces or rooms with limited flexibility for positioning.
  3. Complex Setup: The best performance from the Harlequin 2 may require effort and fine-tuning, including room acoustics and amplifier choice considerations. This speaker might not be the most straightforward option if you prefer a plug-and-play solution.
  4. Sound Preference: While the Harlequin 2 excels in multiple aspects, personal sound preference plays a significant role in choosing audio equipment. Another speaker may better suit your tastes if you prefer a different sonic signature or prioritize specific qualities.

In essence, the Acapella Harlequin 2 is a stellar choice for audiophiles and music enthusiasts who are dedicated to achieving the highest levels of sound quality, appreciate innovative design, and have the means to invest in a top-tier audio experience. However, if budget constraints, room size limitations, or a preference for a different sound signature are priorities, other options might be worth exploring to fulfill your audio needs.