reProducer Audio Labs Epic 55: Active Studio Loudspeakers

The studio monitor specialist reProducer Audio Labs is based in Laupheim, Baden-Württemberg

The studio monitor specialist reProducer Audio Labs is based in Laupheim, Baden-Württemberg, and also has international sales offices in the USA and South Korea. With the Epic 5, which is also available in a special edition version, the focus has so far been on near-field sound. For the first time in Europe, reProducer Audio Labs is now launching the Epic 55, a mid-field studio monitor.

reProducer Audio Labs Epic 55: Specs and Technology

The loudspeaker manufacturer estimates the near field to be around 0.8 to 1.2 meters and the mid field roughly 1.2 to 2.5 meters. Instead of “tricking” an accurate sound into it afterwards using DSP, reProducer Audio Labs says it prefers to optimize the Epic loudspeakers from the ground up in the direction of a homogeneous and coherent sound. Therefore, one deliberately refrains from any “DSP manipulation”; the signal processing is purely analogue.

The reProducer Audio Labs Epic 55 is equipped with passive drivers instead of bass reflex ports. On the back there are, among other things, controls for high and low frequency adjustment

The reProducer Epic 55, which is just over 50 centimeters high or wide, can be operated both vertically and horizontally. Two 5.25-inch woofers and two 6.25-inch passive radiators should be good for 40 Hertz (± 3dB) and therefore also larger listening rooms. The ± 3dB limit for the tweeter in the classic 1-inch format that starts at around 2.5 kilohertz at 24 dB / octave is specified as 40 kilohertz. The three drivers are driven by a class D power amplifier trio with 2 x 120 watts and 1 x 75 watts of power (RMS).

reProducer Audio Labs Epic 55 lying

The reProducer Audio Labs Epic 55 can also be operated lying down

The levels of the drivers, which are developed in-house according to the manufacturer, can be adjusted for the low-frequency (<250 Hertz) and high-frequency (> 2.5 kilohertz) in 1 decibel steps over a total range of ± 5 dB. Last but not least, a high phase coherence, the absence of flow noise (passive driver instead of bass reflex opening) and the best dynamic behavior are among the strengths of the mid-field active loudspeaker Epic 55, according to reProducer Audio Labs.

The pair price of the active studio monitor reProducer Audio Labs Epic 55 is included with 3,298 euros specified. Spikes, power cord and a sturdy transport box are included. Demo requests are also possible via the manufacturer’s website.