Rega Kyte loudspeakers: two-way compact speaker

Rega Kyte loudspeakers has been launched. A two-way compact speaker costs 599 euros and weigh just 3.7 kilograms.

With the Kyte, Rega is introducing a new, almost 33 centimeter high, two-way compact Rega Kyte loudspeakers in which not only the drivers but also the housing come up with sophisticated details. In addition, according to the press release, the loudspeakers are hand-built at Rega.

Rega Kyte loudspeakers: Technology

The housing of the Rega Kyte is made of cast phenolic resin, inside, cross bracing and Ceramic plates for stiffness and thus a minimization of unwanted resonances.

Rega Kyte front and side panels: rounded corners and a stylish finish

Both drivers for the loudspeaker, which has a rear bass reflex port, were developed by Rega. The mid-bass driver is equipped with a four-layer voice coil, the tweeter comes with an unusually shaped waveguide that connects three struts running into the center.

Rega Kyte tweeter

The tweeter in close-up – with an unusually shaped waveguide

Rega states a sensitivity of 89 dB / W / m with a nominal impedance of 6 ohms. The speakers, which weigh just 3.7 kilograms, are now available in black. If you want to drive the little Kyte loyal to the brand: The German distributor TAD Audiovertrieb recommends the Integrated amplifier Rega io as the ideal playing partner.

Price Rega Kyte: 599 euros