Quadral launched Signum speaker series: Compact floorstanding

Quadral launched Signum speaker series 20, 70 & 90: compact and floorstanding speakers for the price range around from 250 to 400 euros

Quadral launched Signum speaker series: There are four new, smartly priced loudspeaker models from Hanover, the headquarters of the loudspeaker specialist Quadral. The new Quadral Signum series includes a bookshelf and two floorstanding speakers as well as a center.

Quadral launched Signum speaker series: technology and models

As a technical highlight, the Lower Saxony especially mentioned the RiCom SIGMA ring radiator, which is responsible for high-frequency transmission. We have actually had good experiences with previous generations of RiCom tweeters, as our colleague Martin Mertens stated in his test of Quadral Platinum M20 these drivers gave them an “excellent testimonial” and found the high frequency to be one of the particular strengths of the Platinum M20.

According to Quadral, the cone drivers for the bass and midrange, whose polypropylene membranes have been coated with titanium to further minimize partial vibrations, are also freshly launched. “Particularly powerful drives” primarily contribute to the efficiency (dB / W / m) of the two floorstanding loudspeakers Signum 90 and Signum 70, which, according to Quadral, boast 90 dB and 89 dB respectively.

The Quadral Signum 90 each with a weight of almost 25 kilograms and a case height of 105 centimeters as well as three rather grown 18-centimeter cones each for just once 990 euros Couple price a physical announcement. With 17 kilograms, 90 centimeters and three 16s there are Quadral Signum 70 only slightly slimmed down – a couple is for 790 euros to have.

The Quadral Signum 20 are two-way loudspeakers with a bass reflex system

While the Signum 90 and 70 operate as bass reflex supported three-way models, they are Quadral Signum 20 designed as a two-way loudspeaker with a 16-centimeter bass-midrange speaker that is also supported by a bass reflex system. The almost seven kilograms and 30 centimeters high compacts work with 85 dB / W / m efficiency not quite as efficiently as their two larger siblings, but can be used for 390 euros entice you into the listening room at home. The remaining fourth in the Signum bundle, the Center Signum 10 Base, costs 295 euros (each).

In terms of optics, they worked together with a design office as part of the Signum development, according to Quadral, whereby the four “ears” of the mounting frame of the cone driver are of course a typical distinguishing feature of the loudspeakers from Hanover.