Qi: Charge wirelessly your tablet and use it to charge your smartphone

Qi: Charge wirelessly - The new technology has been introduced thanks to The company Fulton Innovation has also developed its own standard called Qi
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Qi: Charge wirelessly – We have talked several times about wireless charging of gadgets, including tablets and smartphones, but due to the different techniques and standards, this is not really an accepted form of charging yet. The company Fulton Innovation has also developed its own standard called Qi. This makes multiple wireless applications possible.

Qi: Charge wirelessly

The Qi standard makes it possible to charge your Qi compatible tablet or smartphone wirelessly via a special mat. You can place multiple gadgets on this mat and each gadget is provided with sufficient energy. That is of course already nice, but perhaps more interesting is the possibility to transfer energy from one gadget to another gadget. For example, you can use a Qi compatible tablet to charge a Qi compatible smartphone, purely by holding the smartphone against the back of the tablet. A third application is the transfer of energy to other media, for example an interactive poster or an interactive magazine. For example, you can generate sound or light LEDs.

During CES 2013, which starts tomorrow, Fulton Innovation will show the Qi standard and all applications to the public. Then it remains to be seen which manufacturers will implement the standard in smartphones and tablets, among other things.