Pylon Audio Amber MKII floorstanding speaker

The Polish manufacturer Pylon Audio launched Pylon Audio Amber MKII, a floorstanding speaker, starting from from 4,499 euros / pair

The Polish manufacturer Pylon Audio specializes in the construction of loudspeakers. The product portfolio includes a large number of technically and design-diverse sound transducers. Now there is a new floorstanding speaker called Pylon Audio Amber MKII.

Pylon Audio Amber MKII: technology

The new Amber MKII are impressive simply because of their external appearance: The 1.24 meter high, 50 centimeter wide and 43 centimeter deep speakers weigh 65 kilograms each.

It’s about a Two way concept, which uses a compression driver from the German manufacturer BMS Tractrix horn attachment of two Twelve-inch low-mid drivers is framed with cellulose membrane. The crossover frequency is 1200 Hertz.

Impressive appearance – here the Pylon Audio Amber MKII in a variant with wood veneer

The high sensitivity is remarkable: with 97 dB / W / m, this loudspeaker should also be able to be driven well by less powerful amplifiers. The frequency response is given as 32 to 20,000 Hertz.

The manufacturer gives a four-year guarantee on the speakers, and they are also available in a variety of different housing variants. There is a choice of various real wood veneers, but also high-gloss versions in black and white. If you like, you can order any color from the RAL spectrum or individual special paintwork for an additional charge.

Price from 4,499 euros / pair