PSI Audio A125-M & A225-M Subwoofer with Swiss precision

The manufacturer based in Switzerland PSI audio laujcned two new models, PSI Audio A125-M & A225-M Subwoofers of 2,600 & 3,800 euros

The manufacturer based in Switzerland PSI audio poses with the A125-M and the A225-M two new ones Subwoofer before – according to self-promotion they should “bring precision into the bass range”. In addition, they should harmonize perfectly with almost all loudspeakers: The tonal linearity and “seamlessness” of the overall result were right at the top of the specifications at PSI.

PSI Audio A125-M and A225-M comparison

The PSI Audio A125-M is the more compact sub compared to the A225-M. It is equipped with a 25 cm driver and a Class G power amplifier with 150 watts, which has a lower limit frequency of 28 Hertz enable. Those who like it a little deeper and more powerful than the bass should choose the PSI Audio A225-M subwoofer: It’s included zwhite 25 cm drivers and is said to be up 24 Hertz play down neutrally. The amplifier output of the Class G power amplifier is 200 watts.

It is important for the manufacturer to deliver the aforementioned precision not just as an advertising promise. Because – as the manufacturer’s press release goes on to say – it is not enough just to move a lot of air, but also to design the course of the air movement as precisely as possible. This is where the difference between “low-frequency rumble” and a really exact reproduction of sonic deep bass structures becomes apparent.

PSI Audio A125-M back

Front and rear view of the smaller PSI Audio A125-M subwoofer

In this respect, both models are not only suitable as a high-end addition to, for example, stereo setups with audiophile monitor speakers, but also for home cinema or 5.1 systems. PSI Audio emphasizes that their LFE channel is not actually a subwoofer channel, but primarily an effects channel that, for example, makes the roar of an earthquake or collisions of “heavy equipment” vividly rumble.

PSI Audio attaches great importance to the fact that both loudspeakers are made by hand in the company’s own factory. Each specimen is individually measured and precisely in the anechoic chamber calibrated – Anyone who purchases a PSI audio subwoofer thus also receives an authentic measurement report.

Both models are available now.

Price PSI Audio A125-M subwoofer: 2,600 euros
Price PSI Audio A225-M subwoofer: 3,800 euros


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