PSB presents the new colors of the Alpha iQ smart speakers

PSB presents the new colors of the Alpha iQ smart speakers. These are the colors Tangerine Yellow, Midnight Blue and Dutch Orange.

PSB speakers launch three new finishes for Alpha iQ, the all-in-one bookshelf speakers that feature integrated streamer and amplification. These are the colors Tangerine Yellow, Midnight Blue and Dutch Orange.

PSB Speakers, the maker of award-winning hi-fi speakers since 1972, introduces three new finish options for BluOS™-equipped Alpha iQ active streaming speakers: Tangerine Yellow, Midnight Blue and Dutch Orange. The Alpha iQ are the firm’s first wireless bookshelf speakers, and feature control, source and amplification under a single housing, creating an all-in-one device. All Alpha iQ finishes will soon be available in Spain from Sound&Pixel Planet. Its price will be 1399 euros.

Uncomplicated colors for the same natural sound as always

The three new Alpha iQ finishes – orange, yellow, and blue – add a striking touch to any space and contrast with the speaker’s industrial and minimalist design. These colorful speakers harmonize with vibrant rooms while serving as a refreshing accent in any neutral-toned space. Although the Alpha iQ colors exude an unapologetic aesthetic, its sound remains true to the brand’s motto, ‘True to Nature’, which means transparent, natural, and fatigue-free sound.

Your audiophile allies

PSB Alpha iQ are speakers made for use in today’s everyday life. Whether you prefer them with their discreet white or black finishes or with one of their colorful new finishes, they will allow you to enjoy music in your home most comfortably.

You see speakers, but it is an entire stereo system from before sound source, amplification, and speakers. Connect it to your television with the HDMI eARC input, to a turntable thanks to the MM phono input, to an external hard drive via USB, or directly to your home Wi-Fi to access all online content.

Integrating the BluOS multi-room streaming platform will allow you to connect natively to more than 20 online streaming services, such as Spotify, Tidal, or Qobuz. Your smartphone is all the remote control you need thanks to its app for iOS and Android, although you can also install it on your computer. Plus, you can easily create a smart multi-room sound system now or later by adding other BluOS devices to your home. Plug in, connect to the network, and that’s it.

PSB Alpha iQ is natural sound and a way to enjoy music made for today’s audiophile.