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PS5 vs Xbox Series X / S: See the comparison of controllers

PS5 vs Xbox controls - This article discuss in detail the two controllers to elaborate the difference between them by pointing out.
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PS5 vs Xbox controls are the game changers for these consoles. See the main differences and features between the controllers and decide which is the best option. The PlayStation 5 ( PS5 ) and Xbox Series X / S consoles have already made their debut, and their new controls are a big part of the new generation experience. Although they have similarity in the layout of the buttons, the joysticks, adaptable to the most different players, have their own characteristics, which can weigh when choosing one of the video games. The allhomedevices tested both accessories and, in the following lines, you can see the comparison on the DualSense , the PS5, and control Xbox Series X / S. It is worth remembering that the suggested launch price of the PlayStation 5 is R $ 4,699 (with Blu-ray player), and R $ 4,199 (fully digital). The DualSense is on sale for about R $ 469. The Xbox Series X costs R $ 4,599, while the Xbox Series S comes for R $ 2,799 – and its joystick costs R $ 499. The Sony opted for a completely new control its look and functionality, focusing on a refined haptic feedback system. Already Microsoft played safe, reliving the acclaimed control Xbox One , with the addition of some specific changes that make it even better.

Design and footprint

The DualSense , new PlayStation controller 5, leaves the standard DualShock 4 design and migrate to a completely new look. Predominantly white, the joystick has black details and a texture with small logos of the PlayStation buttons on its back, which, in addition to the charm, guarantee a firmer grip.

Following the increase in the size of the console itself, the control of the PS5 is slightly larger than that of its predecessor, which facilitates use for people with big hands. The positioning of the buttons is very reminiscent of the PlayStation 4 ( PS4 ) joystick , ensuring a familiar feeling for those who are used to the old Sony controller, which is not compatible with the PS5.

PS5 vs Xbox controls

Regarding the Xbox Series X / S controller (differentiated only by color), players find a model practically identical to the video game of the previous generation, Xbox One. Despite the apparent lack of news, the format maintenance is a good one news, since the old joystick from Microsoft has always stood out for its good ergonomics.

The feeling is that the joystick is slightly smaller than that of the Xbox One, which does not get in the way of players with bigger hands. In terms of footprint, the evolution is enormous, thanks to a texture on the back, which prevents slips or slips of the hands during the games.

PS5 vs Xbox controls: Functions and news

DualSense can be considered the big star of the PlayStation 5, thanks to its innovative haptic feedback system. With the novelty, the control is capable of reproducing much more subtle and detailed vibrations, such as light touches on different sides of the joystick, in addition to simulating different terrains, such as grass, sand and metal. The cool thing is that all of this can be experienced in the game Astro’s Playroom, which is included for free on the console.

Another addition is a resistance system on the L2 and R2 triggers, which can become more difficult to press or even lock completely, changing according to game situations. When shooting with different weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War , R2’s tension is different depending on the weapon used (being lighter for pistols and heavier for shotguns and rifles, for example).

In addition to a small speaker capable of reproducing some sounds from the games, DualSense is also equipped with a microphone, which can be used both in chats with friends, as well as in some more interactive gameplay games, which require blowing or screams at the sensor to trigger varied actions. Another novelty that deserves to be highlighted is the inclusion of Connection via USB-C in the device.

PS5 vs Xbox controls In the wake of a more traditional controller on the Xbox Series X / S, Microsoft has made discreet changes to its new joystick. The main one was the addition of a share button, which can be used to take screenshots and record videos, or even to access the screen with all the captures saved on the device. The new digital directional pad is also a welcome addition, with a single button that “clicks” when pressed. The answer is excellent for more casual use in action games and even to control characters in fighting, platform or racing games.

Unlike the original version of the Xbox One controller, the Series X / S version is already equipped with Bluetooth, and has a faster response time when connected directly to the Xbox via infrared, according to Microsoft itself. Finally, the connection via USB-C is also a novelty of the joystick.

PS5 vs Xbox controls: Power and connectivity

One of the main points of rivalry between fans of PlayStation and Xbox is due to the method of feeding the controls of the consoles. While some players prefer internal batteries, which dispense with the use of other accessories and are recharged directly on the device, others are advocates of batteries, which tend to have longer durations and guarantee a longer life for the device.

As with the PS4 and PlayStation 3 ( PS3 ), Sony opted for an internal rechargeable battery for the DualSense, which, at 1560 mAh, is bigger and more powerful than that of the predecessor control. However, as all new control functions also require more power, the battery life varies widely depending on the amount of vibration, ranging from six to 12 hours.

In the Xbox Series X / S, batteries continue to be the main way to power the controller. The console comes with a pair of alkaline batteries, which have easily passed 20 hours of use with vibration enabled. In tests with rechargeable batteries of the same brand, the duration of the charges was very similar.


Even with all the aesthetic changes and new features, the quality of a controller is defined by the gameplay experience it promotes. Again, the PS5 and Xbox Series joysticks offer different styles, which can please different types of players and should be considered when choosing the console.

DualSense stands out for the application of vibrations and resistances on the triggers, which add immersion and depth to the PS5 gaming experience. Constantly emitting sounds and using the powerful feedback engines to promote advanced tactile sensations, the device easily surprises everyone who plays on it for the first time.

While they are incredible in singleplayer games, with more dense and engaging storylines, the vibration and feedback functions on the triggers, which can be disabled, tend to disadvantage players in more competitive games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

PS5 vs Xbox controls

With a much more traditional design and function, the Xbox Series controller has a firmer and more comfortable grip than its predecessor, and it should certainly be the favorite of many players. The asymmetrical position of analogs is an advantage for fans of shooting and action games, as it ensures a more natural position for the control insured.

In fighting or platform games, the joystick’s digital directional shines, showing great response and precision in its activation, despite loud clicks. Another point to be considered are the front buttons (ABXY), which, in addition to being slightly audible, are also more unstable than those of the Xbox One.


Following the standard of the latest consoles and games of the latest generation, controller prices are also higher than ever. DualSense can be found starting at R $ 469 in retail stores, while the Xbox Series X / S joystick, available in black (Carbon Black) and white (Robot White), costs R $ 499.

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