PS5 Storage space cannot be expanded from by-default with extra SSDs

PS5 Storage space has to do with its own SSD for the time being as extra SSD could not add the by-defult memory spapce.

The PS5 may load games super fast due to the built-in SSD storage, unfortunately it is not possible to expand the storage space from by-default.

PS5 Storage space has to do with its own SSD for the time being

And that’s a shame, because 1 TB of storage space today – especially for video games – is not as much space as it once was. And the news is extra sour due to the fact that the PS5 simply has an internal slot where you can drive an SSD (provided it is in the form of a stick). However, that lock is disabled when you install the PlayStation 5. That functionality is reserved for a future update, a representative told the editors of The Verge.

The news does not come out of the blue, it is true again. In March, Sony gave a technical presentation about the PS5’s hardware. Hardware architect Mark Cerny told just about everything you wanted to know about the game console and also briefly showed the slot for the external SSD. In addition, the man made the comment that that slot will not be used immediately upon launch and that you have to wait a while before buying the m.2 SSDs that fit in it until you get a green light from Sony.

The reason for this has to do with the SSDs. Not every m.2 drive will fit in the PS5, not every drive is fast enough, and not every drive works well with the PS5’s on-off settings. Later this year, another test from Sony will follow, so that we will then know for sure which SSDs can and cannot be used.

In the meantime, you have to rely on the internal SSD, which offers 825 GB of space. There’s a lot of space going into things like the operating system already, probably giving you access to about 667 GB of internal storage. If you put that next to a few release games, you will not have much space left after installing five titles.

  • SackBoy: A Big Adventure: 32 GB
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales: 50 GB
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Launch Edition (with Spider-Man Remastered): 105 GB
  • Demon’s Souls: 66 GB
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War: 133 GB

It is not the case that this problem is only present with the Sony console. With the Xbox Series X, Microsoft offers access to a 1 TB SSD, which offers approximately 800 GB of space. After the operating system, the Xbox Series S has 364 GB of space left on the 500 GB SSD. Both consoles can be expanded from launch with 1 TB SSD sticks. Sony may also come up with such a solution: it is of course possible that the company itself will release an SSD stick of 1 TB or more, but that the company will wait a while before launching until the criticism has disappeared on the price of the 1 TB ssd for the new Xbox. That stick costs 250 euros – almost as much as a Series S.

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