PS Audio BHK Mono 600 Power Amplifier

PS Audio BHK Mono 600 Power Amplifier with is a no-holds-barred upgrade from its series companion, the BHK300.

Our highest expression in the art of audio amplification.

Designed by the late Bascom H. King, the BHK600 represents the culmination of a lifetime of dedication and design into a single and impressive expression of pure audio amplification. Built like no other power amp in history, the BHK600 will stand the test of time as one of the greatest power amps ever made. From the sheer brute force of its massive 1.6kva power supply smoothed out by 336,000 microfarads of capacitance to the delicate beauty of its vacuum tube rectifier stage, the BHK600 will bring magic to your system from the first moment you put it on. music is played. For those unwilling to compromise, the BHK 600 represents the final step in building a state-of-the-art, high-performance music system.


When we first pitched Bascom the idea of ​​an ultimate amp, one where he could do whatever he wanted regardless of cost or complexity, he laughed. “Be careful what you wish for.” Three years later, and weeks before his untimely death, BHK completed the 600 in time to hear the results of its design life encapsulated in a single product. The BHK600 is based on BHK’s classic vacuum tube/MOSFET hybrid design, but that’s where the similarities with the other amps in the series end. From an all-new tube power supply input stage to internal wiring that relies on heavy-gauge, low-impedance braided wiring that’s more suited to a Tesla than a power amp, the BHK600 is pure performance all around. the levels. From the very first note of music, you’ll appreciate how a lifetime of designing some of the world’s greatest amps led to this incredible performer.


The BHK Signature 600 mono amplifier is unique in the world. It is the only fully linear power amplifier of this size that is fully balanced from input to output. Its hybrid approach of tube inputs for both music signals and power to power and heat its input vacuum tubes isn’t just weird. It is essential to the directness and finesse of the music: capturing every nuance and detail of the transient and harmonic content. This is the amp that Bascom had dreamed of designing and we are honored to have given him the opportunity to show the world what he can do, and what he produced in the 600 is nothing short of extraordinary. The BHK 600s are perfect for any size system in the world, producing a minimum of 600 watts into 8 Ω, over 1000 watts into 4 Ω, and stable short term transient power into 2 Ω. Nothing will stand in the way of this 120-pound beast as it elegantly controls all aspects of music on any pair of speakers.

The importance of the power amplifier in a 2-channel system chain cannot be overstated, but it is often overlooked. Few music lovers truly appreciate the critical role of the power amplifier in preserving the nuanced details of music, because most amplifiers don’t. The harmonics of plucked instruments, the subtle cues that define the location, depth, width of the soundstage, and transient dips are often lost in the power amp. Suddenly the smallest details that now ring clear through the BHK are revealed, perfectly preserved through its low feedback design, vacuum tubes and MOSFETs. When it comes to musically controlling and powering loudspeakers, the BHK Signature 600 has no equal. The Signature 600 monoblock amplifier is a no-holds-barred upgrade from its series companion, the BHK300. Its 1.6 KVA power transformer is twice the size of the 300 and we didn’t stop there. The 600’s 300,000 uF bank of high quality, low ESR audio power supplies is double that of the 300, since the output MOSFETs are doubled, producing one of the lowest output impedances and the highest damping factors we have ever measured. The control this amp has over your music and system is second to none.