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With these products you can fully enjoy the 2018 World Cup

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You are crazy about football? We also! Traveling to Russia does not work, but at home we provide the best atmosphere and experience. This is how the editors do it! We put the best products for the best World Cup experience for you.

Products for the best World Cup- Samsung Q9F series

Make the World Cup almost live

The football stamps for the World Cup are all ready . The grass is in perfect condition, the lighting is shining. Soon we see the players in their brightly colored jerseys sprinting over the green grass, while the sun hopefully puts his best foot forward.

Football, that means clear images, lots of colors, and fast action. A task that is perfect for the Samsung QLED Q9F series. This range is equipped with a Full Array backlight with local dimming (480 segments on the 65 inch version). With this the Q9F creates fantastic contrast, while the quantum dots provide rich colors.

But the Q9F also provides extremely clear images, so that even on a sunny afternoon the screen brings the atmosphere of the football stadium into the house . The Q9F is equipped with an excellent anti-reflection film, and certainly provides an excellent viewing angle for the bright and colorful football images. Do not hesitate and invite friends and family to enjoy the match together. The LCD screen shows every detail, even when the ball hits the screen at lightning speed.

FIFA also records all matches in Ultra HD HDR, and if you can view the matches in that format, the Q9F has few competitors. With a maximum brightness of around 1,500 nits and a color range of 97% DCI-P3, the image is so impressive that you almost feel like you’re there live.

The TV you place anywhere

Whoever says television primarily think of image quality. We therefore focus strongly on technological innovations that improve image quality. But a television must also have a place in your interior. A beautiful design gives the living room a modern touch. But the Samsung QLED TVs go a step further. The thin, almost transparent Invisible Connection cable, is the only cable that you have to connect to the television. There is no need for a separate power cable anymore. On the other side of the five meter length you will find One Connect box, which contains all connections. For example, the Q9F gives you enormous freedom to set up the television in a completely different location. Wall mounting is also suddenly a piece of cake when you no longer have to think of a whole bunch of cables.

Projectors: Large, larger, largest

For some people a 55 inch is small, and a 65 inch is no more than a step in the right direction. “Big? That means at least 100 inches of screen diagonal or more, “they say. If you are in this category, then a projector is the right choice, unless you have enough budget to spend approximately 100,000 euros for a television without blinking. Choose a model with a lot of light output (> 3,000 lumens) so you do not have to completely obscure.


Products for the best World Cup- Philips Hue and Olisto

The atmosphere of the stadium in your own living room

There is nothing like the atmosphere in the stadium during the World Cup, but of course not everyone has the time or the money to travel to Russia. Fortunately, there are also opportunities to increase the atmosphere in your own home by products for the best World Cup. What do you need? Philips Hue lamps and the Olisto app. In this article we will look at how you can make the Philips Hue lights blink when your favorite football team scores a goal.

A bridge between football and your lights

Olisto is a free app that connects devices with each other and ensures that they can work together. You determine the rules yourself and you can easily set certain triggers. Olisto is made in Amsterdam and is in fact a Dutch version of IFTTT (If This Then That). Olisto already works with various smart devices such as Philips Hue, Fitbit, WoonVeilig, KlikAanKlikUit, Toon, Nest, Alexa and many others. You set a certain trigger (triggs), and then indicate a follow-up action. These if-then situations can be completely determined and work with all supported devices and services.

Products for the best World Cup- Philips Hue and Olisto

The app is primarily intended to take over work. By setting various triggers you can simultaneously arrange several processes in the house, for example when you leave the house. Lamps off, smart plugs off, security system on, roller blinds down and many more processes can be arranged by Olisto at such a time. The nice thing is that Olisto also works for football matches. The app contains a database of country teams and professional clubs of various competitions.

Let the Philips Hue lights flash when your favorite team scores

Download the app and create an account. Once in the main menu, click on ‘Triggs’ at the bottom of the app and then click on ‘Create a new trigg’. You can then create an if-then situation. Click ‘Add’ under ‘If’ and you will see various channels. Look for the icon for football and then click on ‘My team scores’. Then a list is opened of teams like Club Brugge, Ajax, Manchester United and Bayern Munich, but also of national teams from Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal or Spain. Click on the team of your preference and then on the bottom of ‘Select team’. Now that we have made an as-situation, namely a goal of a team, it is time to look at the dan-situation. What are we going to trigger when your favorite team scores? Click on ‘Add’ under ‘Then’. Then scroll to the icon with Philips Hue and follow the steps to create the dan situation.


Now the trigger has been set. As soon as your favorite football team makes a goal, the Philips Hue lights in the house or in the garden will start blinking. The nice thing about the app is that you can also make the most crazy triggers when your favorite team scores, so try out the different possibilities yourself. Olisto is a free app and can be downloaded for Android and iOS. The app offers support for almost all Hue lamps, such as the Philips Hue White, White and Color, Ambiance, Lightstrip, Beyond table lamp and Bloom LivingColors.

During a football world cup you can unfortunately not watch all matches at home on the couch, so it’s great if you have a good smartphone to keep an eye on the road . Which smartphone can you get the best for?

The most important thing for a smartphone where you want to follow football matches, is the quality of the screen. The Samsung Galaxy S9 is currently the smartphone with the best screen, the most beautiful colors and the highest contrast. In addition, the device has an amoled and no pamoled screen, such as on the LG V30 – which otherwise could have been a nice candidate.

Large and colorful

A pamoled screen is in simple terms less efficient and goes less long compared to regular amoled screens. If we continue the comparison between the V30 and the S9, it is striking that the colors are also somewhat disappointing. In terms of specifications, the devices do not escape like this; however, with the Galaxy S9 Plus you still have the option for a version with 6 GB of RAM.

In addition, the Plus version of the S9 line offers a number of other advantages, such as the larger screen of 6.2 inches and the double camera system on the back. In addition, the smartphone does not have a trend-following notch on the top of the screen, so you do not have to bother with it. Full screen is also full screen here.

All details

The resolution of the colorful amoled screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is 2,960 by 1,440 pixels. That is more than enough for the livestreams in full hd, so you can continue to follow the football action perfectly. Also on the (still) smaller screen in your palm. Also good to know: the screen can be set pretty bright; handy for watching in the garden.

The other specifications under the bonnet are of course not against and are perfect for moments when you’re not watching football. So you can play the latest games on it, without having to worry about whether your smartphone is suitable for the game in question. There are – certainly during the World Cup – plenty of football games available, so go all the way.

Good sound

Also not entirely unimportant: the speakers. Unlike many other smartphones (although there are more and more) the Samsung Galaxy S9 (Plus) has stereo speakers. That means that you can listen carefully to the comments on the football matches and that you do not quickly muzzle the sound when you accidentally sit with your hand in front of one of the speakers.

The price for a Samsung Galaxy S9 now fluctuates around the seven hundred euros or less, while the Galaxy S9 Plus is often up to one hundred euros more expensive. The smartphones are now available.

Products for the best World Cup- Oculus Go

Watch the World Cup in Virtual Reality

Products for the best world cup: When it comes to new rules, FIFA sometimes seems very slow. But when it comes to accepting the latest video innovations, they do go along with the times. Not only will the World Cup 2018 be included in 4K Ultra HD, FIFA will also record the world championship in Russia with virtual reality cameras.

Products for the best World Cup- Oculus Go

The best VR glasses for the World Cup

The best VR glasses to view the 2018 World Championship is the Oculus Go. The glasses offer one LCD screen with a resolution of 2,560 by 1,440 pixels. That screen also has a viewing angle of 100 degrees, with which you really get the feeling of being immersed in the match you are watching. All around you will see your audience sitting and you are sitting close to the field like a viewer. That makes the watching of the football matches extra compelling, because you get the feeling that you are really in the stadium. Just a pity that you do not feel the stage vibrate when the audience is jumping on the couches.

The Oculus Go is a relatively inexpensive VR glasses, which in our opinion is very suitable to watch the World Cup 2018 in virtual reality . This is not only due to the high number of pixels, but more importantly, also due to the refresh rate of the screen. It is relatively high, which makes motion in the picture look smooth. The viewing experience is nice and you will not feel that you are looking at a screen. With some VR glasses this sometimes still is a problem; if you are close to the screen, you can see the space between different pixels, and that is not the case with this headset.

There are two more important reasons why the Oculus Go is a step ahead has on the competition. The headset is relatively inexpensive with a price tag of 219 euros, but more expensive than headsets where you have to hook a smartphone or laptop. That difference is in the built-in processor, which processes all the images themselves. Normally, that smartphone or laptop does that. The omission of these peripherals means that you do not have any annoying cables when watching. So if you bounce and cheer because your favorite player has scored again, you do not accidentally drag a laptop from its place.

For more information about watching the football matches in virtual reality, visit the FIFA website. The Oculus Go can be purchased via the website of Oculus and is available in a 32GB and 64GB version. You pay 219 euros for the 32GB version; the 64GB version costs 269 euro.

Products for the best World Cup- Sonos or HEOS

Talking about the products for the best world cup, if you test a lot of hi-fi and get it in the house, your attention shifts more and more towards sound quality and more exotic ways to achieve that. But you should not lose sight of ease of use, especially if you also want to follow the football festival in Russia in the kitchen or garden. And then you quickly grab a perfectly functioning multiroom system, such as Sonos or HEOS. There are also other worthy alternatives, such as Yamaha, but those two are simply the systems present in this house.


Football is a bit silly about sound. It seldom sounds really good or even pleasant, but that stadium sound is really indispensable to get the atmosphere. It has to be said: if you have to squeeze 20,000 throats in a large arena through a couple of small TV speakers, then it looks like white noise very quickly. A soundbar is really the minimum to be able to hear both the crowd and the commentator properly. At this point Sonos and HEOS have some credentials, especially if you combine the Sonos Playbar or HEOS Bar with extra speakers. Not that football is broadcast in 5.1, just because you really get the sound from around you. Also nice if you are sitting with a bunch of friends in the living room.

Products for the best World Cup- Sonos or HEOS

You keep following

Putting the TV on loud so you still hear him in the kitchen is one, neighbor-unfriendly option. The advantage of a multiroom system is that you can stream the sound of the TV to wireless speakers in the kitchen, living room and even the garden. Do you really have your house crammed with Sonos or HEOS speakers, then you can even in party mode the match sound through the house to hear. That does not have to be harsh, because multiple speakers have the advantage that you can put the volume a little longer because you’re never far away from a loudspeaker. It sounds even better and more intelligible.

Products for the best World Cup- Sonos or HEOS

Also the radio

A plus of these systems is that you do not just have to rely on transmitted TV sound. Both Sonos and HEOS also play internet radio, so you can follow all the updates and the progress of each match – even if you are in the bath!