Pro-Ject X8 Turntables launched

Pro-Ject X8 Turntables launched: an genuinely high end vinyl player that incorporates far-reaching technical solutions adapted from the Xtension 9, 10.

Pro-Ject X8 Turntables launched: Pro-Ject Audio Systems, world number one in turntables, has just launched the X8 an genuinely high end vinyl player that incorporates far-reaching technical solutions adapted from the celebrated Xtension 9 and Xtension 10 models. As always with the Austrian firm, the X8 is offered at an unparalleled price within products of its class, highlighting such significant features as the use of an robust aluminum plate with mass load and internal TPE damping, supported by a neodymium magnet that reduces the load on the turning system and increases its stability.

Pro-Ject X8 Turntables

Also, the X8 uses a massive MDF chassis with anti-resonance treatment, while including the exceptional 9cc EVO tonearm of the Pro-Ject itself and an electronic control of the speed of rotation. As regards the most notable differences with the aforementioned Xtension 9 and 10, you have to look for them in the upper part of the main chainring and in the decoupling feet: thus, the X8 incorporates a felt mat, while the feet with The magnetic suspension that the two Xtensions have have been replaced by others with internal TPE treatment, the latter material being very effective when it comes to decoupling the new Pro-Ject from the surface on which it rests. Another noteworthy feature of the X8 is that, if the user wishes, it can be supplied as standard with a pickup capsule pre-installed moving coil, the Ortofon Quintet Blue.

The X8 also stands out for incorporating a outlet socket 5-pin to make a symmetrical phono connection, supplied as standard with a semi balanced cable (with 5-pin connector on one end and RCA connectors on the other) Connect it E of Pro-Ject. Switching to a fully balanced connection is optional, recommending in this case the use of a compatible phono preamplifier, such as the new Pro-Ject Phono Box DS3 or any of the RS/RS2 phono stages from Pro-Ject. Austrian brand. Let us point out in this regard that the use of a phono connection completely symmetrical allows to increase the dynamics, reduce the noise level and therefore improve the signal/noise ratio. To finish, the X8 is fully designed and built in Europewhile being available in three finishes: gloss black, gloss white and true walnut.

Pro-Ject X8 Turntables

Technical characteristics

  • Very high-performance turntable and exceptional quality/price ratio.
  • Belt drive.
  • High precision engine.
  • Spindle with ceramic tip and magnetic support.
  • High-density MDF chassis with anti-resonance treatment.
  • Pro-Ject 9cc EVO tonearm.
  • Use of high-precision bearings on both the platter and the tonearm.
  • High mass aluminum plate -5.1 kg- TPE treatment.
  • Electronic control of the turning speed (33 and 45 rpm).
  • Height-adjustable aluminum decoupling feet with TPM absorbers.
  • Pro-Ject Connect it E semi-balanced connection cable supplied as standard.
  • Optionally available with Ortofon Quintet Blue moving coil cartridge.
  • Available in three finishes: gloss black, gloss white, and true walnut.
  • Entirely designed and manufactured in Europe.
  • Dimensions: 465x150x350 mm (WxHxD; with the lid closed).
  • Weight: 15kg.