Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 Compact Disc Player

Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 Compact Disc Player has been launched high performance and exceptional quality/price ratio.

Pro-Ject CD Box DS3 Compact Disc Player

True to its policy of permanent improvement of each and every one of its products, both basic and High End, the prestigious and veteran firm Austrian Pro-Ject Audio Systems has just launched a new digital font with an exceptional quality/price ratio designed to fully exploit the possibilities of the most veteran of digital audio formats: the audio compact disc or CD. Considered by its creators a high end cd playerthe CD Box DS3 is also the first model in Pro-Ject’s new DS3 range.


With an aesthetic and a construction that fit perfectly with those of the previous range, the DS2, the CD Box DS3 combines a series of elements of high level design existing ones with new ones, such as a D/A converter PCM1796 of Texas Instruments, to achieve an extremely accurate rendition of the characteristics specified in the “Red Book” of the CD (Digital Audio Compact Disc or CDDA) format. Hence the use of a transport mechanic of very high performance cwith slot loading that has been specifically optimized for the perfect reproduction (1:1) of the mentioned standard and that together with the advanced dedicated servo system CD-80 Blue Tiger allows extraordinarily precise control of the reading of each disc.

The mechanical construction of the CD Box DS3 has also been the object of special attention, combining in it an enclosure made entirely of aluminum with a smart 4 point suspension, 3 of them soft and 1 hard. Specifically, the “soft” suspension enables the reading block to be isolated from external vibrations, while its “hard” counterpart is intended to evacuate the high frequency vibrations caused by the rapid movement of the laser head. The CD Box DS3 is completed with the optional possibility to add the external linear power supply Pro-Ject Power Box DS2, which allows to improve parameters such as the realism of the soundstage, background noise and the resolution of small details. To finish, let us point out that the CD Box DS3 is made entirely in Europe.

Technical characteristics

  • CD player with high performance and exceptional quality/price ratio.
  • Designed for a 1:1 reproduction of the “Red Book” standard.
  • Transport mechanics with slot loading and servomechanism.
  • Intelligent suspension to guarantee the perfect evacuation of resonances.
  • Constructed entirely of aluminium.
  • Texas Instruments PCM1796 high precision D/A converter.
  • High contrast dot matrix function display.
  • Wooden side panels with magnetic fixing available as an option.
  • Compatible with Power Box DS2 external linear power supply
  • Made entirely in Europe.
  • Frequency response of 20-20,000 Hz, +/-0.15 dB.
  • Background noise less than -105 dB between 20 and 20,000 Hz.
  • Dimensions: 206x72x194 mm (WxHxD).
  • Weight: 1.66 kg (without the power supply).