Presetting Auralic Sirius G2.1 digital processor & pre-stage

The most anticipated Auralic Sirius G2.1 digital processor & pre-stage has been launched. The model offer many qualities and useful features.

At AUDIOGALLERY has launched, the SIRIUS G2.1. The launch of the Sirius G2.1 was announced several months ago, but due to component supply problems that most audio manufacturers are experiencing, Auralic had to delay the launch of this interesting novelty.

We want you to experiment for yourself and see the possibilities offered by the new Sirius to improve the sound of your current digital source, be it CD or Streamer. The Auralic upsampler will allow you to “boost” the signal from your source with a palpable sound difference.

During the month of March and April, we will be demonstrating the Sirius both in a complete Auralic system, as well as using it as an upsampler with lower resolution, older generation CD players and streamers.

Main features of the Auralic Sirius

  • Auralic SIRIUS G2.1 enhances and optimizes signals from all digital sources, whether they are high resolution files, normal resolution signal or standard Red book 44’1 CD.
  • The SIRIUS G2.1 uses an open standard protocol, so it can be connected to any brand of DAC or CD, offering a wide variety of sample rates and formats.
  • SIRIUS G2.1 provides support for a universe of different formats, resolutions, DAC topologies, and algorithm types.
  • The SIRIUS G2.1 improves compressed, lossy and poor resolution recordings.

AURALiC’s spirit of innovation continues to introduce pioneering features to the market, as evidenced by the unique ability of the SIRIUS G2.1 to deliver an enhanced DSD signal to any compatible USB DAC, the world’s first product to do so.

Auralic Sirius G2.1 digital processor & pre-stage: technology

Digitally controllable active speakers should also benefit from a central source selection and high-quality digital volume control. The Auralic Sirius G2.1 can be loaded in a variety of ways: via AES / EBU, USB, Toslink and coaxial. The data stream processed by the Sirius G2.1 can in turn be tapped via USB, Toslink, RCA or AES / EBU and fed to a DAC.

It is therefore clear: The Sirius G2.1 is not a D / A converter, but rather processes digital data by means of resampling and reprocessing or re / upsampling so that it arrives at the DAC in the best possible “condition”. For example, DACs whose circuits are optimized for PCM or DSD playback can be fed precisely to their respective favorite food. With the device it is even possible to send an upsampled DSD signal to a USB-DAC. According to Auralic, no device in the consumer sector has yet been able to do this. In particular, “bad” recordings or recordings from the early days of digital technology should also benefit from upsampling / reclocking and other technologies.