Pre-orders Atari VCS start at the end of May, consolerelease is only in 2019

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It took a while, but from the end of this month it is finally possible to order the Atari VCS in advance. The company will offer two versions of the system: a normal, black version and a version for collectors with a fake front.

Atari VCS appears in 2019

Atari has announced that the Arari VCS can be ordered from 30 May via the Indiegogo page of the game computer. Do not expect a smooth delivery, however, as the release will not take place until 2019. The company will then offer two versions: a Collector’s Edition that is only limitedly available and a normal version. The collector’s edition has a front of fake wood, while the normal version, called Onyx Edition, will simply be black. It is unclear whether these game consoles are supplied as standard with the controller.

The announcement contains a sentence stating that “other packages are offered with a Classic Joystick or Modern Controller”. Meanwhile, something more is known about the competence of the device. The AMD chip on board can broadcast video in 4k, hdr and 60fps and get internal memory (but you can also connect external sources). In addition, there is support for wifi, bluetooth 5 and usb 3.0. The Atari VCS comes with more than a hundred games as standard and is for sale from the spring in 2019.